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How To Track Company Vehicles

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Vehicle tracking works via devices that are fitted inside a car, van or (depending on the tech used) a heavy-duty vehicle.

These devices transmit information to an app or website that shows you the live location of your vehicles. Depending on the device you invest in, you can also get a range of other valuable data about your vehicles and reports that display this.

We explain what the main types of vehicle tracking are, how your business can use this technology and where you can compare the best devices.

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking is a technology that monitors the location of your company vehicles. There are some key ways that businesses can benefit from using vehicle tracking, such as:

  • Protecting your assets against fraud
  • Improving security around your vehicles
  • Boosting productivity and efficiency
  • Enhancing your customer service levels

The cost of vehicle tracking depends on the device companies select for their vehicles. In the following section, we highlight the two key types of tracking devices.

The key types of tracking system for vehicles

There are two key types of tracking system you can select for your company vehicles:

  • GPS tracking
  • GPS trackers with accelerometers

Below, we explain what they are and how you can use them to benefit your business.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is a navigation device that uses satellite technology to establish the movement and coordinates of vehicles. This means you can use GPS tracking to find out where your vehicles are and if they move from one location or address to another.

Benefits of a GPS tracker:

  • Protects your business against fraud
  • Helps you communicate better with your customers
  • Increases the efficiency of your employees

GPS tracking technology provides all these benefits by showing you where your vehicles are at all times. If you want to use GPS trackers to monitor your company vehicles then you’ll need to install a device into the cars or vans you wish to track. GPS vehicle tracking devices can be added via self-installation, often coming with two wires that you can connect to the vehicle battery.

GPS and accelerometer tracking

A GPS tracker with an accelerometer does all of the above and also detects when your drivers brake sharply and accelerate suddenly, along with swinging when they take a corner.

Accelerometers can detect the severity of these three examples of driver behaviour, which means you can use them to track how your drivers are looking after your vehicles.

Benefits of an accelerometer tracker:

  • Improve the productivity levels of your drivers
  • Reduce the risk of vehicle wear and tear and save on money services
  • Manage your company fuel costs and mileage

Accelerometer technology provides the above benefits by giving you data that shows you how your vehicles are being driven. Many modern vehicle trackers contain an accelerometer. This gives your fleet managers the information they need to improve your vehicle maintenance, protect the value of your assets and boost your employee and fuel efficiency levels. These trackers are professionally fitted as they contain a large number of wires which must be connected correctly.

How can I use vehicle tracking systems?

We’ve explained what GPS tracking is and what accelerometers are. We’ve outlined some of the many benefits of this technology and detailed how it can help your business. Below, we give some examples of how you can use vehicle tracking systems:

  • Working hours: track your vehicles to ensure they’re not used outside of work hours.
  • Management: manage where your vehicles are by assigning areas with geofencing.
  • Employees: boost efficiency levels by monitoring driving behaviours of your staff.
  • Services: boost your service level by letting your clients know where your drivers are.

Protection: keep your vehicles safe by receiving alerts when they move locations.

You might want to invest in telematics

Telematics is another type of technology that you can use for vehicle monitoring and fleet tracking. It’s more advanced than basic GPS and accelerometer tech, and provides your business with richer and more accurate data.

We’ve written a detailed guide to telematics devices that explains the benefits of this technology but have highlighted the key ways it helps your business below.


  • Helps your fleet managers to review driver performance and efficiency
  • Workshop representatives can establish which vehicles require a service
  • Protects your company with vital safety features (such as live video transmission)

Vehicle tracking can give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet at all times, making it quick and easy to manage all your drivers. You can deal with breakdowns or accidents immediately and even check the driver dashcam footage or speeding incidents from your mobile phone.

As a free comparison site, iCompario can help you find the right system for the right price.

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