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Your Business Needs

Your Business Needs

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Telematics Features

Telematics Features

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Telematics Features

Real Time Tracking - Get live updates of your vehicles current location every 30 seconds via a live map
Integrated Dash Cams - Record footage of your vehicles journeys that can be used as evidence should an incident occur
Fuel Efficiency - Monitor your vehicles performance to highlight any inefficiencies
Self Install - A device that can be plugged in to your vehicles cigarette lighter to monitor vehicle location and performance
Journey History - See where your vehicles have been and how many kilometres they have travelled.
Journey Playback - Review your drivers journeys to see where performance can be improved
Battery Asset - A GPS device that is connected to a battery
Machine Hours/Servicing - Monitor times of equipment use and get notified of service requirements
Battery Condition - Measure the level of charge in your batteries
Tacho - A device that measures speed and distance that vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have fitted by law
KPL - A measurement that combines fuel and distance travelled to improve vehicle performance
Temperature - Monitor the temperature of vehicle trailers or machinery

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The most efficient solution for vehicle tracking, asset and driver management, saving your business time and money.

UK Telematics

UK Telematics is a Global Online Positioning Platform that delivers valuable and customisable information, enabling organisations the efficient and secure management of their mobile resources. UK Telematics is a unique, industry approved system providing a fully comprehensive, flexible and highly cost effective vehicle and asset tracking solution. It is convenient to use, needing only Internet access to take full advantage of the significant benefits of UK Telematics.