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The Business Benefits of Live Vehicle Tracking Systems

Live tracking of vehicles can help you cut costs and improve security. Drivers aren’t defenceless against vehicle crime and rising costs when they have a vehicle tracker on their side.

Real- time vehicle tracking systems are an affordable solution to many problems drivers now face. Our guide breaks down the best features to look for and the many benefits they provide.

Live vehicle tracking on a map to select GPS pin locations of vehicles in a city

What is a real-time live vehicle tracker?

Real-time vehicle tracking collects information from GPS (Global Positioning System) and sends it back to the user. Users can then track it using a vehicle real-time tracking system app or online map.

The small device is a type of telematics technology and is installed inside a vehicle. Some can be self-installed following instructions and others need professional installation.

How do real-time vehicle tracking systems work?

Live vehicle tracking works by placing a device onto a person, object, animal or vehicle to follow their location. Users can track the device’s location on a live map.

For the most accurate vehicle tracking, live maps update every few seconds.

Most real-time tracking systems use GPS satellites to track the live location of the vehicle. While other options are available, we recommend live tracking of vehicles for more accurate information.


iCompario tip: track vehicle live location whatever your budget

The best and most affordable way to track a vehicle’s live location is to use GPS vehicle tracking. These devices are available for every budget. You can get a monthly vehicle real- time tracking system subscription for less than £10.

Key features of live vehicle tracking systems

The main reason why businesses look into tracking is because they want to see where its vehicles are. But it has many features that can be of even more use to businesses. The best features of live tracking are:

  1. Vehicle live tracking on your phone and laptop
  2. Tracking alerts for better security
  3. Geofencing to enable for timely information
  4. Driver performance reports to improve your business
  5. Read on for more details on the best and features and all the benefits.

Track vehicle live location on your devices

Businesses need to track vehicle live locations to get a bird’s eye view picture of their driver’s progress. Tracking a vehicle shows you its location on a map that updates often.

Unless your driver is telepathically sending you messages every minute, nothing else can compete with the information live vehicle tracking shows you.

What if you have multiple vehicles to track? They all show up on the map. With some systems, you can assign different colours to different vehicles or departments to make it even clearer to see on the map.

Real-time vehicle tracking alerts

Unless you’re glued to your phone 24/7, you might miss something on your live vehicle tracking app. Stay in the know with a system that gives you alerts. Look for trackers that alert you in the event of an accident or speeding incident to get instant updates.

iCompario tip: alerts improve your chances of getting your vehicle back

Police rely on CCTV footage, witnesses and tracking stolen car sales to locate vehicles. These methods are better than nothing but can mean lengthy delays and lower chances of getting your vehicle back compared to using a tracker.

Sending the car tracking information to the police improves your chances massively. It lets the police know where your vehicle was last located. See our guide on how to locate a stolen car for more help.

Geofencing for custom alerts

Sometimes default alerts don’t quite do the job. Geofencing is a handy tool to setup your alerts to best match what you need. Create alerts for when your vehicles leave your premises.

If a vehicle is driven outside of normal hours and leaves the area, you can alert the authorities right away. You can even send them the details from the tracker to tell them where the vehicle is.

To make a geofence, go to your account, get on the map and select the geofence feature. Draw lines on the map and create the area you want alerts for.

Driver performance reports to improve your business

Your drivers are an important factor of your business. Track their progress on your account. See if your drivers are speeding, braking harshly or performing well. More complex systems include an-in-depth drivers report that includes scores, fuel efficiency ratings and ways to improve.

Benefits of real-time vehicle tracking systems

The device can even reduce your insurance costs. Not convinced? Here are some of the top benefits of real-time vehicle tracking systems.

1. Check your vehicles are on their way

Live vehicle tracking is a favourite feature of any haulage business. Checking where your vehicle is isn’t just for peace of mind. See if your drivers are heading towards road closures or heavy traffic and divert them away to save time on their journeys.

Track vehicle live location to send updates to managers, stakeholders and customers to keep everyone in the know. Once you start tracking, it’s hard to imagine going back.

iCompario tip: HGV tracking can do more than you’d think

Live vehicle tracking is a great feature, but it should be the foundation of a great system not the be-all and end-all. For the most detailed systems, look no further than HGV tracking. HGVS can track their mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle temperature using the same device.

2. Give users access to a live vehicle tracking app

Can drivers track company vehicles? Yes, if they’re given access to a tracking app. Download the app on your smartphone and login. Drivers can see their Miles Per Gallon, journey history and overall performance score from their phone.

3. Get insurance approved trackers to help with quotes

Insurance is a cost you can’t avoid. So, how do you reign it in? One way that might help to lower your premiums is to get an insurance-approved tracker. Not every tracker is born equal and some providers prefer specific brands or types of live vehicle tracking systems.

It’s well worth checking with your provider to see if getting a tracker could change your policy. Otherwise, compare insurance and see what deals you can get with a tracker.

4. Easy and quick to install devices

Look for self-install trackers to save on installation costs and get lower subscription prices overall. Self-install trackers can show the live location of your vehicle, but lack all the details fleet trackers provide.

Still, if you’re looking for an easy and quick solution there’s nothing better than whacking a self-install tracker to your vehicle. Let it do the work, sit back and check on your vehicle whenever you’d like. Self-install tracker types tend to be the cheapest type too!

Is live GPS vehicle tracking worth it?

Yes. Live GPS vehicle tracking is one of the best ways for businesses to save money by improving odds of getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen.

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