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iCompario can help you find the ideal vehicle tracking provider for your Peugeot telematics, which will deliver all your individual business needs and make running your fleet far less time-consuming or stressful.

Did you know that if you own a Peugeot van or car made within the last few years, it’s got vehicle tracking hardware installed in it already?

However you don’t have to subscribe to Peugeot’s own telematics software, called Connect Fleet, to be able to use it. Rather than choosing this off-the-shelf software package with a one-size-fits-all approach, you may get more practical benefits and better value from shopping around.

iCompario can help you find the ideal vehicle tracking provider for your Peugeot telematics, which will deliver all your individual business needs and make running your fleet far less time-consuming or stressful.

This guide tells you in a nutshell what telematics does, what Peugeot telematics offers and what you should be aware of when choosing your own provider. If you want to make things even easier, just give us a few details about your business and vehicles and we will get quotes for you.

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Firstly, what is telematics?

Telematics or vehicle tracking is a technology that lets a business owner or fleet manager keep track of vehicles and drivers easily. It is a SAAS (software as a service) solution for fleet management.

Tracking hardware is installed in the vehicles and this transmits a signal using a SIM card to cloud-based software. In the online account, the fleet manager sees a wealth of aggregated data with graphic summary screens, maps, tables and so on, showing multiple snapshots of the vehicle status.

Driver locations and timesheets

It shows current locations on a map, along with a snail trail of where they have been and real-time driver timesheets showing their breaks and the stops they have made. This makes it easy to tell customers when the driver will arrive, for example, or to see where each driver is if you need to decide who to send to the next job.

Driver performance for safety and vehicle maintenance

It can log driver performance, including speeding, sudden braking, rapid acceleration or over-revving and rapid cornering, all of which will cause excessive wear and tear on the vehicle and raise maintenance costs. These habits also increase the risk of collisions, and telematics can give managers the data to tackle these habits in their drivers.

Fuel economy

It can show when a vehicle is left idling with the engine running, wasting money on fuel.

Passive fleet monitoring

It can send app or email alerts when a vehicle reaches or leaves any important destination such as a warehouse, the home site depot, an important client site or even a city boundary. This makes passive fleet management easy, stamps out driver time-wasting and also keeps vehicles more secure from theft or unauthorised use out of hours.

Which vans and cars have Peugeot telematics installed?

Peugeot now installs telematics hardware in all its van models and most cars.

The hardware includes a SIM card that transmits the data and uses and API link to connect with either Peugeot’s own telematics platform, or with any other provider you choose.

Peugeot cars come with the offer of a “Just add fuel” deal. This is an all-inclusive product, which provides comprehensive motor insurance, road fund licence, vehicle servicing, roadside assistance and warranty all in a three year package. This is for personal use cars not businesses, pitched at drivers who have just passed their test and want to save money on their insurance.

The insurance element works like the “black box” insurance offered by most other insurers. As with all insurance, it pays to shop around and compare prices.

What does Peugeot’s telematics software do?

Peugeot does not run its own telematics system, but has bought it under license from a group called PSA and branded its own Peugeot Telematics as ‘Connect Fleet’.

Peugeot describes Connect Fleet as ‘a simple and effective online fleet management platform. The data from all your connected vehicles is fed back to this platform in real time, thanks to on-board technology. This information can help you save money by tracking mileage and fuel consumption, locate stolen vehicles and manage road emergencies thanks to geolocation and raise your co-workers’ awareness about eco-driving with personalised tips.’

This is a generic description of telematics or vehicle tracking, which all providers offer. No company should just jump at the first provider they are offered, so we strongly advise comparing this against other systems to make sure you get all the functionality you need.

Why does iCompario recommend you shop around for your Peugeot Telematics software?

Vehicle tracking and telematics software platforms evolve fast and there are major differences in their functionality, user friendliness and subscription prices.


With telematics, you pay a monthly subscription to use the software. You will pay more for a system with multiple log-in levels that let you give different employees different amounts of data about the drivers and vehicles, some of which could be confidential. You will also pay different amounts for add-ons.

You can easily get stung for the add-on extras that you may not think about if you are a first-time user. For example, some providers seem cheap at first but when you add on a dash cam, you suddenly have to pay an uncompetitively high price for storage of your video footage in the cloud – or download it and work out your own storage solution, or risk losing important footage you may ned in an insurance or liability claim.

Telephone support

Companies that have been in the business for a long time tend to be better at customer support and have larger teams on call to help you troubleshoot any problems.

You should check that any prospective providers has a helpdesk in your own country with mother-tongue speakers of your language.

Extra hardware

Peugeot’s own telematics has basic trackers and accelerometers that can give you driver performance metrics. If you want dash cams or parking cameras, you will need another provider of these and may have compatibility problems.

If you choose a different telematics provider, find out the size of their hardware range to make sure you can get all you need from a single provider, cutting out lots of hassle.

Alternative software providers that work with Peugeot telematics

The good news is that there are lots of telematics and vehicle tracking platforms which can take data feeds from the telematics hardware in your Peugeot van, and provide you with the telematics data you need in an online account so you can track your driver or drivers easily.

We can help you sort through the providers and get you quotes from suitable options.

Just tell us the essential facts about your vehicles and business, and we will do the rest.

iCompario is the free online marketplace for business products and services, where managers and owners can research and rapidly compare fuel cards, vehicle tracking systems, insurance, telecoms and other essentials. The team follows up online queries by telephone so every site visitor finds their ideal, future-proof product at the best price possible.

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