Vehicle tracking in Birmingham business guide

If you want to take total control of your fleet then vehicle tracking, Birmingham businesses, is the way to do it!

There’s a big range of fancy vehicle tracking systems you can deploy across your vehicles. And they provide loads of benefits, from cost saving to better productivity. Find out all about that here, plus you can compare the market for great deals.

The best vehicle tracking features

Vehicle tracking in Birmingham begins with picking your system. There are many providers on the market and some will be better suited to your business than others. What you need to look out for are the core features like:

  • Real-time fleet tracking (vehicle-by-vehicle)
  • Data on estimated times of arrival (ETAs)
  • Geofencing for vehicle alerts
  • Driver alerts (such as for any collisions or bad driving)
  • Fuel usage reports

Those are the one things that’ll make your business tick over better than ever before. And all you have to do to find them is compare the market!

You’ll get instant providers with a big list of the main features. You can then pick and choose from the bunch and get the best deal for your business.

Beat Birmingham’s blind spots

Vehicle tracking in Birmingham will let you master those streets in no time! That means no more braking for opportunities—the city’s economy is booming and you need to go with the flow.

In a 2019 property investment survey, Birmingham was rated as the #1 place to invest in property in the UK. And that’s why the city’s infrastructure is going from strength to strength.

And whether you’re delivering to the Bullring & Grand Central, heading out to Sutton Coldfield, Walsall or Wolverhampton, one of the best ways to stay ultra-competitive is to manage your processes.

With vehicle tracking systems, you’ll get every opportunity to beat your competition across Birmingham. As well as do wonders for your business with

Up your fuel saving game

Vehicle tracking is actually a brilliant way to save on fuel. You might wonder why, but it’s really quite simple. With the tracking data you get, you can see which of your drivers are using the most fuel.

Plus, you’ll get insights into fuel-efficient roads and motorways.

And from all of that, you can optimise your approach to find the most efficient driving times and locations. The result? Lots of saved fuel! And that means saved money.

Intrigued? You should be! Check out our business guide to saving fuel for more ideas.

iCompario tip: Fuel cards will also save you fuel

Why not get your drivers a fuel card to use? That way you can reduce admin on fuel expenses. Plus, you can easily claim back on VAT reclaim invoices! With the right card, you can easily pay for fuel at 1,000s of fuel stations and supermarkets across the UK. Get setup by comparing the market and you’ll be saving money the next time your drivers fill up.

Keep track of fleet upkeep

You’re going to get loads of useful data with a tracking system. One of the most important things to look at is your vehicle upkeep info.

You’ll get data like temperatures and bad driving habits. Things like slamming the brakes on, instead of applying them gently.

They can all add wear and tear to your vehicle that, over time, is going to cost you a lot.

But not when you get the data for it! You can spot problem drivers, get them to change their driving style and save money on maintenance.

Stop theft and control vandalism

Unfortunately, being a fleet manager brings with it issues for your fleet. Usually from yobbos stealing or vandalising vehicles.

But you can put a stop to that, or at least control it, with vehicle tracking systems.

You can fit trackers to your vehicle so you know where it is at all times, which can help return your vehicle in the event it’s stolen.

Stats show vehicles that don’t have tracking fitted don’t get returned 95% of the time. So, you’re much better off getting your vehicles fitted with the tech to protect your fleet!

Monitor all on-road driving

Some of your drivers can get bad habits over time. Stuff like tailgating, leaving the engine ticking over and slamming the brakes on.

These can waste fuel, cause accidents and get your business a bad reputation.

With tracking systems, though, you get total control over what your drivers are up to. You can track all of them! And in real-time.

That’s totally legal, of course, but you just have to let them know you’re monitoring them before they get on with the job.

And once you seem their driving antics, you can correct any bad habits and have your fleet operating as productively as possible.

iCompario tip: Work smarter with telematics

Your business can work smarter than ever before with telematics. With the right system you can get live location tracking, vehicle temperature sensors, dash cams and bad driving alerts. You can make your fleet management ultra-efficient and save lots of money!

Be prepared for accidents

Accidents will happen from time to time, it’s inevitable. But you can fit dash cams to your fleet to help gather evidence. That can really help with insurance claims.

Whether it’s your driver’s fault or not, having the evidence to hand is a great first step.

Plus, if the accident isn’t your fault it puts your business in a strong position. You can show your evidence, save time and move on with business life as quickly as possible.

It’s time to track your fleet

Birmingham is a big city and our 24/7 business world means the more you know about your operation, the better you’re going to do.

And that’s what you need—vehicle tracking, Birmingham businesses, is a must to keep up, and beat, your competitors.

With real-time data you can improve what you offer your customers, save money and get a better reputation.

Ready to get a device? It’s free to compare the market! Enter some details, we’ll check our database and then send across the best deals. All you have to do is take your pick! And you’re done. Simple as that.

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