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The Best Thatcham Approved Trackers: Get Total Fleet Security with Industry-Leading Trackers

Vehicle theft is increasing at alarming rates all over the UK. The good news is you have options to increase your vehicle’s security. State-of-the-art vehicle tracking systems give you eyes on your vehicle’s location 24/7.

To make sure you reap all the nicest benefits off vehicle tracking, look for a Thatcham approved tracker. Unsure what that is or how to choose one? We’ll walk you through it all. Do keep in mind the fastest way to get a Thatcham approved tracker in the UK is to compare the market with us.

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What is a Thatcham approved tracker?

Thatcham approved trackers are vehicle tracking devices tested and approved by Thatcham Research. They’re renowned for their reliability and effectiveness in preventing theft and assisting in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Only tracking devices of the highest quality standard and meeting rigorous criteria get the Thatcham Security Certification.

What is Thatcham Research?

Thatcham Research is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre in the UK. It’s a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing vehicle safety, security and innovation. Summing up the organisation, it:

  • Conducts research, testing and certification of automotive security products, like vehicle trackers.
  • Provides training and advice to the automotive industry.
  • Sets insurance group ratings. This helps insurers determine the cost of vehicle insurance premiums.

Make sure you choose a Thatcham approved tracker for your business vehicles and enhance security.

With iCompario, it’s easy to do that. You spend less time researching the market and more time focusing on your business, while we use our expertise to search the list of Thatcham approved trackers for you and pair your business with the best vehicle tracking solution.

The different categories of Thatcham approved trackers

The two main categories available are S5 and S7. These are also the two categories you’ll hear insurance providers mention most often.

1. Thatcham category S5

Despite 5 being the lower number, the S5 is actually the higher-level category. Thatcham approved trackers in the UK falling under this category can track the location of your vehicle and also immobilise it remotely if need be.

Thatcham Category S5 vehicle tracking systems also include the driver recognition system, which can be very useful.

2. Thatcham category S7

The S7 is basically the entry level Thatcham approved category.

While it’s very similar to S5, vehicle tracking devices under this category don’t allow remote immobilisation.

The units are usually very small and discreet and can pinpoint the location of the vehicle with an accuracy of up to three metres.

Which is the best Thatcham approved tracker for business vehicles?

So, choosing a suitable vehicle tracker is not as easy as it seems at first sight. There are many things you need to consider, like:

  • If it’s Thatcham approved.
  • The price range.
  • What additional features it offers.

Here’s our top three best Thatcham approved trackers for businesses. All three found on the Thatcham approved tracker list.

1. Editor’s choice: CanTrack Protect

Cantrack protect thatcham approved tracker
This one is an excellent choice to keep your business vehicles and valuable assets secure. It’s Category S7 Thatcham approved and police approved (Secured By Design).

Plus, CanTrack Protect also comes with a vehicle recovery service, which has a huge success recovery rate of over 95%. The Investigations Unit is made up of former police officers based nationally in the UK and Northern Ireland.

It can be combined with a market leading fleet telematics system, to cover your fleet needs on all fronts.

It’s got some nice fancy features like:

  • Zero install. It doesn’t require any wiring. It comes with a very strong magnet, so you can attach it anywhere, hiding it extremely well.
  • Scheduling options. The device can be scheduled to wake-up either at pre-set times, on motion or every X hours, as you wish.
  • It’s very difficult for thieves to jam or mask its signal. The anti-jamming specialist hardware includes deployment of the Investigations Unit in case of theft.

Overall, CanTrack Protect is as complete as they come. It’s one of the most powerful asset tracking solutions on the market. But is it the right choice for your business? It could be, but a market comparison will tell you for sure. Hit the button to begin.

2. Best for basic security: Neon

Neon thatcham approved tracker
Neon is the ideal choice to boost your vehicles and assets’ security. It’s a Category S7 Thatcham approved tracker and it’s a powerful device to help you easily monitor the location of your essential assets.

So, if it’s mainly security you’re looking for, this might be the best choice from the Thatcham approved tracker list. Plus, its main features include:

  • It’s very small and discreet, which makes it easy to hide.
  • It’s battery-powered, with a minimum of three years of battery life.
  • No wiring, no installation required, just attach it on your asset.
  • Provides global location coverage.
  • Withstands ever-changing British weather conditions with an IP67-rated enclosure.
  • It’s one of the cheapest Thatcham approved trackers.

So, looking for a strong basic security solution? You’ve hit the jackpot with this one. But do make sure it’s really what your business needs. Compare the market now!

3. Best Thatcham approved car tracker: SmarTrack Protector Pro Global

This one’s our recommendation for cars especially. While it’s on the more expensive side, it’s a reliable Category S7 Thatcham approved tracker. Do keep in mind it’s a vehicle tracking solution designed for high-value assets.

The Protector Pro Global includes a nice range of features like:

  • Motion sensing alerts.
  • Battery back-up.
  • Battery disconnect alerts.
  • Remote immobilisation.
  • IP67-rated waterproof case.

It’s an excellent choice if security is your main concern. But if you want more insights and data to improve your operations too, you might want to go back to Kinesis Pro.

The best option going forward, though, is to compare the market to find a system that suits your business needs.

How can a Thatcham approved tracker help lower my insurance?

Insurance companies usually offer discounts on insurance policies to customers who install a Thatcham-approved tracker because it provides added security to their vehicles, reduces the risk of theft and increases the chances of the vehicle’s recovery in case it’s stolen.

Remember, it not only provides protection against theft, but it can also help you recover your vehicle in case of any unexpected incidents.

Time is of essence in case of vehicle theft. But with a tracker installed, your vehicle can be located and retrieved quickly, which means less hassle for you and less risk for the insurance company.

Can I find Thatcham approved tracker installers near me?

Yes, most likely. While not many people have heard of Thatcham approved trackers, they’re very popular and highly used in the vehicle tracking industry. So, chances are you’re going to find a Thatcham approved installer near you.

But that’s not necessarily something to worry about. Most vehicle tracking systems include installation, so you’ll be well covered wherever you are in the UK.

What’s the cheapest Thatcham approved tracker?

It depends a lot on what features you want from your tracker. The market is packed with options, from cheap basic trackers to cutting-edge telematics systems, all Thatcham approved.

If you’re a bigger business looking to improve your operations and control your fleet better, you might want to fork out more money for a wide range of useful features. If you want basic tracking, you’ve got choices, too.

To find the cheapest Thatcham approved tracker, it’s best to do a market comparison. That way you can make sure you end up with a Thatcham approved tracker that’s not only within your budget, but also fits your business needs.

Let’s find you a Thatcham approved tracker

Are you ready to enjoy the great benefits of a Thatcham approved tracker in the UK? Find the best one for your business in three easy steps:

  1. Hit the button below.
  2. Fill in the form with your business details. This will give us an idea of your business needs so we can match you with the right system.
  3. Choose from the recommended trackers after we’ve worked our magic to identify the best ones for you.

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