Esso Europe fuel card held in hand
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Esso Europe Fuel Card

For when the familiar sight of Esso filling stations across Europe and streamlined convenience is important.

Esso Europe fuel card held in hand

Accepted fuel stations


Start saving with Esso Europe

Esso Europe fuel card

Key features

Access over 14,000 fuel stations across 28 European countries

Enjoy competitive pricing on all fuel spend

Use the card on all major toll roads and Eurovignettes

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

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Frequently asked questions

We recommend the Esso Europe card for all businesses and sole traders who need to refill in multiple European countries. Here’s what you get when you use your Esso card:

1. Fixed fuel prices

Paying for fuel is often an unstable cost, especially when prices differ across borders. With the Esso Europe card, you get fixed weekly pricing reports every Friday. When you pay for fuel, you’ll be paying based on the wholesale price of oil from that report. That means you always know how much you’ll be paying each week so you can easily prepare. Plus, when the market price is down you can benefit from fuel cost savings.

2. Stations you know

Esso have thousands of stations across 28 countries in Europe. You’ll definitely have some Esso stations on your usual routes in Europe. But what if you need to find a station when you’re on the go? Your fuel card has an online account, so you can easily find your closest stations. With thousands of stations in Europe and the UK, you won’t have any trouble planning your route.

3. Track fuel costs online

How much fuel do you and your fleet use? It’s hard to track the costs when your fleet is all over Europe. Using the Esso Europe fuel card’s online account management system, you can easily see your fuel usage and costs.

4. Costs in one invoice

Your fuel card isn’t just for refilling. Use your Esso Europe card to pay for toll charges across Europe to simplify your admin time. You get everything one invoice, so making VAT reclaims is much easier.

Your Esso Europe card can be used in the UK and 28 more countries across Europe at over 14,000 stations. In the UK alone, you can use your Esso Europe card at over 3,400 stations.

When you’re in Europe, you have access to Shell partner stations in Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and more. You’ll find handy Esso stations at border crossings and key sites on the continent. You don’t have to make a detour to refill when you have your Esso Europe card.

  • HGV fleets
  • Truck drivers
  • Vans
  • Car drivers across Europe

If your business is based in the UK, but your drivers often drive in Europe, then the Esso Europe card is a great choice. Many of its stations are HGV-friendly and are open 24/7 so you can refill whenever you need to.

The Esso Europe card can be used for more than buying fuel. We know how tough travelling around Europe can be. Your fuel card can make your invoices simple – use your Esso card to pay for toll charges and get everything on one invoice.

Do you pay Eurovignette charges? For drivers and fleets in HGVs, the Esso Europe card is a handy tool to have. Your Esso card can be used to pay for Eurovignette charges too.

This makes life easier for you and your drivers. They only need one card to pay, and you only get one invoice for all those charges. If you want hassle-free admin, the Esso Europe card is a great pick.