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Why move your communications to the cloud?

1. Easy expansion

Adding new users has never been easier. Using your VoIP phone system, you can add new users at the click of a button and add licenses in minutes. The best VoIP internet phone systems make your business faster.

2. Make your business more flexible

In the age of remote and hybrid work, hosted telephones are just what you need so your business can run smoothly from anywhere, anytime.

3. Reduce your costs

VoIP telephony systems can save your business up to 50%. You can choose a payment plan to manage your costs, even spreading them out in instalments and including call costs in your package.

4. Get a local number

Whether you’re working from home or abroad, VoIP lets you have a local number from whichever area you need even if you don’t have an office there yet

Features as standard

Wide range of handsets
Call recording
Video conferencing
CRM integration
Desktop and mobile app
Call reporting/analytics
Advertising on hold
Professional voicemail

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