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Best Car Security Trackers for UK businesses

  • Car security trackers monthly subscription plans
  • Improve the odds of recovering a stolen vehicle
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Driver using car security tracker to check location of GPS tracked company car vehicle on mobile telematics app

Best car security GPS trackers at a glance

  1. CanTrack
  2. Atom
  3. Kinesis

CanTrack is the best security tracker in the UK for businesses, while Atom and Kinesis are better for vehicle monitoring.

All the devices are available on a monthly subscription plan. This can vary depending on the device, features and provider but is more affordable than buying a tracking device outright.

1. CanTrack: best overall tracker for security

Cantrack car security tracking
Security is the top concern for many fleets and drivers in the UK. Having a quality security tracker is essential. The CanTrack is unique for its anti-jamming technology. Many thieves will use signal jammers to disrupt most GPS devices. This device, however, is resistant to such jamming technology. That makes it hard to remove and your vehicle less of a target for thieves.

The best feature of this device is its recovery service. Usually, when a car gets stolen you rely on the police to get it back. This can be time consuming and you may potentially lose your car forever or have it returned damaged.

Getting your car back quickly means your business has a limited time and profit loss. A private recovery service from CanTrack uses former police officers and specialised equipment to recover vehicles at an over 90% success rate. That’s one of the best in the business at a reasonable price tag.

2. Atom: best car tracker for sole traders

atom car security tracking

  • View your car’s live location
  • Set custom location alerts
  • 30-day journey history online

Every small business from self-employed tradespersons to the local flower shop benefits from using the Atom tracker. This device is easy to install yourself (no expert vehicle knowledge required). It simply goes onto the vehicle battery.

From there, you get a great amount of detail from this little device. It shows the live location of your car, its journey history up to 30 days and much more.

The device can cost as little as £7.20 a month with a £36 initial fee*. Other long term subscription offers are available, like a 12-month contract. But try it out for a month and see how you get on before signing up for a longer subscription.

*Prices correct as of January 2023

2. Kinesis: best for small to medium businesses

Kinesis car security tracking

  • Speeding alerts
  • Driver ID key fobs
  • Location alerts and geofences

Kinesis is a great all-rounder that improves vehicle monitoring and management in one go. Get this tracker and you get the option to also receive driver key fobs. These key fobs work as driver IDs connected to the tracking system, which logs the working hours of each driver in a manageable timesheet. It also makes it easy to spot any unauthorised vehicle use.

Like Atom, Kinesis includes all the great standard features you’ll need to improve security such as live vehicle location, speeding alerts and journey history. However, it has some added extras that make it worth the cash.

Kinesis includes driver behaviour reports to improve safety. For fleets with many drivers or even just a few, this is essential to lower costs overtime. These reports score drivers and flare up any issues, so training can be provided if needed. Drivers can also access an app for free to see their score and log any private mileage.

With great features at an affordable cost, CanTrackis our top pick for tracking cars, vans and other vehicles. For vehicle monitoring to improve efficiency, a Kinesis tracker is a good option, but prices do vary depending on the features you pick.

What does car tracker security do?

Car trackers with security features are telematics devices. These small but powerful ‘black boxes’ track the location of a vehicle using GPS signals. Users can login and see the live location of their vehicle any time from their devices.

Using trackers can improve security by reducing the risk of losing your vehicle if it gets stolen and improving your chances of a successful insurance claim. See our guide to how to locate a stolen car to see your next steps.

More complex systems may include location alerts, driving behaviour reports and a vehicle recovery service.

How much does tracker car security cost?

Trackers can start from less than £10 a month on a subscription. Costs vary depending on how many trackers you buy and how advanced the device is.

Tracking devices are available online for personal use, but we recommend finding an industry-standard seller for the best quality.

Car thief attempting to break in at night to a security tracked car

Trackers are worth the money because they greatly reduce the risks of car theft. Usually, when a car gets stolen the odds of getting the vehicle back are low.

With a tracker, it’s easier to pinpoint the location and journey of the vehicle. Some systems even give alerts of suspicious activity, such as a vehicle leaving the area outside of work hours. This information is critical to police investigations.

What is a vehicle recovery service?

A vehicle recovery service is a private service to track and recover stolen vehicles. The service is made up of a private team of investigators and specialised equipment. The recovery service may work with the police.

All of these services are ideal for vehicles using GPS trackers. If your provider offers this service, sign up for it. Vehicle recovery can save your business a significant amount of money should you suffer the loss of your car because of thieves.

Nothing can give you more security than this should it get to that point.

Benefits of car tracker security devices

Here are some of the benefits of using security tracking devices in a vehicle:

  • See your car’s live location: see the location of your vehicle any time from your phone, tablet or desktop any time with GPS technology.
  • See how much fuel you’re using: check your fuel usage, idling, harsh braking and other driving habits. Breaking these habits can help you save on fuel.
  • Reduce insurance costs: getting an insurance-approved tracker can get you lower quotes and make it easier to make a claim if you need to.
  • Check your routes: using inefficient routes can quickly run up the costs of fuel, plus vehicle wear and tear. See which routes work best for you in a detailed tracking system.

Are most cars fitted with an active security tracker?

Most cars don’t include an active security tracker as standard. They can be retroactively fitted, however, either by yourself or a professional installer depending on the system.

Most vehicles do include an immobiliser. This prevents a car from starting in the correct key isn’t used.

Where is the best place to put a security tracker for cars?

It depends on the tracker. Some asset tracking devices can be hidden under seats, in the boot or elsewhere. Many of the devices in the UK can be attached to a car’s battery.

Regardless, we recommend using a small tracker that’ is hard for thieves to find. Many car thieves are opportunistic and hate wasting time checking for trackers. Using any of these devices greatly increases the car’s security.

How to get a security device for tracking cars

Trackers are available to buy online from most retailers, however, businesses will get more suitable features at better value for money from a specialised provider.

These devices are essential tools for increasing security and saving money overtime, so quality and suitability are important details to look for.

We recommend searching for a Thatcham Approved tracker. These are industry-standard devices to ensure businesses achieve a quality tracking system. If you choose a security device with a vehicle recovery service, look for services with a high success rate and an experienced team.

Compare car security trackers

Wading through the small print in the vehicle tracking world is never easy. We help you find the best car security trackers in the UK for businesses by comparing devices based on your details.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll pull up the top results at the click of a button. Improve security at an affordable price now.

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