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How Quad Bike Trackers Help to Prevent Theft

Quad bike theft is on the rise in certain parts of the UK. Tracking device can help to monitor, trace a stolen bike and recover it later. We’ve researched how these devices can aid police investigations and anti-theft measures.

Tracking devices can cost less than £10 a month, improve insurance costs and reduce the risk of theft. For farmers and other businesses worried about the rise of theft, they’re an important way of securing important and valuable equipment at an affordable price. Here’s everything you need to know.

Quad bike equipped with a tracker. A dog lies on top of the bike which is parked on a farm next to a herd of sheep

Is quad bike theft on the rise?

Yes, unfortunately. The police have seen an increase in reports of quad bikes being stolen, particularly in rural areas in Scotland, Shropshire, Yorkshire and more.

These remote, countryside locations are ideal for thieves due to limited police patrols and sparse populations which reduces the number of witnesses.

What can we do about it?

The authorities have asked local residents to keep their eyes peeled for any suspicious activity. The North Yorkshire police, for example, noted “unfamiliar vehicles, often containing more than one occupant, driving around slowly or in places they shouldn’t be” as suspicious signs.

While community reporting can be helpful, it’s tough for anyone to notice everything or expect an entire community to be on the watch against thieves 24/7.

We recommend using quad bike trackers for fast alerts of suspicious activity and GPS tracking of your equipment in a cost-effective device.

How do quad bike GPS trackers work?

A quad bike tracker works by connecting to satellite signals to locate the device. These equipment tracking devices show the location of the device on a map and can send alerts to you should it move or be removed unexpectedly.

How to use a GPS tracker

To use a tracker for quad bikes, follow these steps:

  • Purchase an industry standard tracker
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • Set up your account
  • Check the live location of the device on the map
  • Go to your settings and set any desired location alerts

What to do if your quad bike is stolen

If your vehicle is stolen, contact the police as soon as possible. Then, take photos of any damage caused and send it to your insurance provider along with all the details of the quad bike.

One of the best ways to improve your odds of getting your quad bike back is to use vehicle tracking. If you have a tracker, follow these steps:

  • Location alerts: a tracker for quad bikes can send you alerts if the vehicle moves outside of a location area you select. This can be the area of a whole farm, for example, or a storage shed area. Notify the police when you see the first suspicious alert.
  • Send the information: check for any alerts of the device leaving the area and when this happened. This information can be very helpful along with the device’s live location. Send this information to the police as well.
  • Live location: look at the live location of the device on your account. Send this to the police immediately. Never attempt to recover the vehicle yourself.
  • Vehicle recovery: contact your tracking provider and see if they have a vehicle recovery service. They may help to trace the bike and work with the police to recover the bike.

What is a quad bike recovery service?

A recovery service is offered by some telematics providers. The service uses an investigation team to track the location of your vehicle using specialist equipment and experts in the field.

The cost of recovery service is usually included in the monthly subscription fee of your tracking device.

Do quad bike anti-theft devices work?

Yes. These kinds of devices have been used successfully in recent cases to recover quad bikes in the UK.

For example, a stolen quad bike from a farm in Morville was recovered in early 2023 thanks to a private recovery service and the police. Quad bike thieves in Gargrave, Yorkshire also ran off after the police were called at around 2 am because of GPS tracking alerts.

These are just a few news stories of success, you could say. However, some tracking recovery services have extremely high success rates (over 90%).

We (and the police!) recommend equipping a GPS tracker to your quid back as soon as you can to reduce your risk of theft and significantly improve your odds of recovery.

What quad bike GPS tracker should I get?

When looking for a GPS tracker, choose a device that is Thatcham approved. Thatcham is a ‘not for profit’ research organisation that was insurance industry founded in 1969. It helps to maintain industry standards in the transport industry. A vehicle tracker not approved by Thatcham is not one worth buying!

After finding a Thatcham-approved tracker, check and see if the provider has a Police Approved vehicle recovery service. These are the best quality services available and some even have an over 90% vehicle recovery success rate.

iCompario tip: tell your insurance provider about your tracker

Ask your provider about trackers before getting one installed. They may offer a lower quote for an insurance approved tracker. If they don’t, you may get a better offer from another provider.

Best trackers for quad bikes in the UK

According to our market research, the best tracker in the UK for quad bikes are the Neon asset tracker and the Atom vehicle tracker.

Atom Vehicle Tracker Neon Asset Tracker

Thatcham (S7) and Police Approved (Secured By Design) approved

Daily or numerous GPS location alerts sent to your account to keep you updated 

No professional installation required

No professional installation required

Needs to be attached to a vehicle’s battery

Long battery life: up to 5 years of GPS updates

Suitable for quad bikes and other vehicles

Suitable for assets, including those with no power themselves such as skips

Various location settings for excellent alerts

Small and discreet. Can be hidden in various spots on the asset.

Live location map showing device 24/7 accurate within 3 metres

Suitable for the outdoors. Waterproof IP67 Rated.

Various subscription options available, including £90 initial fee then an annual fee of £90

Variable rates

In general, the Atom tracker is better for most looking to secure their vehicles thanks to the specialised recovery service. If you want a basic, sturdy asset tracker such as the Neon is worth considering but may not give you the bang for your buck that other options can.

Are quad bikes easy to steal?

Yes. Unlike cars, the criminal doesn’t need to break into the vehicle which means there’s no alarm system. The thief can simply hop onto the quad bike, start it and drive off. Stealing overnight from isolated locations (such as a farm) is a common method of theft.

These vehicles sell well on the second-hand market, so thieves are eager to snatch up any easy targets. To reduce the risk of your bikes being stolen, see our top tips below and everything you need to know about vehicle recovery.

Best quad bike anti-theft measures for farmers

The best way to reduce your risk of theft is to lock the bike in a secure area and to always ensure the keys are removed from the vehicle when not in use. Here are our top tips to keep it safe:

  • Remove the keys from the bike when not in use and store them in a secure area, preferably in a different building from the vehicle and hidden.
  • When the vehicles aren’t in use, keep them securely locked up and away from windows. If there are windows, cover them.
  • Cover any quad bikes and other equipment with a sheet to hide them from view.
  • Choose laminated glass or window security film to reduce the risk of thieves being able to break windows and get inside a building easily.
  • Secure the bike(s) with a chain. If you have multiple quad bikes, attach them with a chain together. This will make it more difficult to remove them altogether.
  • Use a wheel clamp on the quad bike to lock it even more in place.
  • Install a tracker for quad bikes and ensure you have location alerts set up.

Take pictures of your quad bike

Finally, even with all the measures in place, a determined and experienced thief may still manage to break in and steal the quad bike. Just in case, it’s best to have pictures of your quad bike to send to your insurance company.

This will make it easier for you to make a claim in the event the police can’t recover the vehicle, or you get it back in damaged condition.

So, take many pictures of your bike from different angles and have records of any serial numbers, product names and insurance information on file. Keep a backup of the images on your device, online storage and/or a USB.

How to get a tracker

Find the right tracker for you. Filter through the top options in the UK right now with a comparison on us. See the top results for your business and select which one works best for you at competitive prices. Get in touch with your provider and the device will be sent your way as soon as possible.

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