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GPS Vehicle Tracking for Small Businesses

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Vehicle tracking makes your business safer & more efficient

Vehicle tracking records the location of your cars and vans, along with a range of other data.

The system uses a GPS transmitting device installed in your vehicles, as well as a website and/or app, to tell you exactly where your cards and vans are and what they’re doing. You can use this data to make your company safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

We explain the key benefits of GPS vehicle tracking, how it works for your small business and where you can find the right device.

How does GPS vehicle tracking benefit small businesses?

Vehicle tracking records a broad range of information relating to your cars and vans. This helps your business in a number of ways and we’ve detailed the most important ones below.

Allows you to enhance employee productivity

Employee productivity is vital to your business. You need your staff to work at their maximum efficiency levels for your company to be as profitable as possible. Vehicle tracking can help you to ensure that your employees are working as productively as they can.

GPS vehicle tracking systems tell you how long your employees are on a customer site or loading up at a warehouse, the total length of breaks they take and where they take them, the number of miles they’ve travelled, the time it takes them to complete their journeys and a range of other factors that underpin their productivity. With the data at your fingertips you can make the changes you need to keep things running at maximum efficiency.

These benefits are not just for larger motor fleets. Small businesses with just a few vehicles can make equally large improvements to their profit margins.

Makes it easier to monitor business performance

How your business performs has a direct impact on your profit margins. You need your jobs to be completed effectively and this means you need to monitor your employee performance levels, so you can be sure they’re working at their best. Vehicle tracking makes it easier for you to monitor business performance in a number of key areas.

GPS vehicle tracking enables you to set up geofencing to monitor the performance of your staff. A geofence is a line on a map, drawn around any area of interest to you – it could be your vehicle night depot, the site of an important customer, a warehouse or any other area, large or small, that you want to monitor. This is linked to the GPS tracking devices in your vehicles and sends you alerts each time one of them enters and leaves any of your geofences. This lets you monitor deliveries, stops at the depot or other business activities easily. This gives you the data you need to see if jobs are taking too long or if they’re being completed in a timely manner. If they aren’t then you have the evidence you need to implement strategies that improve the way your staff work.

Improve security by following where your vehicles are

Security is a huge concern for all businesses, including those that rely on vehicles. Your vehicles are a valuable asset to your business and you need to know that they’re safe and secure at all times. Tracking helps you improve security for your business because you can use geofencing to follow your vehicles and make sure they’re where they should be.

Setting up geofencing lets you create a geographical area to track your vehicles. This means you know almost instantly if your vehicles are no longer safe and secure, so you can take swift action to protect these valuable assets.

Give better customer service with driver location information

Customer service is vital for small businesses. When you’re competing with larger companies that have greater resources, you need to make sure you provide a service that ensures you win customers and then retain them. GPS vehicle tracking can help you provide the best possible service because it allows you to keep them informed of where your drivers are on every step of the journeys they take to get your customers.

GPS vehicle tracking tells you where your vehicles are at all times. This means your business can see where your drivers are and if they’re on schedule to complete their journeys on time. This has reactive and proactive customer service benefits.

The reactive benefit is that your office can tell your customers where the deliveries or specialists (such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters) are if they request this information. The proactive benefit is that you can contact your customers if their delivery or specialist is going to be late. This helps you to manage customer expectations and reduces the risk of negative negative feedback, as you’ve kept them informed throughout your drivers’ journeys.

How does vehicle tracking work for small businesses?

We’ve highlighted the key benefits of vehicle tracking for small businesses but it’s important you know how this works in practice.

Our detailed guide to vehicle tracking explains some of the key details you need to know:

  • How vehicle tracking works
  • Who uses the technology
  • The different types of devices
  • Self-installation vs. professional installation
  • How to choose your system

One of the key things to know about vehicle tracking is the range of features you can select. These are the features you can select from when you compare tracking systems with iCompario:

  • Vehicle trackers
  • Vehicle cameras
  • Plant trackers
  • Asset and trailer trackers
  • App & web-based software

You can choose between a self or professional install device. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to review them and decide which one is best for your business.

Vehicle tracking can give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet at all times, making it quick and easy to manage all your drivers. You can deal with breakdowns or accidents immediately and even check the driver dashcam footage or speeding incidents from your mobile phone.

As a free comparison site, iCompario can help you find the right system for the right price.

Read more about vehicle tracking on iCompario

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