Fuel Cards for Freight Forwarders and Logistics 

Where reinvention and adaptation to an ever-changing operating landscape goes with the job

If you’re a Freight Forwarder and Logistics provider, or an independent shipping agent offering a range of services from general freight forwarding and haulage to liner and port agency warehousing, amongst the most competitive industries out there, then like us you’ll be working hard to find solutions that fit well and add value across your customers’ supply chain. 

A price-competitive and consultative client-focused approach 

Our fuel card sales staff take a consultative approach and will dig deep to understand your business to make sure the fuel-card offering is relevant and stays aligned with your needs throughout the business lifecycle. 

In a competitive price and volume driven market (just like us) its necessary to have a client-focused approach and to achieve this we committed to staff and client support. Our focus is on a solution-based service where delivery comes along with competitive fuel-card pricing and the widest choice of cards out there.

Freight Forwarder and Logistics providers need Real-time visibility 

We’ve invested in the most up-to-date technology systems, so you’ll find our telematic cross offerings enabling real-time visibility through innovative track and trace technologies, something you can relate to.  

Automation with a focus on reducing touch-points  

It’s all about having a fuel card and technology system that manages processes allowing your staff to be more customer focused and make the process of buying and managing shipping and logistics services, simple, efficient, stress-free and cost-effective for your customers.