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Best GPS Trackers for Commercial Vehicles

  • High-quality GPS live data to track your vehicles remotely
  • Trackers for every vehicle type to suit your business
  • Advanced features for better security and cost reduction
GPS tracking device monitoring a van on a live map

What is the best GPS tracking system for vehicles?

The best vehicle GPS trackers for businesses in the UK are:

  • Kinesis Pro
  • RAM Tracking
  • Atom

Comparing GPS tracking systems for commercial vehicles is a little tricky because the best system depends on your vehicle and business type.

No tracker is the same—just like businesses! Here’s our breakdown of the best vehicle GPS trackers for you.

Best tracking system for fleets: Kinesis Pro

The Pro works very well for GPS truck tracking and fleets in general. You’re not given a cookie cutter tracking system.

Instead, you get one of the best GPS tracking systems of commercial vehicles we could find. Pick and choose from many features to a build one that matches your needs and management style. Look, not every fleet needs temperature monitoring but it’s there to add if you need it!

Kinesis is known for its unique fuel card integration. You don’t just see your driver’s live location and behaviour reports with this system. You can also check and filter by driver to see the fuel consumption levels based on the company fuel cards you’ve provided.

If you want to keep an eye on your fleets location and fuel usage, this is the GPS tracker for vehicles to get.

Best tracking system for cars: RAM Tracking

Whether you’re a solo driver or manage a small fleet, you know how costly fuel can be. Fuel is the daily curse of cars, while accidents are the storm everyone wants to avoid. But not every GPS tracker for vehicles is prepared to iron out all those creases.

RAM Tracking has a decent number of features on its standard subscription, including detailed crash reports to keep you in the know as the accident happens and review data as needed. As far as GPS tracking systems for commercial vehicles go, the rest of RAM’s features aren’t as in-depth or helpful to medium-large fleets.

To combat rising prices, RAM has a handy financial reports section. Yes, more graphs! Check out how much fuel every trip is costing you and find areas to cut down. Keep in mind that using Kinesis’s fuel card integration can give a more accurate picture overall, but RAM is a bit cheaper.

Best cheap GPS vehicle trackers: Atom

It’s tempting to download a driver tracking app and choose the cheapest option available. On a budget, you might consider buying a regular consumer tracker just to get started. However, apps and basic consumer trackers can’t match the value of business trackers.

The good news is cheap GPS vehicle trackers for business do exist and they’re pretty darn good. Atom is a subscription-based tracker, so you can cancel it anytime. It has some great features like speeding alerts and accurate GPS live location maps.

If you’re on a budget or just need to cover your bases without smashing the budget, Atom should be at the top of your list.

iComparip tip: use GPS tracking for vehicles to check miles per gallon

Is your vehicle chugging down more fuel than it used to? Keep an eye on your MPG by checking fuel reports. Heavier vehicles like trucks and vans have a higher MPG than cars.

GPS van tracking is a great way to keep an eye on your usage and get alarm bells ringing if you’re miles beyond budget limits.

Features of GPS tracker for commercial vehicles

What features you get does depend on the system type you choose. The devices with the most features and details available is GPS fleet tracking. But every business can access advanced features with the right provider.

1. Monitor temperatures to check on the goods on the go

2. Work with your fuel cards for more accurate fuel usage reports on one system

3. Accurate GPS data so you can update customers without worry

4. Driver performance reports to give feedback and improve compliance

5. Speeding and accident alerts for faster response times

6. Remote immobilisation to shut down your vehicle remotely

GPS tracking for business vehicles takes telematics tech and makes reducing costs much easier. What benefits you unlock varies. The best systems, of course, come with the most benefits.

iCompario tip: choose the system that works for you

Many providers will draw you in with fancy features and shiny systems. Make a list of features of what you need and work up from there. The best GPS tracker for fleet management is one that best fits your business. Look for a flexible GPS tracker for vehicles that let you add or remove features later on as your business grows!

Benefits of commercial vehicle GPS tracking systems

Businesses always ask if tracking is worth it. Whether it’s a big or small business, the answer is usually yes. Trackers can help you cut costs, improve security and make insurance claims easier.

1. Vehicle GPS trackers improve security

In 2021, the police received 319,193 reports about vehicle crime in England and Wales. No one wants to be a number on a waiting list. Businesses can improve their odds by using GPS tracking for vehicles.

Commercial tracking devices send you accurate GPS data, so you can check the location of your vehicle.

They can send alerts if your vehicle leaves or enters an area you choose thanks to the geofencing feature. For example, use GPS car tracking to get alerts if your car leaves your street. If your car runs off while you’re watching the match, you know something’s up! Share the tracking details with the police and your odds of getting your car back skyrocket.

2. Save money on fuel using trackers

Speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, and poor driving quickly drive-up costs.

Use a vehicle GPS tracker to see the exact behaviours that cost you fuel and cash.

Take the necessary measures, like training your drivers better to follow the company’s policy. Read our guide to reducing fuel consumption for more tips!

iCompario tip:

Use vehicle GPS trackers for smart route planning to increase productivity and save both time and money. Smart route planning gives drivers live data and traffic updates, so your device takes the best and fastest route possible.

3. Send evidence to your insurance provider

One of the biggest ways tracking can help businesses is often left out of the lists. Insurance claims are the bane of many manager’s existence and waste a lot of the budget.

If an accident happens or your vehicle gets nicked, let your insurance provider right away. That’s what everyone says, and it does work to some degree.

Vehicle GPS tracking opens the door to more information. The more details you send, the easier it is for you and your provider to figure out the situation.

For vehicle theft, nothing really beats the amount of detail you get from trackers. For collisions and other road accidents, dash cameras that work with your GPS tracking device can shine a light on any confusion.

GPS tracking system including a small GPS tracker, dash cam and wires to track a business vehicle

4. Vehicle GPS tracking keeps your customers in the know

You’ve been waiting for days for your parcel to arrive. You step out to go get some fresh air and next thing you know you’ve missed your delivery. Everyone hates this situation no matter what you’re delivering to consumers or other businesses.

Send your customers updates so they never have to miss a delivery. You’ll know exactly where your vehicles are so you can give better time estimates. You can assign the closest vehicle to a new job without much hassle. You can give your customers the much-appreciated live updates.

How does a GPS tracking system work for company vehicles?

Tracking your vehicle is as simple as buying the tracker, getting it installed and monitoring your vehicle. Tracking business vehicles is a little different depending on the situation.

As long as you get the consent of whoever is driving the company vehicle, you’re all good to go. Keep data protection in mind, though! See our guide to GPS tracking laws for more details on all that.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS uses satellites up in the sky to locate your vehicles down on the ground. Using signals, it then sends that data over to your account.

You can check your app or online portal to see your vehicles on a live map. These maps tend to update every 5 to 15 seconds to give the latest data.

How accurate is vehicle tracking?

The accuracy of GPS vehicle trackers depends on the device and signal.

Vehicle GPS tracking gets information by using satellites that orbit the Earth. Things that interfere with the signal are bad weather and being in a remote area with poor coverage.

That being said, GPS is the most accurate type of tracking available to businesses. The best commercial trackers are accurate to within three metres.

Where to put a tracking device on a car?

A GPS tracker for vehicles designed for consumers often simply plug into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle or connect using a phone app.

Commercial grade systems can be hidden inside a vehicle, so they’re harder to spot by criminals. When thinking about placing your tracker, consider these areas:

  • Under the car
  • Inside the boot
  • Under one of the seats
  • Inside or under the wheel area
  • Hidden in the glove compartment

Not sure which place is best? Get professional GPS tracking devices for your business. These providers send an installer your way to sort it all out for you.

Where can I buy a GPS tracking system?

Many providers sell GPS trackers, but they’re usually meant for consumers.

A GPS tracker for commercial vehicles has more security and fuel consumption features for better business management. You can buy vehicle trackers online.

Comparing devices is your best bet to find a tracker that matches what you need and is within budget.

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