Vehicle tracking in Glasgow

  • Compare trackers for every business budget
  • Get a vehicle recovery service with an over 90% success rate
  • Location alerts to keep an eye on your vehicles

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Vehicle tracking in Glasgow at affordable prices

Track any kind of vehicle! Put trackers in your company cars and vans to have eyes where you need them most. Trackers can go in any kind of vehicle at an affordable price.

We compare the best vehicle tracking systems in Glasgow for every business type! Read our expert guide to discover how vehicle trackers can lower your insurance costs, fuel usage and improve driver performance. Which vehicle tracker is right for your business?

What are the best vehicle tracking devices in Glasgow?

  • Atom
  • Kinesis Pro
  • Verizon Connect
  • Samsara
  • ClearPath GPS

These are just some of the top-of-the-range trackers. Which tracker is best for you depends on your vehicle type, how many you need to track, and budget. We’ll compare trackers for you!

Vehicle trackers for every budget!

  • Self install trackers: no installation cost
  • Trackers for SMEs: great features at an affordable price
  • Advanced vehicle trackers: track all your vehicles

We compare the best trackers and get you competitive prices. The more advanced trackers do cost more, but you get what you pay for. Get your quotes now to find your deals.

Vehicle tracking in Glasgow to reduce your insurance costs

Insurance bills never seem to go down, right? But installing trackers could lower your premiums. Businesses and sole traders alike can receive lower quotes for getting trackers in their vehicles.

Many insurance providers now require vehicle trackers. These insurance approved trackers have tons of handy features. Track your vehicle’s location, check your journey history, and so much more.

Improve your chances of getting your stolen vehicle back

Over half of stolen car crimes in Scotland are unsolved. Where is your vehicle? Will you get it back? The best way to boost your chances is to install a GPS tracker.

Get a tough to remove GPS vehicle tracker. These little devices are difficult for thieves to find and tough to get out.

Top 3 benefits of using vehicle trackers

More and more insurance providers now ask that you install trackers. But what do you get out of it? Using vehicle tracking in Glasgow helps control your fuel usage, improves driver performance, and much more.

1. Get live location data

The vehicle tracker shows you your vehicle’s live location on a map. You can even set up alerts if your vehicle leaves a certain area. Send your car’s location to the police and your odds of vehicle recovery skyrocket!

Know exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Check your phone and pull up your live map any time you want. Share those details with your customers and shareholders to let them know everything is on track.

2. Accurately track your fuel usage

How much fuel are you using? Could you be using less fuel? Many fleets use vehicle trackers to see how much fuel every driver is using on their online account.

As fuel prices go up, though, many businesses might want to hop on the bandwagon! The management systems even work with fuel cards, so you can see exactly how much you’re spending and using in one place.

3. Improve driving skills for greater performance

Glasgow is working hard to bring down the number of collisions and injuries down further. The city has promised to get down to zero fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. You’ve probably noticed more cameras and safety schemes cropping up in recent months.

Sounds ambitious! But imagine if you could practically eliminate road collisions for your business. Your legal expenses, repairs, time off for driver injury – all these costs could be dramatically reduced.

Vehicle trackers really help managers to get closer to that target. Get automated driver reports and send points for improvement straight to your employees. Hear about speeding incidents and accidents as they happen with phone alerts!

Is vehicle tracking in Glasgow required?

There are no laws requiring vehicle trackers in Scotland. Some insurance providers may ask you to install trackers, so they can provide you with better premiums.

We highly recommend trackers in Scotland for van drivers, coaches, fleets, taxis, and many other vehicle types. Anyone who uses a vehicle for profit or wants extra security should get trackers.

Once you’ve installed trackers, you’ll never go back! These handy devices give you extra eyes where you need them most. It’s not like managers can be in every vehicle with your drivers to know what’s going on – you’re not Big Brother!

Can vehicle trackers work with cameras?

Yes. Vehicle tracking devices in Glasgow can be hooked up to work with your camera system, including dash cams and more complex 360 camera systems. This lets you see the footage of any incident flared up by your tracking device in one place. It saves time, is easy to use, and makes a whole lot of sense.

How long do vehicle trackers take to install?

Self-install trackers only take a few minutes to install and you don’t have to wait for a professional to do the job. Other more advanced systems require an installer. It’ll take around 40 to 60 minutes to have your tracker installed.

Start tracking your vehicles now

Vehicle tracking in Glasgow is the best way for you to fight back against rising costs and vehicle theft.

But which tracker should you get? Get in touch! Our expert vehicle tracking team can easily point you in the right direction. We’ll filter through the top trackers with you until we get your best match.

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