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Best Mercedes Trackers in the UK for Businesses

  • Mercedes trackers monitor the location and activity of your vehicle
  • Wide range of security features and benefits for many business types
  • Compare Thatcham (S7) and Police approved devices
Mercedes tracker of an off road vehicle

Best van and car trackers for Mercedes in the UK

What tracker is best for your vehicle depends on the kind of vehicle you have and what features you want from your device. We recommend CanTrack and Neon for security. Both of these tracking devices have features to monitor unauthorised use and improve the chances of getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen.

What is the best Mercedes tracker?

CanTrack is an ideal Mercedes asset tracker to improve your security.

The device includes a team of investigators and former police officers to track the vehicle if it’s stolen.

The device is resistant to jamming technology, so thieves can’t disrupt the tracking signals as some experienced thieves can with GPS devices. Here are the details you need to know:

  • Vehicle recovery team with an over 90% success rate
  • Resistant to jamming technology that disrupts tracking signals
  • Long battery life without the need to be placed near the vehicle’s battery
  • Limited tracking information: best used as a security device

CanTrack is the best security tracker we’ve found at the commercial level. If you want tracking data, however, you’ll need to combine the CanTrack with another device. Use this one to get the best quality security measures you can.

What’s the smallest Mercedes asset tracker?

Neon is a small Waterproof IP67 Rated device that is about the same size as a matchbox. The device can be fitted anywhere in your car, so it’s easier to hide away. Its battery power lasts for around 5 years and there are no wires or complicated installation involved.

Neon, unlike CanTrack and others on our list, doesn’t show you the live location of your vehicle. However, it does send you live location updates with alerts sent once or more every day. It can give you peace of mind and help you protect your vehicle.

Mercedes vehicle trackers for sole traders

Trackers for the self-employed are often self-installable so you don’t need to take your car off the road for longer than 10 minutes—minimal interruption for your business with lots of benefits.

The best tracker for this business type is Atom. It’s hard to compete with its affordable price tag and monthly subscription options. However, CanTrack is better for security.

Top three features of the Atom device

  • Self-install the device in less than 10 minutes
  • Range of subscription options
  • View vehicle’s live location, journey history and more
  • Atom is a simple but effective device with tons of features to support your business.

The tracker shows the live location of the vehicle on a map for easy, accessible monitoring from your devices (phone, tablet, laptop and desktop). Whether you’re at work, home or on the go you can always check where your vehicle is.

How does my tracker work?

You simply follow the instructions from the provider and place it into your vehicle. The instructions vary depending on the device.

From there, the tracker sends information about your vehicle’s location and activity to your account using GPS. That includes location alerts sent to your phone.

How much does a Mercedes tracker cost?

The cost of trackers for sole traders varies depending on the provider and device. Most devices of this type are based on a monthly subscription, with the monthly price usually around the cost of a takeaway meal. To get a tracker, compare now and get your quotes.

Mercedes trackers for larger businesses and fleets

Fleet trackers often require a professional to install the device. You’ll have to book an appointment with your provider and wait for the devices to be fitted. While the wait isn’t ideal, the benefits you get from it are worth it.

The best tracker for this business type is the Kinesis. The device has many benefits to support fleet management and features to keep your business running smoothly. Kinesis products can also be integrated with dash cams to give you a bigger picture of any incidents in one easy system – not even CanTrack can do that.

Top features of the Kinesis device

  1. Customisable location alert settings
  2. Detailed driver performance reports

The features of Kinesis are designed to support medium-sized businesses and fleets. Suitable for cars, vans and trucks the devices offer a wealth of data to wade through. That includes a 30-day in-depth journey history, so you can check the logs for unauthorised use and trace a vehicle if it’s stolen.

Kinesis also offers an opt-in asset recovery service. When locating a stolen vehicle, using a tracker with this type of service greatly increases the odds of getting your Mercedes back.

How do Kinesis trackers work for Mercedes Benz?

Get a quote, then get in touch with your provider. From there, the provider will arrange a fitting to get the tracker(s) installed. Once its installed, the tracker uses GPS to locate the vehicle and send information to your account.

You can access the vehicles live location, reports and more on your online account from your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

How much does a Mercedes tracker cost for a fleet?

The cost of tracking a fleet depends on the device, number of devices, and provider you choose. These types of professionally fitted trackers cost more than self-install types as you have to pay an installation fee. You then pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the tracker.

What is a Mercedes tracker?

Trackers for Mercedes are black box devices fitted into a vehicle to monitor its live location for security purposes. Managers and drivers can receive location alerts, access professional vehicle recovery services if the asset is stolen, and much more when they use these trackers.

The devices can be Thatcham approved, which is an industry level standard. This is the type we recommend for commercial use.

Mercedes tracker in the UK features

  • Track your vehicle’s location, activity and security
  • Receive accident, speeding and unauthorised use alerts
  • Get reports on mileage, fuel and repair data
  • Choose from self-install and professional installation options

Top six benefits of using tracking for Mercedes

The best benefits of using trackers for your vehicle are:

  1. Readily available tracking software via an online portal
  2. Location updates using GPS signals to track your vehicle throughout the day
  3. Reports on driver performance, including speeding to improve efficiency
  4. Subtle and secure black box tracking devices
  5. Experienced and highly commended vehicle recovery services
  6. Monthly or yearly subscription options to suit different budgets and business types

Do Mercedes cars have trackers?

If you buy a Merecedes and get the Mercedes Me app, you can have a tracker using a smartphone app. However, this doesn’t separate personal or business mileage, send important vehicle data to managers or send you vehicle location updates throughout the day.

While it’s suitable for personal use, it can’t meet the needs of businesses.

How to find Mercedes car trackers

The best business vehicle trackers for Mercedes are found by doing a comparison of commercial options. Many devices and apps aren’t suitable for some vehicles, conditions or business types.

Get a tracker that fits your business type for the best benefits. Compare and see which ones suit you and your business best.

Frequently asked questions

Get a tracking device fitted, then log in to your account. View your vehicle’s live location on a map at any time from your phone or other devices through the online portal.

On your account, set any preferred location alerts such as daily location updates to have the telematics system alert you of any changes.

The best trackers for Mercedes cars are the Atom and Kinesis devices. Atom is better for the self-employed or small businesses, while Kinesis is suitable for car fleets.

Yes. If your vehicle is stolen, alert the police, your insurance company and tracking provider. After that, check your tracking device account. Check the vehicle’s live location, journey history and any other details you can. Send that information to the police to improve the odds of vehicle recovery.

Some tracking providers offer a vehicle recovery service, which will use specialised equipment and years of experience to trace a stolen vehicle. The faster they find it, the lower the odds of any damage to the car.

Mercedes cars are high value assets any thief would love to get their hands on. Having a tracker reduces the risk of losing your vehicle if it’s stolen, can lower your insurance costs and greatly improves security by sending you location updates to prevent theft in the first place.

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