Why It’s Important to Get Vehicle Tracking in Belfast

Technology has evolved a lot and has greatly improved the way businesses manage their operations. GPS tracking being one of the most sought-for technologies. Vehicle tracking in Belfast is constantly growing in demand. More and more businesses recognise the added benefits of having vehicle tracking and search for the best solution.

Take advantage of the mega benefits of GPS tracking systems by finding the right provider whose offer covers your business needs precisely. For that, compare the market with us to find that provider.

Vehicle tracking in Belfast

Why are businesses in Belfast so quick at getting vehicle tracking?

Get vehicle tracking in Belfast to:

  • Improve driver performance
  • Reduce the chances of an accident
  • Get speeding alerts
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Get evidence in case of an accident
  • See vehicle maintenance reports
  • Increase the safety and security of your vehicles and drivers
  • View the location of a vehicle on a map, its speed and its direction
  • Manage your fleet without too much hassle

Businesses who use company vehicles a lot have become more aware and appreciative of the benefits provided by vehicle tracking in Belfast.
There are many benefits to using GPS tracking for the safety and security of both your drivers and vehicles. In the event of an emergency such as an accident, you can quickly locate your vehicle making it easy to receive emergency assistance. GPS tracking systems are fundamental in assisting accident victims and drivers in Belfast.

With vehicle tracking you can also increase the chances of recovering your vehicles in case they get stolen in Belfast. We know Northern Ireland has a general low crime rate and that’s awesome. But vehicle theft still happens and it occurs at a higher rate in Belfast.

The chances of recovering an untracked vehicle are as low as 5%. Increase those chances by up to 90% with vehicle tracking in Belfast. Plus, thieves are often discouraged to steal tracked vehicles.

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The best vehicle tracking systems include the geofencing feature. That means you can create alerts for when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area or perimeter. You get instantly notified if a vehicle has been detoured and you can investigate why and alert the authorities in case of an emergency.

Information gathered from the vehicle tracking system can help Belfast fleet managers run any fleet-related operation more smoothly. It also helps them put together plans to enhance the fleet operations and its efficiency.

The benefits – what vehicle tracking in Belfast really gets you

Benefits of vehicle tracking in Belfast

While many companies embrace vehicle tracking, others are still reluctant and may not fully understand why it should be used. What benefits does it even bring?

The benefits are many! From cost savings to improved fleet efficiency, better customer service and insurance discounts.

And just as the benefits are many, so are the providers for vehicle tracking in Belfast. Let us help you find the one provider that is right for your specific needs. Give us a few details and we’ll compare the market.

Continue reading to better understand how each benefit of vehicle tracking can help your business progress.

Reduced downtime

You’ll be able to maintain your vehicles better, reducing the time spent in service shops. Also, vehicle tracking will help you find the best routes in Belfast, ensuring that all deliveries are made on time This will increase productivity and reduce downtime. All while reducing fuel waste.

Better safety and security

It can be reassuring to know the vehicle’s location at all times. It can also be useful to quickly alert the police in case your vehicle goes missing or is stolen in Belfast. The best vehicle tracking systems include a panic button that the driver can quickly press in case of an emergency. The business owner or fleet manager will then receive an alert and send assistance without any delay.

Save on vehicle maintenance

Get vehicle tracking in Belfast to easily monitor your vehicles’ condition. Vehicle tracking systems will usually send off alerts whenever the vehicle needs maintenance. It’s easy to ensure servicing in due time and greatly reduce unforeseen costs and repairs.

Manage fuel consumption

With the rising fuel prices, no business owner or fleet manager wants to waste fuel. Not to mention if you’re environmentally conscious and wish to reduce the carbon footprint. And we know you are.

A vehicle tracking system will give you a view into what’s wasting you the most fuel. It may be irresponsible driving or bad time management. Either way, you’ll know and can take proactive measures to stop it and reduce the fuel consumption. Which will ultimately save you money.

Less time spent on the road

Use vehicle tracking in Belfast to identify better routes with less traffic and avoid routes with roadworks that can delay you. This means less idle time, more trips a day and lower fuel consumption. In short, increased productivity.

Employee tracking as an added benefit

Are your drivers well-behaved on the Belfast roads? With vehicle tracking, you can get speeding alerts and detailed driving reports to analyse your drivers’ behaviours. These reports include sudden braking, harsh accelerating, swerving and more.

Find out if your drivers comply with the law and company policies on the road. Implement proper coaching on safe driving techniques based on the reports your get. And remember, your drivers are your company’s image on the road.

Keep your customers happy and returning

Use vehicle tracking in Belfast to update your customers in real time about ETAs and to provide accurate information. Also, be able to answer customer questions and concerns quickly and keep them happy. Better customer service ensures the return of your customers and more recommendations.

Discounted insurance premiums

Many insurance providers in Belfast appreciate vehicle tracking and reward their customers with reduced insurance premiums. If you own a large fleet, these discounts will add up to great savings in time.

Improve overall vehicle utilisation

There you have it. With all the useful data and complete reports you get with vehicle tracking, it’s easy to use vehicles more efficiently. Better fuel usage, more efficient routes, smarter maintenance – everything about your vehicle utilisation will be improved.

Get started with vehicle tracking in Belfast now

Are you ready to get vehicle tracking in Belfast and manage your fleet better and tons easier? Or are you looking to find a better vehicle tracking that’s more suited for your business needs? Either way, we’ll get you sorted.

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