Fahrzeugverfolgung mit Kinesis und Alexa

Kinesis has integrated its vehicle tracking technology with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. This allows managers to locate their mobile workers by simply asking Alexa where the person is located based on the name of a person or a vehicle using the ID number.

Alexa then verbally gives the current location of the vehicle and, if it is on the way, where it is going. Alexa immediately replies with the current location and, if she is on the move, with where she is going.

The voice application works for every vehicle equipped with a Kinesis tracker and is accessed via the intelligent Amazon speakers such as Echo and Dot as well as the Alexa smartphone application. Users can also ask Alexa for driver-related information.

For Kinesis, the integration of Alexa is the first in a series of exciting developments that use the voice to access operational information. The development complements the recently announced „Alexa for Business“, which brings voice control to the office as part of a fully managed service for multiple Alexa devices in the workplace.

The voice application works with any vehicle equipped with Kinesis trackers and is accessed through the intelligent Amazon speakers like Echo and Dot as well as the Alexa smartphone app. Kinesis said that this development complements the recently announced Alexa for Business, that brings voice controls into the office as part of a fully managed service for multiple Alexa devices in the workplace.

What is kinesis?

Kinesis provides the latest technology for managing transportation and service vehicles and provides online real-time monitoring of vehicle movements with a variety of additional operational live data and information.

Using an easy-to-use dashboard or smartphone app, Kinesis offers reports on driver performance and vehicle control, messages and real-time warnings as well as integration with fuel management and vehicle diagnostics. The company uses Google for mapping, but a separate database for speed limits.

Complete integration into fuel management systems is given. It is relatively new to the market and was therefore designed from the ground up as a cloud-based solution. It is very easy to use and implement. It’s also easier than customizing other mobile application systems for use by drivers and other mobile workers, making it adaptable to different sectors and markets. This is important in the service sector, where there is a large variety of companies.

  • Kinesis provides real-time access to reliable data that tracks driver performance, productivity, and progress. At a glance, users can access detailed information about each route covered, including start and end times, mileage and distance traveled.

  • Additional features include driver performance monitoring, vehicle health monitoring, and real-time location and event alerts. Kinesis is one of the few telematics solutions that offer an overview of fuel consumption with integrated fuel cards and enable precise mpg (miles per gallon) monitoring for individual vehicles, drivers and journeys.

  • Kinesis always helps service companies keep their promises to their customers. Good customer service is the basis of every company, and with telematics you have the opportunity to react quickly to service requests and direct drivers to new locations. The construction companies must be informed at all times of where the workers, vehicles and systems are located.

  • While you focus on key areas of your business, we monitor your vehicle and factory locations, send you alerts when they leave the site, or help you find the nearest emergency repair team.

  • Kinesis can help keep costs down, reduce administrative burdens, get an advanced diagnosis of your fleet, or just give you an overview of driver travel times, from the simplest to the most complex, we can help.

Benefits of kinesis

Kinesis offers one of the most cost effective telematics solutions available on the market and we promise you that we won’t be beaten in price. The travel history allows you to select any combination of vehicles and to check the trips made in a period of your choice. You can view a summary table, view each trip in detail, or run individual reports.

The device measures four separate driving criteria: speed, hard acceleration, hard braking and idling. For each trip, the driver receives an individual rating for each of these four factors, which is then combined into an overall rating for the driver.

Installation is quick and straightforward, with a monitoring device being ‚plugged‘ into your vehicle and linked to your personal Velocity account in a few simple steps. Then you are ready to take advantage.

Kinesis is the first product on the market that fully integrates the fuel card data with the telematics and thus provides a clear picture of the fuel expenditure and vehicle activities of your fleet in a single optimized solution.

The Velocity online account management system combines fuel card and Kinesis data in an easy-to-understand format with clear and easy-to-use tools for maximum control of your fleet.

By linking fuel card transaction data to the kilometers actually driven, Kinesis can quickly provide an accurate reading to show fuel efficiency in real time without the need for additional data imports.

The flow of information in business is crucial

A constant flow of information in business is more like a fire hose than any of us would like to imagine. It is a steady stream that often bursts at the seams and does not subside. Tracking and managing this amount of data can be a Herculean task because you always have to catch up – analyze the data after the transfer and create reports later.

Business communication involves a constant flow of information inside and outside a company. Companies with a large number of employees and different hierarchical levels often have difficulties in effectively managing business communication. Therefore, there should be effective and continuous communication between superiors and subordinates in an organization and society as a whole. Effective business communication is essential for the success and growth of any organization.

In contrast to everyday communication, business communication is always goal-oriented. In order for a company to operate successfully, all rules, core values, regulations and guidelines of the company must be communicated to people inside and outside the organization.

Companies with more committed and satisfied employees have a much lower fluctuation rate. In order to attract and keep millennials and younger generations at work, employers must ensure that their employees are informed about the aspects relevant to their work.

On the other hand, too much irrelevant information often leads to stress, alienation, frustration and thus lower employee retention. In a world where workers are constantly growing and learning new things, employers need to enable easy sharing of knowledge within their organizations.

Without a well-defined internal business communication strategy, knowledge sharing and organizational knowledge suffer. Better business communication also means better customer satisfaction, and Kinesis Alexa can help.

What exactly is Kinesis Alexa?

The vehicles are equipped with GPS and communication means so that the fleet controllers can display the vehicle positions and movements on maps to manage mobile operations. Customer locations are added with geofencing (e.g. depots, delivery points and maintenance service locations) to set up automatic notifications of delivery and arrival times, deviations from the route, restricted zones, etc.

Software integration between the Kinesis data feed and the Alexa (Amazon) servers, which match the Kinesis database with vehicles, drivers and other data (this could be a geographical location described by the customer location, such as at Ruska Laboratories, Houston, instead of giving the street address)

It is really designed for companies and gives quick answers to questions for customer services, fleet controllers and managers. Immediate access to important information without having to search on a computer or smartphone.

A simple voice request gives a quick audible answer. When managers are in conversations or meetings, Alexa can answer questions without having to work through the menus to find the information (by manual intervention).

Benefits of Kinesis and Amazon Alexa

One of the key benefits for Amazon Kinesis is that business decision-makers, developers, analysts, and data scientists are all better informed and able to make better (and faster) decisions. The fire hose of data is not that overwhelming.

The rich analytics and business information are all readily available, not just as part of a report or dashboard that summarizes the results. There is no need to wait until all of the data has been collected and placed under a microscope because the microscope is constantly looking at the data as it flows through the network.

Das hat eine Reihe praktischer Vorteile, angefangen bei der Möglichkeit, Ihren Service zu verbessern. Im Falle des Multiplayer-Spielsystems gibt es traditionell Vorteile wie die Möglichkeit, dem Benutzer über hohe Punktzahlen und Erfolge zu berichten, aber vielleicht noch wichtiger ist, dass es Unternehmen die Möglichkeit bietet, Probleme im System in Echtzeit zu untersuchen und zu lösen, wenn sie auftreten.

Ein weiterer praktischer Nutzen hat mit der Geschwindigkeit der Entscheidungsfindung zu tun. Da die Analysen in Echtzeit zur Verfügung gestellt werden, können Unternehmen dann in Echtzeit Entscheidungen über diese Daten treffen.

In einem traditionellen Modell, in dem die Daten später zusammengefasst werden, könnte der Autohersteller Simulationen durchführen und die Daten später analysieren. Ein Grund dafür, dass dies manchmal zutrifft, hat mit dem Umfang des Bedarfs an Datenermittlung und Berichterstattung zu tun.

Einige Unternehmen können die für die Echtzeit-Datenanalyse erforderliche Infrastruktur einfach nicht verwalten und pflegen. Das ist ein weiterer großer Vorteil von Amazon Kinesis, da der Service entsprechend Ihren Anforderungen an die Echtzeit-Datenanalyse skaliert werden kann. Es ist nicht notwendig, die Infrastruktur zuerst auszubauen oder für jedes neue Projekt p oder down zu skalieren.

Das hilft auch enorm bei den Kosten. Typischerweise ist die Echtzeit-Datenanalyse komplex, schwierig zu verwalten und erfordert High-End-Server, Netzwerke und große Mengen an Online-Speicher, aber Amazon Kinesis kann je nach Projektbedarf und -umfang skaliert werden.

Fazit: Alexa Kinesis wird zur Zukunft

Kinesis ist bereits an der Spitze der Technologie, die die Verkehrssicherheit verbessert, und entwickelt ein verbessertes System, das den Fahrer und seine Fahrleistung überwacht. Durch den Einsatz von Sprachtechnologie fügt die Kinesis Alexa-App eine weitere Dimension der Sicherheit hinzu, indem sie den freien Zugang zu Informationen während der Fahrt ermöglicht und so die Produktivität der für den Betrieb Verantwortlichen erhöht.

Amazon’s intelligent Echo speaker offers tens of thousands of capabilities and is now complemented by a wide range of Echo devices, with an Alexa app providing access to this service via smartphones.

It is a new service offered to organizations using the Kinesis GPS vehicle tracking system. Vehicles are tracked with the system, mainly in Europe, but also in the United States and Southeast Asia. Managers use Alexa to locate their sales and service employees and learn more about key performance indicators.