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Audi Trackers in the UK (Business Guide)

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What are Audi trackers?

It’s an electronic device that fits to a vehicle to monitor vehicle locations and send real-time data straight to your business. With one of these fitted to your Audi, you’ll know exactly where it is in the UK (or abroad) at all times.

Make no mistake—vehicle tracking is essential for modern businesses like yours.

Fleet managers can use them to keep track of their vehicles all at the same time. But the main benefit is for theft deterrents and to help recover lost/stolen vehicles as soon as possible.

If you’re new to the world of vehicle tracking, check out our guide on what to look for in a vehicle tracking system. Or check out the gadgets we recommend below!

The best Audi tracker systems in the UK

An Audi vehicle tracker is your first step towards greater business security. And there are some fantastic, affordable options on the market. Here’s our pick of the best.

CanTrack Protect: The ideal option

CanTrack Audi Tracker

  • Award-winning specialist theft deterrent
  • Thatcham (S7) approved
  • Secured By Design (police approved)
  • Safeguards against fraud and rising insurance fees

CanTrack Protect is a complete tracking service, capable of protecting cars, vans, plant machinery, motorhomes and motorbikes.

It’s Thatcham approved, and by the police, meaning it’s as cutting-edge as it gets. With specially designed hardware and software, you get theft protection for individual Audi cars (or a fleet of vehicles).

You get the choice of buying a tracker outright, renting it or running an ongoing subscription fee with prices as low as £14 a month.

With CanTrack installed to your Audi, if your vehicle is stolen then an investigation unit is deployed for free. All to hunt down and locate your asset!

The result is an asset protection device with a recovery success rate of 95%.

For total peace of mind, and the maximum safeguarding of your property, this is definitely the industry-leading option for you.

iCompario tip: Get telematics systems for full fleet visibility

Advance the reach of your data with fleet telematics systems, designed to monitor the health and location of individual cars (or whole fleets).

The software provides a huge range of accurate data across your vehicles, their location and what they’re up to at any given time. With diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring and more… you’ll be all set to visualise your performance data to the max.

And that means custom reports, unprecedented insights into vehicle health and every opportunity to increase your business productivity and customer satisfaction.

Neon: Best for wireless GPS

Neon Audi tracker

  • Five-year wireless GPS battery life
  • Self-install with ease
  • Customisable alarm
  • Small and discreet device

The Neon asset tracker is tiny (smaller than most smartphones), meaning you can really tuck this one away on your Audi without fear of anyone finding it.

Once it’s there it packs a long battery life, feeding back all that crucial real-time location data back to your base. You’ll get instant alerts if anything goes wrong, ensuring you take control in the event of an accident or vehicle theft.

It’s a bare bones package but, for what it is, you can’t go wrong with it! You’ll always know where your vehicle is. And that’ll give you extra security and peace of mind.

Plus, this wireless Audi tracker has a battery life of three-five years (depending on the model you pick).

iCompario tip: Fuel cards also help you keep costs down

You can also use business fuel cards to help you keep fuel expenses low. You can use them to pay for petrol and diesel at service stations within your card provider’s network.

It’s super convenient and means you don’t have to faff about with lots of loose change and receipts. Simply pay with your fuel card and you get a fixed billing date, plus you can keep a track of all your transactions from an online account. It saves a chunk of time and money.

RAM Tracking: Ideal for cars

  • Great option for cars like Audis
  • Real-time incident alerts
  • Data insights on the cost of every trip
  • Financial reporting features

RAM Tracking has some good features and is a great match for any car, not just your Audi. It’ll do what you need it to do—the basics include tracking your vehicle in real-time, alerts in the event of an incident and letting you work out the cost of every journey.

Add into that financial reporting options and it’s a sound asset tracker for businesses keen to keep an eye on their budget.

That means you can use the device to track locations, all while monitoring whether you’re wasting fuel (or not) during your daily journeying.

Are traditional vehicle trackers obsolete?

To some extent, yes, as using traditional vehicle trackers is now something of a security hazard for your business. They’re attached to the vehicle battery and can be easily removed.

Any thief in the know about that could simply take the tracker off and then your whole asset tracking plan has backfired a tad. And thieves are getting more sophisticated these days. Or at least a little bit more knowledgeable—a few Google searches later they may know how to thwart your security measures.

Other thieves may even know how to:

  • Jam tracking devices
  • Mask the signal.
  • Use handheld RF detectors to locate the tracking device.
  • Hide stolen vehicles underground in a garage/shipping container.

All of which stop the police from finding your property.

But the next generation of vehicle tracking systems is fighting back. They rely on short, low-power radio pulses on random frequencies. And thieves can’t really get around that.

Considering this new era of vehicle tracking devices also makes it easier to install them, and they’re less expensive, it’s win-win for your vehicles at the moment. But you do need to get one and get it installed to take advantage.

The benefits of Audi car trackers for businesses

Tracking your vehicles (Audis and whatever else is in your fleet) increases the longevity of your business property. The main boost, though, is the security side of things!

Once you’re set up with an Audi car tracker in the UK, you can expect these sorts of security (and productivity) boosting benefits.

Theft deterrent

Plain and simple, asset trackers can help prevent your vehicle from being stolen. If you make it clear to potential thieves there’s a tracker on your vehicle, it’ll put most of them off.

Even if your vehicle is stolen, you’ll know where it is. You can then alert the police. And they’ll swoop in to bring your asset back to you.

It’s a huge bonus, providing you with added security and extra peace of mind.

Improve vehicle lifecycles

With the technical data you get from telematics systems, you’ll be in the know about the health of your vehicle.

You’ll know all about the engine, tyres, idle time and bad driving techniques. With these insights, you can look to improve the health of your vehicle and keep cars/vans on the road for longer.

Cost savings

With the data you get about fuel consumption and vehicle management, you can save money in the long-term by managing your efficiency better. Telematics gives you everything you need to make smarter driving, and car management, techniques.

Check out our guide to fleet maintenance costs for more proven tactics to follow.

Insurance discounts

If your business is using asset trackers, chances are you may well get a discount on motor fleet insurance. The reason is simple—it’s because it’s clear you’re taking your vehicle security seriously.

Plus, the insurers get more information on vehicles and fleets. And in the event of an incident, that can be crucial—it could prove your innocence at a later date in the event of a company car accident.

From an insurance perspective, it makes total sense to get an asset tracker. It gives you peace of mind while protecting your business interests.

Improve employee management and safety

It’s legal to monitor employee driving, so long as you let your drivers know you’re tracking them. This step also helps you improve bad driving habits from harming your business, because you can track what your drivers are doing.

If they’re, for example, leaving the engine ticking over or braking too aggressively then you can correct their behaviour.

In the long-term, it can improve your business image out on the road. All while improving the safety of your employees.

Compare the market for the best Audi tracker deals

It’s time to compare the market to find your asset tracker! There are a lot out there, but with a detailed search of the UK market you can find the right deal for you. Just:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. Search the market.
  3. Take your pick.

Choose the deal you prefer and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve saved a bunch of time and money, all while getting sorted with your asset tracker. Hit the button to get started.

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