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Compare Ford Trackers in the UK 

  • Ford GPS trackers to monitor asset’s live location
  • Devices suitable for sole traders, fleets and business use
  • Compare from Thatcham (S7) and Police approved products
Ford tracker in a white Ford transit van

What are Ford trackers?

Ford trackers are devices installed into your vehicle to monitor its location for security purposes. Asset trackers like this can include location alerts sent to your phone throughout the day and a specialised vehicle recovery service.

We compare a range of fleet telematics systems that are industry standard, Thatcham S7 and police-approved (Secured by Design) to help protect your business. Read more about the best options below or compare to get your quotes.

Ford tracker system features

  • Monitor and track your Ford’s location and activity
  • Receive accident, unauthorised use and speeding alerts
  • Get in-depth reports to improve repair and fuel costs
  • Professional and self-install device options to suit you

Best Ford tracker systems in the UK

The best Ford transit trackers and devices for other models are Atom and Kinesis. Both vehicle tracking devices use GPS signals to send live location, journey history and geofencing data.

Using tracking devices can greatly improve your security and be of assistance in cases of theft. See the details of these trackers below.

Ford GPS tracker Best for
CanTrack Protect Suitable for all businesses
Kinesis Small to medium businesses and fleets
Atom Small businesses and the self-employed

CanTrack Protect: THE top-rated security tracker

Cantrack ford tracker

  • Secure, hard to remove device
  • Vehicle recovery success rate over 90%
  • Resistant to jamming technology
  • Long battery life

CanTrack protect is a security solution with its own battery. It can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, unlike many GPS devices that need to be on or near the vehicle battery. The device is also waterproof and has a nylon exterior so it’s super tough.

The device activates when your Ford is stolen. Then, an investigator from its team of former police officers begins tracking the vehicle and gets it back for you.

What is asset recovery?

Asset or vehicle recovery is an opt-in service available in many subscription tracking services. The recovery team uses specialised equipment and many years of experience to recover stolen assets, such as Ford vans. These experienced teams may work with the authorities to recover your vehicle if it’s stolen.

The trackers we compare can include a police approved (Secured by Design) asset recovery service with a success rate of over 90%. Ford vans are some of the most stolen vehicles in the UK, so having this kind of service is an ace in the hole for many businesses. If you’re going to buy a tracker, look for a provider that can supply this kind of service.

Do I need a security tracker?

If you’re worried about theft, we’ve yet to find a better security tracker than CanTrack to combat it. The only downside is you don’t get a lot of detail about your vehicle’s activity such as driver performance reports, fuel and mileage data, etc. You’d need a telematics tracking device for that.

See below for other vehicle tracking options that can help your business in other ways.

Atom: THE Ford tracker for sole traders

atom ford tracker

  • Quick self-installation in less than 10 minutes
  • Competitive monthly subscription prices

According to data from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom vans are some of the most stolen vans in the UK. Equipping a Ford Transit tracker is essential to protect your business from loss.

As many break-ins result in the loss of tools or other equipment, damage or total loss of the vehicle, this can greatly hit a sole trader’s ability to complete work. As a bonus, the tracker can be installed by yourself. You don’t have to take your Ford off the road for longer than 10 minutes, compared to other trackers that require a booked appointment from an installer which can take longer to complete.

Kinesis: detailed Ford tracker system to improve security

Kinesis ford tracker

  • Compatible with many UK fuel cards
  • Driver ID key fobs available
  • In-depth 30-day journey history

Kinesis is a highly specialised tracking device to improve security of company vehicles and fleets. The device can include driver ID key fobs, which log working hours and helps to generate timesheets for each driver in your fleet. Using key fobs also helps to identify any unauthorised use on your system.

To improve security, Kinesis includes highly in-depth journey history and reports. The system breaks down each journey from start to finish, mileage data, and total driving time. If your vehicle is stolen, details of the vehicle’s last journey can be sent to the police to improve the odds of recovering a stolen vehicle.

How much do Ford Transit GPS trackers cost?

Most Ford trackers work on a subscription basis. So, you may pay monthly or annually for your tracker. The cost of the tracking device varies depending on the provider, features chosen and product. Lower cost devices are self-install types, as they have no installation fee.

How to get tracking devices

Tracking devices are available to buy from many retailers, however, to get the best quality for business use it’s best to compare industry standard products. Some devices are less suitable for certain business types and vehicles. To see which device and provider is best for your business, complete a comparison and get your quotes.

Do I need a Ford Transit GPS tracker?

Using a van for business use means your work relies on a desirable asset. Van break-ins, theft and stolen tools are the bane of many small businesses in the UK. If your van is stolen, this pauses work and can cost your business a significant amount, especially if the vehicle isn’t recovered.

Tracking your Ford can give you more than peace of mind. It’s a security device to help track your vehicle 24/7. Its other features also greatly benefit businesses looking to improve their fuel and repair costs, as the systems track and deliver reports on these areas.

Advantages of transit trackers

  • Optional vehicle recovery service to track stolen assets
  • Competitively priced subscriptions for quality tracking devices
  • Online portal and app for phones, tablets, laptops and computers
  • GPS tracking accurate within three meters for live location monitoring
  • Location alerts to stay on top of driver activity and journey history
  • Driver key fobs for ID security and compliance
  • Speeding alerts and driver performance reports
  • Driver app to access performance analysis and improve

How ford tracker systems work

Install your tracking device into your vehicle in a secure place, following the instructions from your provider. Some systems may require a booked appointment and a professional will arrive to install it for you.

The device uses GPS signals to track the location and activity of your vehicle, such as its live location, journey history and driving performance. All of that tracking information is available to view on your online account, available on phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Frequently asked questions

Ford vehicles can include trackers when purchased as new. This is called Fordpass, which is a smartphone app that uses Bluetooth to connect to your vehicle. While this can work for personal use, businesses would need multiple smartphones, accounts and apps to track vehicles and Bluetooth connection is not always guaranteed.

While Ford can have trackers, we recommend seeing what the market has to offer and weighing the pros and cons before you buy.

If your Ford vehicle is stolen, contact the police as soon as possible and provide any further details. Contacting your insurance company and tracking provider are the next steps. Stolen vehicle recovery is difficult, but it’s much easier if you have a tracking device installed.

If your vehicle does have a tracker, contact your provider’s asset recovery service. Their recovery team will handle the case from there and may be able to recover your vehicle with the police.

It can. Using a Ford tracker can lower your insurance quotes if you get an insurance-approved tracker. This does depend on your provider and device, however, so check with your insurance company before purchasing your tracker.

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