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Best Vehicle Tracking Systems for Small Businesses

  • Track your vehicle location remotely
  • Get real-time updates for improved security
  • Affordable systems to stay on budget

Best vehicle trackers for small businesses in the UK

Tracking vehicles can reduce your costs, boost productivity and improve driver performance. But what are the best vehicle trackers for small businesses? Atom, Kinesis, and Verizon connect are some of the best trackers for small businesses.

We’ve selected the top devices with the features to get you on track without breaking the piggy bank. Using GPS, these trackers can show you live vehicle location and so much more on an online reporting system. Let’s find out which tracker is right for your business.

Prices correct as of October 2022.

Van driving on a bridge while being vehicle tracked using a GPS device

1. Editor’s choice for vehicle tracking systems for small businesses: Kinesis

Kinesis has all the basics and extra security and management features. If you have multiple vehicles, Kinesis is the better choice because of its features including:

  • Live GPS vehicle location data: what you’re here for. Accurate within 3m, Kinesis shows you your vehicle on a web-based map. You don’t even have to download an app. The map also shows vehicles in a different colour, so you can filter by department or vehicle type.
  • Fuel card integration: get your accurate fuel efficiency and usage data in one handy report. Using small business fuel cards alongside your trackers gives highly accurate information to help you find your best and worst performing vehicles and drivers.
  • Driver ID: for many small businesses, security is a big concern. Car theft and unauthorised use isn’t just a worry – it’s an experience many SMEs have suffered. But you can help to combat it with driver key fobs. Your tracking system will send you an alert if a vehicle is used outside of authorised hours.
  • Geofences: location alerts are handy, but geofences make it even better. Create zones and set up alerts to see when your drivers arrive or if they’re going somewhere they shouldn’t. See our guide to geofencing for more of the benefits.

For £120 a year subscription with an initial £120 purchase price, the Kinesis is an affordable system with many useful features small businesses will make good use of.

iCompario tip: get dash cams for insurance claims

GPS vehicle tracking for small businesses works even better when you have eyes on the road. Dash cams give you a better view and evidence just in case someone makes a claim against you.

You get to see the event unfold yourself, send it to your insurance provider and ensure you’re not paying out for something that’s not your fault.

2. Best price vehicle tracking system: Atom

Atom is a small but powerful vehicle tracker. Small businesses will love this one because you can install it yourself. No need to wait around for an installation appointment time. DIY is best after all.

It’s easy to install and comes with clear instructions. Even if you’re not a car expert you’ll be fine installing this one.

So, what do you get for your efforts? Atom has all the essential features including:

  • Live GPS vehicle location data
  • Speeding reports to monitor driver behaviour
  • View the journey history within 30 days
  • Set location alerts to stay in the know
  • App for drivers to see business and personal mileage

Atom is the best priced tracker on this list with a subscription fee of £90 a year, plus an initial £90 purchase price. Getting the best tracking features for less than a takeaway a month is a steal.

3. Best from a big brand: Verizon Connect

Verizon is one of the biggest names in the bizz for business use trackers. For the most part, its tracking system lives up to its reputation. But you’ll have to ask for a custom quote. If you don’t need a super fancy system, look at Kinesis or Atom instead because Verizon tends to cost more.

What do you get for the premium price? Here are the best features of the Verizon Connect:

  • In-depth driver and fleet reports
  • In-vehicle driver alerts to improve performance
  • Integrate with your dash cams to see video footage alongside reports
  • Remotely immobilise vehicles for better security

While you might be drawn in by the name and nice features, Verizon Connect is best used as a fleet management system and not for small businesses. If you’ve got the cash, give it a go but don’t expect to use all these features all the time.

What is GPS vehicle tracking for small businesses?

GPS vehicle tracking uses the Global Positioning System to let you see where your vehicle is on a map. The accurate data gives you a clear location from satellite signals.

GPS is the most common type of tracking and the one we recommend for small businesses because it’s affordable without sacrificing accuracy.

Small businesses use GPS tracking to improve security, monitor driver performance and share location updates with customers.

How does vehicle tracking work for small businesses?

First, the tracker is installed into your vehicle. Consider self-installation tracking devices to save money on installation fees and save time.

Once the tracker is installed, you make an account online to access remote tracking. This way, you can track your vehicle from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

When you logon to the tracking system anytime, your tracker will show you where your vehicle is. It does this by using signals from satellites. Read detailed guide on how to track cars for more details on that!

One of the key things to know about vehicle tracking is the range of features you can select. These are the features you can select from when you compare tracking systems:

  • Vehicle trackers: the best feature of any tracking system for small businesses. See where your vehicles are whenever you need to.
  • Vehicle cameras: front, back and multi-view dash cameras for more security and driver monitoring.
  • Asset and trailer trackers: mini GPS trackers for assets help you watch over items, machinery and other non-moving valuables for security reasons. Get an alert if your asset moves unexpectedly!
  • Online vehicle tracking: business trackers come with software so you can remotely track your vehicles. Make sure you get app and/or web-based software for the most convenience.

You can choose between a self or professional install device. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to review them and decide which one is best for your business.

Benefits of GPS vehicle tracking for small businesses

When you imagine vehicle tracking, do you imagine the system being used by a fleet? It’s a common misconception that only big businesses benefit from tracking.

But with the right data, your business can make strategic moves like giving detailed feedback to drivers and reducing security risks.

1. Enhance employee productivity

Employee productivity is vital to your business. You need your staff to work at their best efficiency levels for your company to be as profitable as possible.

Vehicle tracking is one of the best tools available to help improve productivity. How’s it work? Well, GPS vehicle tracking systems can tell you all kinds of details like how long your employees are on site, number of breaks, miles travelled, and much more.

2. Makes it easier to monitor business performance with geofences

You need your jobs to be completed effectively. Vehicle tracking makes it easier for you to monitor business performance in a number of key areas.

GPS vehicle tracking lets you to set up geofencing to monitor the performance of your staff. A geofence is a line on a map, drawn around any area you want.

Every time your tracker enters or leaves the geofenced area, you’ll get an alert. This lets you monitor deliveries, stops at the depot or other business activities easily.

Having delays at work or deliveries not arriving on time? Geofence alert lets you keep an eye on the situation, even if you’re not on site. Plus, you have evidence for analysis and reports to make your process better.

3. Improve security by following where your vehicles are

Security is a huge concern for all businesses, including those that rely on vehicles. Your vehicles are a valuable asset to your business! Trackers help improve security in a couple of ways.

Set up a geofence and get an alert if your vehicle leaves the area at an unexpected time. If anyone tries to steal your vehicle, you’ll know about it!

4. Give better customer service with driver location information

Customer reviews can give new life to a business or end one. And customers always want to know where their orders are and when to expect them.

GPS vehicle tracking can help you provide the best possible service because it allows you to keep them informed of where your drivers are on every step of the journeys they take to get your customers.

When you’re competing with larger companies that have greater resources, you need to make sure you provide a service that ensures you win customers and then retain them.

For a small price, GPS vehicle tracking tells you where your vehicles are at all times. This means your business can see where your drivers are and if they’re on schedule to complete their journeys on time. This has reactive and proactive customer service benefits. It’s well worth the cash.

Where to get vehicle tracking systems for small businesses

Vehicle trackers are great devices to reduce your costs and improve driver performance. But finding the right one isn’t easy! To get the best tracking system for your business, you need to compare as many as possible. Don’t spend your time wading through Google – compare now and we’ll get you the best system for your business.

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