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The Best Telematics Companies in the UK

Telematics is growing in popularity not only among fleet businesses, but among SMEs, too. A fleet telematics system can bring all kinds of benefits – from cost savings to smarter operations and increased vehicle and asset security.

But with so many telematics installation companies on the market, which one should you choose? Well, we’re here to help you make good choices. We’ve narrowed it down to five best telematics companies in the UK. Your best bet, though, is to compare the market with us and get the best recommendations for your business needs.

Telematics companies in the UK

What is telematics?

Let’s start with some basics. We’re going to explain, in short, what telematics is. For the longer version, we’ve explained the meaning of telematics in another guide.

Using telematics technology, you can remotely track the location and activities of your vehicles and moving assets. Telematics uses GPS technology and onboard diagnostic to retrieve essential data. It records all kind of information from the vehicle, from fuel usage to speed.

All this information it collects can help you save on maintenance costs and fuel, improve your operations, reduce downtime and learn a lot about the driving habits of the people behind the wheel. You’ll see things like vehicle location, distance covered and trip time, fuel consumption, harsh breaking and cornering, speeding, vehicle faults and other engine data.

Telematics systems enable you to get the best out of your vehicles and your drivers.

What are the main benefits of telematics?

There are many telematics benefits for businesses. It’s up to you to use it wisely and unlock all these benefits. This is how using a telematics system can help your business:

  • It enables you to manage your vehicles more efficiently.
  • The data from the telematics system may help you find more efficient routes, new ways to reduce fuel consumption and improve productivity.
  • The telematics CAN data can notify you of a vehicle fault code detection, so you can keep on top of maintenance issues. It will save you lots on repairs and keep your vehicles in good shape.
  • Telematics can increase driver safety. You can check speeding incidents and the efficiency of driving and you can make driver more conscientious about their driving behaviours.
  • Telematics can help you increase the levels of customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to provide accurate ETAs to your customers and reliable updates.

What is a telematics company?

Telematics installation companies offer complete telematics services to businesses of all types and sizes to monitor their vehicles or fleets. The service includes monitoring all the data collected by the telematics device and interpreting it for you in easy-to-read reports.

This is usually done for a subscription fee. It’s an extremely useful service that completes a good telematics solution. It can truly improve your fleet management.

There are many fleet telematics companies in the UK that offer this service. So the best idea is to shop around and compare the market to find a telematics company that will cover your business needs.

The best telematics companies in the UK

The best vehicle telematics companies in the UK are:

  • Radius Telematics
  • Teletrac Navman
  • Verizon Connect
  • Quartix
  • Trakm8
telematics companies that are best in the UK

1. Editor’s choice: Radius Telematics

Radius Telematics is one of the largest telematics companies in the UK. It’s best known for its Kinesis telematics solution, a market-leading system, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Of its three vehicle tracking systems, Atom is perfect for sole traders and small companies, whose tracking needs are simple. Kinesis is the ideal solution for small and medium businesses, while Kinesis Pro is the best choice for large fleets, covering their needs completely.

Here’s what you can expect from Radius Telematics:

  • It’s one of the few telematics systems can that be used in combination with a fuel card
  • You get an online account where you can easily manage your fuel costs and fleet operations
  • There’s a smartphone and tablet app available for download
  • Works in all types of vehicles
  • Live map function can detect and warn traffic and help with route planning
  • You can see estimated distances and arrival times to update customers

The best features of Radius’ telematics system include:

  • Accurate location tracking
  • Journey history for the last 30 days
  • Geofencing and location alerts
  • Driver behaviour reports and speeding alerts
  • Driver ID through key fobs to avoid unauthorised use of the vehicles
  • Camera integration
  • Performance monitoring
  • Vehicle maintenance information through CAN data and fault code data
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Immobilisation
  • Remote tachograph download

Radius’ telematics solutions are designed to help you manage your fleet better, gain a good insight into your vehicles’ use and improve your operations. They also help you reduce your fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Do you still need more? To complement the vehicle tracking solutions, the company also offers dash cams that can be integrated with the telematics system. You can also get asset tracking devices from Radius and your business should be covered on all fronts.

It’s easy to see why Radius Telematics won the first place in our top. But a market comparison is always advisable. That way you can have the confidence you choose right for your business. So, hit the button below to compare the market.

2. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is one of the best telematics companies on the market. It’s all about innovation. They offer an award-winning fleet management software, DIRECTOR, which provides extensive data, including on fleet compliance and safety solutions.

It’s the better choice for fleets. Their solutions might be too much for smaller businesses.

This is what you can expect from Teletrac Navman:

  • Focus on safety and compliance
  • You get comprehensive reporting features
  • There’s a free demo available to try it out
  • It will increase the visibility of your fleet operations
  • You can optimise your fleet and reduce costs
  • You get help with tachograph and driver hours
  • You can manage your jobs and operations better
  • You’ll experience an increase in fleet safety
  • You can improve fleet maintenance

Teletrac Navman supports businesses to lower their fuel costs and increase profits. According to the telematics company, you’ll experience a 30% reduction in fuel spend.

Does Teletrac Navman’s solution answer your fleet’s needs? The answer could be an easy yes.

But you should still compare the market to make sure you invest in the right system from the very beginning.

3. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is one of the largest telematics companies and one of the best-known in the world. Verizon offers ultra-reliable GPS tracking and global coverage. It’s an ideal choice for businesses operating internationally.

Verizon Connect ensures fleet and asset tracking, digital tachograph, route optimisation, driver management and more. It uses high-resolution maps to help you improve fleet performance and efficiency and get more accurate ETAs.

Here are the best features and benefits of Verizon Connect’s telematics:

  • You get global coverage
  • Track both your fleet and assets
  • Digital tachograph enabling remote download of tachograph files
  • Route optimisation
  • Great reporting capabilities
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Support to improve fleet efficiency and reduce costs
  • View fleet management data on any device connected to the internet

On top of all that, Verizon includes field service management, which helps to better organise and manage drivers, vehicles and equipment.

Verizon Connect pretty much does it all. But is the right choice for your business? Probably, but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

Hit the button below and compare telematics systems now.

4. Quartix

Quartix is a telematics company best known for its customer service, advanced hardware and sophisticated software. It’s also one of the most experienced companies in the market with over 20 years of telematics expertise.

Quartix addresses mainly fleet businesses helping them to cut down on fleet costs via advanced tracking.

These are the main reasons to choose Quartix for your telematics system:

  • Easy-to-use reporting system, with most of the data in one place
  • You get customisable, real-time dashboards
  • Track the location of your vehicles any time
  • You can monitor your employees’ driving styles
  • The system can produce timesheets
  • You can get fuel card data
  • You can get tachograph data
  • Install the mobile app for your drivers
  • Enhance your customers’ experience by providing arrival times
  • Their customer service is well-known for being reliable, helpful and fast

Are you a fleet looking to improve your operations? Choose Quartix for their experience, customer service and reliable telematics system.

Or compare the market to confirm you’re making the right choice for your business.

5. Trakm8

Trackm8 is one of the all-rounder fleet telematics companies. It offers fleet management, insurance telematics and vehicle camera systems. Its telematics solutions are scalable to fleets of all sizes and help to increase fleet’s overall productivity.

Trackm8 offers flexible solutions to track your vehicles and assets. It also comes with advanced mapping options that enable you to recreate journeys on Google Street View.

These are the best benefits and features Trakm8 offers:

  • Track the location your vehicles in real-time
  • Track your vehicles, assets and plant equipment
  • Access journey history
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Estimate arrival times for your customers
  • Check any speeding events
  • Increase your fuel efficiency and save money
  • Install the mobile app to check the reports and online dashboard from anywhere
  • You get reporting on cost saving specifically

Trakm8 is one of the largest telematics companies, providing a market-leading range of products. It’s probably the only telematics company that provides a free savings calculator that shows you how telematics can help you save money.

Any downsides? They’re also known for their not-so-great customer service, if that’s an important aspect for you. And it should be. But it can still easily cover your business needs.

Don’t take any chances and be certain you’re making the right choice when signing the contract with a telematics company. Compare the market to get results tailored to your business requirements.

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