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Best Land Rover Trackers in the UK 

  • Get Land Rover trackers to see vehicle live location
  • Devices suitable for sole traders, fleets and more
  • Compare from Thatcham (S7) and Police approved products
Land rover tracker for vehicle asset on countryside road

What are Land Rover secure trackers?

Land Rover trackers are Thatcham S7 devices that are installed into a vehicle to track its location for security and control. Vehicle trackers can include location alerts sent to your phone, a professional vehicle recovery service in case of theft, and many more features.

Thatcham is an industry-leading safety and security standard. Trackers that don’t include this aren’t suitable for Land Rovers or commercial use.

Land Rover secure tracker features

  • Keep track of your vehicle’s location and activity
  • Get alerts of accidents and unauthorised use
  • Access reports to manage your fuel and repair costs
  • Self-install and professional installation options to suit you

Best Land Rover GPS trackers available in the UK

The best trackers for Land Rovers include Atom and Kinesis. Both telematics devices include various features such as live location, journey history, geofencing and many more features to improve security. See the details of these trackers below.

Land Rover tracker Suitable for
CanTrack All business types
Kinesis Small and medium businesses or fleets
Atom Sole traders and small businesses

Best asset tracker for Land Rovers: CanTrack

Cantrack land rover tracker

  • Police approved vehicle recovery service (Secured by Design)
  • Thatcham S7 approved
  • PA6 Nylon Polymer casing
  • Over 90% vehicle recovery success rate
  • Can self-install the device

Many smart thieves these days know how to remove, disrupt or destroy a standard GPS tracking device such as ones that simply attach to your vehicle’s battery.

CanTrack is an asset tracker with security in mind. You can self-install it and it’s easy enough though it takes more time than other trackers on this list.

There’s a mount so you can even screw it in, making it that much harder to remove. On top of that, the device is really tough to break because it has a PA6 Nylon Polymer casing. So, whether it be a thief or your ex who shows up with a sledgehammer, they’ll have a tough time taking out this device.

Do I need a vehicle recovery service?

The vehicle recovery service from CanTrack is a national team of experts and former police officers that has a success rate of recovering stolen assets of over 90%. If your vehicle is stolen, contact the service and they send out an investigation team to track the vehicle, locate it, and work with the police to recover it.

A private recovery service is, on average, faster and more successful than the police alone. For high value assets such as Land Rovers, it’s nice to have this service in your back pocket just in case you need it.

Best for tracking on a budget: Atom Land Rover tracker

atom land rover tracker

  • Easily self-installed in less than 10 minutes
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans
  • Live location, alerts, journey history and more

Atom is an affordable option for businesses and sole traders that doesn’t cut cost on its features. The device includes GPS tracking on a live mp that is accurate up to three metres.

This device can be self-installed without waiting for an appointment from your provider. No time needs to be taken off the road.

Users can create zones on the map that trigger location alerts. If your Land Rover leaves your area out of hours, the device will let you know. Get the reassurance you need.

Best tracker for small and medium businesses: Kinesis

Kinesis land rover tracker

  • 30-day vehicle journey history
  • Driver behaviour reports and speeding alerts
  • Compatible with many fuel cards in the UK

Kinesis is a specialised tracker to support fleet management. Suitable as a Land Rover discovery tracker and for all other models, the device a great depth of information to help track vehicles and lower costs.

The device includes in-depth fuel reports. This contains information broken down by vehicle on journey history of the past 30 days, mileage, start and stop times and total driving time.

The speeding alerts and reports show each time a vehicle has been at risk of an accident and where a driver has broken the speed limit. To ensure compliance and the safety of your Land Rovers, there’s few better trackers at a competitive price on the market.

iCompario tip: Upgrade to Pro for further fleet insights

Large fleets and businesses benefit the most from Kinesis Pro. This fleet telematics system has all the features of the regular Kinesis with many more add-ons and optional extras. The system is highly flexible to allow for all kinds of fleets, from mixed fleets to refrigerated vehicles. See our guide to GPS tracking systems for fleet management for further details.

What are Land Rover tracker subscription costs?

Every professional tracker includes subscription costs as you are essentially renting the device from the provider. The cost varies depending on the provider, features and device.

In general, self-install devices are lower in cost as they have a lower initial cost because they require no professional installation on appointment.

How to find the best trackers

The best tracker for Land Rover defender, discovery and more are found by comparing your options. Many devices aren’t suitable for certain vehicles or conditions. Compare now to see which options which devices would suit you and your budget best by doing a vehicle tracker comparison.

Do I need a Land Rover secure tracker?

Drivers using a vehicle for business use may want a tracker to provide an extra layer of security in case of vehicle theft. For highly desirable vehicles such as Land Rovers, this protection provides peace of mind and great features to support your business.

Fleets need tracking devices to monitor performance, driver behaviour, and other metrics. Having security features is an important added benefit, particularly vehicle recovery services to improve the odds of loss.

Benefits of Land Rover GPS trackers

  • Easy-to-use online portal and tracking software
  • See the live location of your vehicle from your devices
  • GPS live location updates to always track your vehicle
  • Driver behaviour and speeding reports to improve performance
  • Opt-in experienced vehicle recovery services
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans for every budget

How tracking Land Rovers works

The tracking device is installed in your vehicle in a secure place. The device then uses GPS signals to monitor the live location and other activity of your vehicle. This information is sent to your account, which you can access on an online portal from your phone, laptop, tablet and computer.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Land Rovers can include trackers. When you purchase the vehicle, a dealer presents you with multiple subscription options for vehicle tracking. Once the tracker has been equipped and your option chosen, you won’t have much choice about changing your subscription type.

New vehicles include a three-year subscription with a Land Rover approved tracker. After that, the tracker subscription can be renewed. Prices vary depending on your vehicle, dealer, features and selected tracking type.

If you have bought a used vehicle, it’s not likely to include the tracking subscription. Check to see the details of the vehicle if it has already had a tracker installed. Older models of the land and range rovers may not include trackers. The devices are also optional, and many drivers choose not to opt for them at all.

If you buy a new or used vehicle without a tracker, you can choose any device, subscription plan of your preference.

If your vehicle is stolen, contact the police, your insurance provider and your tracking provider if you have one. Locating a stolen car is difficult, but more likely if you have a tracker with a vehicle recovery service.

If your tracking device includes it, get in touch with their vehicle recovery service. They will handle the vehicle recovery from there and may work with the police to get your vehicle back.

In cases of theft, it’s not guaranteed you’ll recover your vehicle at all or in the same condition as it was. However, using a tracker can greatly improve your chances when handled quickly and with a good standard recovery service.

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