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The Best Business Phone Systems in Aberdeen

In the UK’s wealthiest city, as Aberdeen is considered, businesses are in a continuous race to stay competitive. No matter what area your business operates in, having a good telecoms solution is essential in Scotland’s third most populous city.

Stay in touch with the best business phone systems in Aberdeen. We’ll make it easy for you to compare the market and get the best deals.

Business phone systems in Aberdeen

The best phone systems for business

The world of telecommunications has evolved tremendously. From performing telephone exchanges by a switchboard to the first touchtone dialling and cordless phones to being able to make phone calls over the internet from a laptop with the rise of VoIP.

The end of an era is close with the ISDN switching off completely in 2025. And so begins the ruling of VoIP.

Cloud-based telephone systems are the future for any business, no matter how big or small. Modern phone systems in Aberdeen offer so much more than simply a way of making phone calls. They let you make conference calls, video calls; they allow interactive voice response messaging and real time monitoring. Of course, the smartest and cheapest choice in Aberdeen is a VoIP system.

Why get VoIP?

Believe it or not, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been around for time. It was first introduced during the late 1990s. It uses a high-speed data connection to make video and voice calls. It’s a solution to help you save on the expense of making mobile, international, and long-distance phone calls.

VoIP can be used with hardware and software and provides valuable options such as:

  • Voice and video calls
  • Live website comms
  • Multi-user or conference video calls
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call waiting and forwarding
  • Instant messaging
  • On-hold music
  • Call queues
  • Monitoring and recording of calls
  • Advanced call management capabilities
  • Toll free numbers
  • Free local phone number
  • Online fax

The list goes on. And the list of VoIP benefits is quite long as well.

These are the most notable benefits you get from using VoIP for your business phone system:

Lower costs

With no on-site hardware and no phone lines needed, you save a lot of money. More, all you need for VoIP are your laptop and a reliable internet connection.

You can also get office phones that work with VoIP if you still want some hardware. They’re pretty cool looking and let you use all the nice options VoIP offers.

You also get to save on upgrades and maintenance. All upgrades, maintenance and support are easily performed remotely online. There’s no need to wait around for an engineer to come to your office. That also mean less downtime and faster repair times.

Great security and useful call analytics options

Because a VoIP phone system is cloud-based, calls go through advanced encryption. The level of security for calls or messages is high level with VoIP.

You also get useful options to analyse the calls. With call analytics you’ll be able to measure key metrics like call duration, number of incoming and outgoing calls, customer satisfaction levels, and more.

Analyse your calls to optimise your operations and improve your services.

Get a scalable system

Get a phone system that grows with your business, not one that keeps you behind. Modern phone systems make it easy to add new users. There’s no need to install new phone lines or buy new hardware for new employees. You can add new users with the touch of a few buttons only.

Work from anywhere and multitask easily

Remote working is very popular nowadays. In Aberdeen and everywhere else in the world. A good phone system allows you and your employees to work from anywhere, have conference calls without the need of having all the team members in the office. Communications are easy.

You can also do lots of tasks at the same time. Like switch in and out of video calls. Send files to the customers while on the call. Share your computer screen during calls.

iCompario tip

Get an office on the go by integrating your business mobile phones with your hosted phone system. You’ll never miss an important business call ever again. And your customers will still get the feel they are contacted from an office phone.

There are many VoIP providers offering complete solutions. Compare the market with iCompario to find the best ones.

How to choose from the best phone systems in Aberdeen?

Find the best business phone systems in Aberdeen

Every business is unique and has various needs from its phone systems. And businesses in Aberdeen are no different.

So, when comparing phone systems in Aberdeen, make sure you determine your business needs first of all.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What equipment would you need to buy? That’s if you’re looking for any hardware or you’re planning to use your VoIP with your business laptops.
  • What features do you need to support and boost your business operations? The features you need from a phone system depend on what type of business you’re running. A call centre or a big sales team will need other features than a transport company.
  • How much do you currently pay for your office phone system? VoIP is usually cheaper, but it’s still important to compare prices and see what exactly you get for the money you pay.
  • How much would you save if you switched to cloud-based systems? Again, this is important to check. The bottom line is that you’ll save in the long run for sure. But how much depends on each business.
  • Do you have a strong enough internet connection at your office? This one’s important! VoIP needs a reliable broadband connection to work seamlessly. Check out our guide to see how business broadband differs from home broadband and why it’s so important for any business.

iCompario tip

A strong and reliable broadband solution is vital for uninterrupted, smooth business communications. Many providers offer both hosted voice and business broadband solutions.

It’s easier to get it all from the same provider. Give us a shout and we’ll scour the market to find you the best services and providers.

Another thing to take into account when searching for phone systems in Aberdeen is what the provider can offer you.

You need to pay attention to:

  • Start-up costs
  • Monthly cost
  • Customer support available
  • Features included as standard and features you get for a cost

Find the best phone systems in Aberdeen

Deciding what you need from your phone system may seem like a hassle, but that’s the easy part. When it comes to choosing which phone system provider to sign up with, things can get a lot more complicated.

The offers are vast. They all promise a lot. They all look good. It can get confusing, that’s the truth. But it doesn’t have to. Compare the market with us and we’ll make things clearer.

We’re experts at this so for us it’s like a walk in the park. Use our free quote form to give us a few details about your needs and we’ll work our magic to get you the best deals.

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