Vehicle tracking in Manchester business guide

Want to keep track of your drivers? Vehicle tracking, Manchester businesses, is the way forward.

With cutting edge vehicle tracking systems, you’ll know exactly where your fleet is at all times. Save time, save money and streamline your operation! Our guide spills the beans on the key details, plus you’ve got every chance to compare the market for amazing deals.

Vehicle tracking manchester

What to look for in vehicle tracking systems

Manchester is one of the UK’s major booming economies. It’s going from strength to strength here, with new opportunities in the city centre, the Northern Quarter, Salford Quays and tons of other places.

And with all this new opportunity, it’s really important for fleet managers and business owners to up their game. Got to stay on the pulse, you know? Get on your Reni hat and get Manchester business vehicle tracking! It’ll save you time and money.

Manchester vehicle tracking devices

Whatever provider you go for, you’ll get a batch of similar basic features:

  • Live vehicle location tracking
  • Estimated times of arrival (ETA)
  • Passive monitoring (geofencing, which are alerts you can setup in your account for vehicle whereabouts—like when they leave Manchester)
  • Bad driving alerts
  • Fuel saving data reports
  • Self-install options (so your fleet doesn’t have to go off the road at all)

Pretty handy, right? The basic features there are great for fleet managers wanting to know where every vehicle is in and around Manchester.

Think about it. You can setup geofencing alerts for when drivers leave Manchester city centre, Greater Manchester and then return.

Plus, depending on the vehicle tracking system you have, you can track in real-time where your fleet is across the North West. Right down to every vehicle!

That’s why Manchester businesses love these systems. And with prices starting from as little as £2.50, you’re really primed to get affordable vehicle trackers.

iCompario tip: Telematics make your business work smarter

Vehicle tracking is one part of a huge business telematics machine! Work smarter with features like live location tracking, vehicle temperature sensors, dashcams and bad driving alerts. In the long-term you can make your fleet management ultra-efficient. And that’ll save you a bunch of money! Get comparing to get the latest gadgets.

Master the streets of Manchester

The city centre and Greater Manchester (into Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Oldham, Altrincham, Warrington etc.) are busier than ever these days.

Bad traffic can really slow down your deliveries.

But with vehicle tracking, you can get data to work out the best, fastest routes. And the ones that are least disrupted.

Like, you know delivering during rush hours will slow you down. But with extra insights you can avoid work out peak driving times and the fastest routes your drivers can take.

It makes your business more productive. And your fleet more efficient. Result? Happier customers. More money! Better brand reputation. Sorted.

Save fuel (big time)

While we’re on about picking the fastest routes, that’ll also save you quite a bit on your fuel consumption.

Vehicle tracking in Manchester sharpens up your fuel efficiency. With the features you get, you can:

  • See which drivers are using too much fuel
  • Work out the most fuel-efficient routes
  • Optimise your deliveries

With that last point, you can think strategically. Say you have a mixed fleet with some awesome electric vehicles. From the vehicle tracking data you get, you might realise sending your EV is the most cost-effective way to complete a job.

That way you can save fuel and put your EV to good use. It’s all about working smarter, you see? And you can be chuffed about that in the long-term.

Want some extra business fuel saving tips? Click on that link for our full guide.

Track your fleet’s temperatures

By this we don’t mean your vehicles go around with giant thermometers sticking out of bonnets. It’s a bit more fancy in the tech department now.

You get temperature sensors fitted to your vehicles, so you can keep track on whether they’re in tip-top condition (or not).

That’s really useful for the summer and winter months, when temperatures usually go to extremes. While typing this guide, it’s 40 degrees in England! So, that’s when knowing your fleet’s temperatures is vital.

Pretty rare for Manchester, of course, because it rains most of the time. But for the summer and winter months, knowing the stats can really cut down on the costs of maintenance and repairs.

iCompario tip: You can also save money with fuel cards

Want to save even more cash with your treks across Manchester? You can use a business fuel card for that! Search the market for the UK’s biggest choice of tariffs. Give your drivers cards to cover fuel costs at BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco and supermarkets. Reclaim your VAT costs from HMRC easily, save on admin and save on money!

Stop your vehicles getting nicked

One of the best things about Manchester business vehicle tracking is you can get an asset tracker along with your vehicle tracking system.

That gives you a much better chance of getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen.

If you add a sticker to your vehicle that it’s got asset tracking, that’s a really great theft deterrent as well.

The asset tracker is a separate device you can hide in your vehicle. Put it into a really obscure place to stop thieves from finding it.

Then if your vehicle is stolen, you can track it. Inform the police. Then get it back! Crime rates are pretty high in Manchester, unfortunately, but this is one way to make sure you can fight back.

Add dashcams into the bargain

Vehicle tracking in Manchester (and telematics systems) support camera data.

That’s important, because the streets of Manchester can get pretty leary at the best of times. Busy roads, tight streets and angry drivers aplenty.

It’s pretty much essential for businesses to fit dashcams to their fleet these days. That way, you can monitor all driver activity.

And if there’s an accident (and one will happen sooner or later) you have the evidence of what’s happened on record. That can really help you out with insurance claims etc.

Easily match industry standards

With vehicle tracking and telematics, complying with industry standards is easier than ever. There are a few legislations you’ll know about:

  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORs)
  • Construction Logistics and Community Safety Standard (CLOCS)
  • Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR)

You can meet these expectations with your systems (if your business needs them). So, that’s another thing taken care of in the grand scheme of things.

Ready to get vehicle tracking!?

Manchester vehicle tracking is easy to get setup and doesn’t cost you a huge amount of money. Remember, prices start from as little as £2.50 a month for some devices.

And for that minimum budget you can get:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Real-time ETA alerts
  • Theft deterrents
  • Fish & chips with gravy

Okay, so you don’t get fish & chips with gravy. But you can treat yourself to that at the end of the working week, knowing your business is more productive than ever.

As these devices let you work smart, save money and improve your fleet’s efficiency. Compare the market now to get the best deals.

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