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DVS Camera Systems: Get the Best Dash Cams for Your Fleet

Your HGV fleet needs a DVS camera system to be compliant with the Direct Vision Standard in London. You won’t get a permit to drive in the city without one!

That means you need some high-tech dash cams for your fleet. The good news? You’re in the right place to find them! We’re here to take you through the very best, with the chance to compare the market to get your business the best deal.

A London driver crossing a bridge with a Direct Vision Standard camera fitted

Why do you need a DVS camera system?

Fleets with HGVs over 12 tonnes need a DVS camera system because of London’s Direct Vision Standard. That’s to improve driver vision around the vehicles.

The DSV requirement is to fit a camera monitoring system to the nearside of the vehicle. The point of that is to:

  • Eliminate (or minimise) blind spots on the nearside of the vehicles in your fleet.
  • Get you to fit a fully operational camera monitoring system to the nearside of the vehicle. All vehicle types must have nearside cameras.

There are no exemptions! It’s the law. If you do ignore that, then you’ll face a £550 fine every single day you enter the area. Our advice? Get yourself kitted out with some dash cams—they have loads of extra benefits, too.

The best DVS camera systems

DVS camera prices vary, depending on the quality of the device and what you need as a business. And so, we’re here to take you through a selection of the best on the market.

Radius dash cams

  • Advanced camera for large fleets
  • Fully customisable package
  • Customer your driver reports and alerts
  • All-round vehicle vision
  • Live location tracking

One of the very best, high-tech cameras on the market, with this model you get HD footage that’s beamed straight to your account for instant access.

There’s a range available, from forward-facing to dual-facing and multi-cam systems. Ultimately, they get you an all-round vision for your fleet. It offers side and reversing views, so you’ll never miss anything on the roads.

And everything is recorded with crystal clear 4G HD quality. No blurry or indistinct recordings for you! just everything as clear as day, no matter what the British weather is throwing at you.

Use the cameras to lower insurance, stop fraud and protect your business. You can also make sure your drivers are following your fleet’s driving standards policy! Radius dash cams have it all and will put you in total control.

Verizon Connect Integrated Video: Great for big fleets

  • HD video
  • AI monitors bad driving techniques
  • Ultra-fast accident alerts
  • GPS tracking

This is one of those brilliant DVS cameras that has a fantastic telematics tracking system. If you’re a fleet in need of just that, then the Verizon Connect is right up your street.

It’s high-tech piece of kit. Decked out with AI (artificial intelligence), it monitors your drivers. If their driving isn’t up to standard, you’ll get alerts about that. Then you can address any poor performance.

Also, if there’s an accident, you’ll get an alert fast. Along with the footage. It’s uploaded automatically to your online fleet management system. From the portal, you can then look at the video and use it in your defence or to make an insurance claim.

But what about video quality? Well, the dash cam has 1080p capture quality. And the 150° lens means you’ll record everything going on around you in high-quality HD.

Prices do vary for this dash cam, so that’s why you should compare the market to find the right deal for your fleet.

Nextbase 380GW: Designed for commercial fleets

  • Designed for fleets
  • 60fps, 1080p HD recording resolution
  • Records while parked
  • Great windscreen-mounted design

Along with being one of those great DVS cameras to help you get your permit, the Nextbase 380GW is designed for commercial vehicles.

It’s got all the top features. 1080p HD recording, Wi-Fi and GPS. Plus, it comes with anti-tamper locks and an efficient windscreen mounting design.

If you’re worried about your fleet and the cargo you’re hauling around, then this could well be the dash cam for you.

It’s one of the best dash cams for security. There’s a big focus on anti-tamper locks, which means everything is screwed in place securely. That protects your SD card from theft. You get extra peace of mind knowing your crucial data is safe.

And recording quality is incredible, with 1080p HD resolution at 60fps. The 6G, 140° lens means you won’t miss a thing.

Plus, the adjustable camera lens with 3M adhesive mount attaches to any windscreen. It’s got universal compatibility for any business type. And that makes it ideal for any HGV fleet looking for DVS compliance.

DVS camera installation tips

Direct Vision Standard camera systems are easy to install. That’s the good news!

You’ll get an instruction manual with the DVS camera kit you buy. Follow the guidelines in the booklet to the letter and you should be okay.

Most devices have the same setup steps. And it goes a little like this:

  1. Once you get your Direct Vision Standard kit, you want to position your dash cam so it captures the best view of the roads you’re travelling along.
  2. That means it’s a good idea to get it setup on the passenger side of your rear-view mirror. It’ll stop it from getting in the way of your driver’s view that way.
  3. From there, you can connect any wiring to where it needs to go in the cab.

Give it a test before you head out onto the road. Once it’s clear everything is working, you’re good to go!

Time to get your DVS camera system

Okay, you’ve seen the best products on the market. Now it’s time to search the UK market to find the right deal for you. All you need to do is:

  1. Hit the “Compare now” button.
  2. Enter a few business details.
  3. Get your recommendations.

Simple as that! You can take it from there and get great deals, saving you money and setting yourself on the road to DVS compliance.

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