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EV Charging car

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Here’s why you need an EV charging point

Installing an EV charge point provides your business with greater flexibility, allowing employees to plug in their EV while on the job or during downtime.

Plus, your business can save money! Business tariffs can be much cheaper than the rates for on-the-go charging at public hotspots.

And if you’re eligible for government funding, you can make the installation costs back based on the equivalent costs of using public EV charge spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the UK government offers support for businesses with EVs. If your business is eligible, they’ll pay a percentage of the installation costs at your premises. This is handled by The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. You will have to apply for the (OZEV) grant.

Your business may be able to claim discounts up to 75% of the installation fees, depending on the type and size of your organisation. There’s a cap of £350 maximum contribution per charge point.

No. EV charging points require specialist knowledge to install and can only be done by a trained professional.

As the charge point uses electricity, you also run the risk of injury or faulty installation if your installer doesn’t have the required knowledge or experience.

If you install your own charging points, you won’t have access to government grants to help cover the cost of installation.

The time an EV takes to charge in full depends on two factors—the size of the battery in question and the type of the charging point. Bigger batteries need more charge much like bigger fuel tanks with petrol or diesel.

There are three charge options. These are the:

1. Standard 3-pin socket, which takes the longest amount of time to charge. It charges at 3kW, so an EV with a 40kWh battery would take over 13 hours to charge.

2. 7-pin Type 2 cable. This is faster charging, with an output of 3.7kW-7kW, so a 50kW battery will be charged to 80% in around 20 minutes to one hour.

3. Combined Charging System (CCS) socket that adds a further 2 pins to the Type 2 cable, so it can supply between 25 kWh and 350 kWH of power. That’ll get most EVs charged to 80% in under an hour.

It's possible to install two or even more charge points at your business premises. The government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant or Workplace Charging Scheme (WWCS) can provide partial funding for up to 40 charge points to be installed.

If you are looking to charge two EVs from the same charge point, there are several products available which enable you to do so including splitters and adaptors. This’ll usually halve the speed at which your EVs charge.