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What tracking devices to get for a digger

The best trackers for this kind of equipment are battery-powered, suitable for outdoor weather and send location alerts daily. Out of all asset tracking devices on the market, we’ve found one most businesses will find suitable without breaking the bank.

Neon digger tracker

Neon digger tracker

  • Up to five years of battery life
  • Small and discreet device
  • Durable and suitable for the outdoors

Neon is a small tracker that you can install yourself without waiting for an installation appointment from your provider. Diggers are used outdoors and can be kept outside as well. While you can get some trackers online for diggers, they may not be at the standard required to weather such conditions. Neon is Waterproof IP67 Rated to withstand the rainy, dreary conditions of the UK.

This tracker has its own battery. Others may require to be attached to the machinery’s battery and take power from there. Neon can last and give location updates for years without worrying about using too much battery power.

What is a mini digger tracker?

Mini digger trackers are small black telematics devices that can be attached to an asset to track its location remotely using GPS signals. The device is small, difficult to see and can be installed on any non-powered or powered asset. These trackers are ideal for mini diggers as well as larger assets.

What is an asset recovery service?

Digger and equipment theft is rife. Installing a tracker can give reassurance and, most importantly, greatly improve the chances of getting your digger back. Recovery services are a private team of investigators outside of the police force.

If your digger is stolen, the recovery service team will use the location details from the tracker and use specialist equipment to find the digger.

Signing up for the Neon asset recovery service means you get access to a specialist team with over a 90% success rate. If you’re worried about theft, this is the best measure we’ve found to put worries to rest and combat theft in one swoop at an affordable price tag.

What to do if your digger is stolen

If your digger is stolen, contact the police as soon as possible. Then, take photos of any damage to the location. Let your insurance provider know and start a claim as soon as you can.

When you have a digger tracker, you have a few more options and things you can do if you’re a victim of theft. Follow these steps if you have a tracking device on the stolen digger:

  • Check location: go onto your tracking account and check the live location of the digger. Send this information to the police.
  • Location alerts: many asset trackers can send regular location alerts to your account. Check for any alerts overnight and see the journey the thieves have taken after taking the digger.
  • Recovery service: contact your tracking provider and get onto their recovery service if they have one. They may be able to trace the digger, find it and recover it alongside the police.

When you have a tracker, you’re proactive instead of reactive. The best thing you can do is get a tracker with a recovery service and send as much information as you can to the police.

If you don’t, the odds of getting your digger back before it’s sold on the black market, damaged or damaged by thieves is slim.

Mini digger tracker fitting explained

How to fit a tracker depends on the device. The provider should send installation instructions to you. Most asset trackers for diggers can be fitted by yourself without any installation appointment from the provider needed.

Some trackers include a mount or base which secures the device in place. This may need to be screwed into your asset, then simply attach the device.

Other trackers may need to be attached to the asset’s power source, such as those for vehicle tracking.

How to find a tracker on a digger

Finding a tracking device on an asset is tricky. Depending on the type of the device, it can be stored and hidden in various places on the asset.

We recommend purchasing a small-sized tracker that has its own battery. These can be placed anywhere on a digger for the best chance of concealment.

Even if a tracker is found and removal is attempted, the best trackers have an alert system. These will send alerts to the account holder that attempted theft is taking place. In this case, the account holder can alert the police immediately.

Do I need a digger tracker?

Diggers and other plant machinery are important tools in many jobs and projects. Hiring just one of them can cost upwards of £150 per day, depending on the size and strength of the digger. Losing one of these machines to theft can cost your business a significant amount and cause delays.

Digger anti-theft top tips

Worried about digger theft? There are a few steps you can take to reduce your risk of theft. Make it as difficult as possible for thieves to get access to your digger and install a tracker just in case.

Here are our top tips to reduce digger theft:

  • Keep inside: mini diggers can be stored inside, so secure in an available building whenever possible such as a warehouse or shed.
  • Lock systems: anti-theft locks for steering wheels or clamps to the tracking wheels are available.
  • Remove keys: keep any keys to the digger away from it. In a different building altogether, out of sight, off site and out of mind.
  • Secure the area: install good lighting and security cameras as a well-lit area is less appealing to thieves.
  • Lock windows and doors: put locks on all access points and keep the keys in a different area. If possible, window restrictors may be useful to limit how far the windows can be opened which can stop thieves crawling through, but it depends on regulations for your building type.
  • Get insurance: photograph all diggers, registration numbers and any other relevant details and add to your insurance account.

How to get a mini digger tracker

To find a tracker, compare and see which device suits your needs best. Select your top provider and get in touch today to start protecting your digger. Compare Thatcham-approved, durable and discrete trackers online.

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