Fuel Cards

Applegreen Fuel Card

The Applegreen fuel card is a business payment product that allows drivers to purchase fuel for the vehicles they use for business purposes – essentially a payment card that is limited to purchases related to fuel only.

The Applegreen fuel card works by allowing company individuals to fill up at petrol stations within a network. Instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards, the company employee presents the Applegreen card to the cashier. The company is billed directly, and the employee can collect a receipt as proof of purchase.

Therefore, the transactions amongst the cards are examined and sent as a consolidated, HMRC approved invoice of the purchases. This means that the business saves both time and money and gains productivity as only fuel and key associated services are available to purchase using the Applegreen fuel card.

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Although fuel cards are similar in looks to credit cards and use very similar technology, their use and implementation are very different.

The main differences from credit cards are:

  • Payment terms are often shorter
  • no rolling-balance is cleared each month
  • it can be cheaper because of its system designed to bypass credit card interchanges
  • their markups and transactions can be customised
  • fraud prevention systems exist to block service areas by nation,
  • the fuel isn’t paid at the point of sale – it is allocated on account for payment at a later date.

Depending upon the individual fuel card and the supplier, security benefits of fuel cards can include:

  • cashless transactions
  • chip and PIN protection
  • detailed invoicing
  • online account administration
  • transaction restricted to fuel-related products
  • reporting of unusual transactions, daily transaction limits
  • real-time email or text message “e-Receipts” of transactions plus other added features of smart chip technology.

Fuel cards are more than merely a convenient way to pay for fuel; they can benefit a business in many ways:

  • Fuel Cards can provide greater control over business expenses and improve cashflow
  • they are invoiced every week which can help by breaking down the monthly cost of fuel into smaller, more manageable bills.
  • Fuel Cards also help with fuel budgeting and planning due to online account management software that allows you to see fuel usage, making it easy to predict your fuel costs into the future. The reporting tools of account management will enable you to manage your fuel expenses over the months so that long-term budget planning is more accurate.
  • It can also help with potential savings on fuel, as many fuel cards are offering different benefits and savings.
  • It reduces the time spent on administration.

Reclaiming VAT becomes easier with all transactions detailed on tax-compliant invoices, saving both time and money. Each fuel card is PIN-protected, and a vehicle registration number can also be assigned.

Reporting via account software management can help businesses identify any suspicious behaviour. Alerts can be set up for specific events, such as late-night refuelling, weekend use, large fuel withdrawals, or when gas is purchased outside a particular area.

In this article, the Applegreen Fuel Card will be presented.

Applegreen is Ireland’s biggest Irish independent forecourt retailer. It offers predictable client loyalty through its ‘low fuel costs’, commitment at the pumps and in-store through long term value promotional campaigns.

Nowadays, Applegreen runs 75 service stations in Ireland and 34 in the UK. In September 2010 Applegreen opened and now operates Ireland’s first 6 Motorway Service Stations, verifying 370 new openings over the six locales. Applegreen plans to grow significantly.

Applegreen is proud to be an Irish company and a genuine Irish example of a success story.

From humble beginnings in 1992, Applegreen began with the opening of its first service station in Ballyfermot, West Dublin. From that point, under the stewardship of CEO Bob Etchingham and COO Joe Barrett, Applegreen expanded in Ireland, developing year after year. As of 31st December 2018, the business managed 472 forecourt sites and employed around 10,700 individuals across Ireland, UK and America.

With over 193 service stations right across the country, Applegreen is known to be very accessible.

The launch of the Applegreen Fuel Card and Applegreen Fuel Card Plus for businesses operating car, van and HGV fleets both locally and nationally has been a big step forward for the company.

Applegreen’s Low Fuel Card is a very astute approach to fuel your business. It is an advantageous and safe path for both the individual and the company to pay for fuel. One of the main advantages it presents is that it doesn’t present any fees or hidden charges. There is an extensive network of high-quality service stations across Ireland ensuring that the drivers will not have to waste time searching for service stations to refuel. This fuel card allows an organisation to increase its efficiency and overall productivity.

The pricing is the same in all Applegreen sites nationwide, and it doesn’t offer core vs non-core pricing, which ensures that the client receives good value for money.

It is possible to earn rewards points for the fuel volumes that are used. These points can be swapped for a wide range of experiences. The account management system is user-friendly. It is possible to make an order, view the latest invoice and effortlessly control the account. This is accessible at any moment and anywhere, ensuring the client has full visibility of their account.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that a dedicated account manager and customer care team guarantees that all the queries will be answered in a very short period of time. Both account managers and customer care team will be available 24/7 to get the most out of the Applegreen Low Fuel Card and ensure profitability and productivity for any company.

Apart from the Applegreen fuel card there are fuel cards available in Ireland such as the DCI Card, FuelPlus and Fastfuel amongst others.

DCI Card is one of Ireland’s leading businesses in fuel cards. It presents easy access to over 1,450 nationwide service stations offering competitive fuel pricing, convenient fuel management online with Velocity and free vehicle check solution.

FuelPlus has a large selection of fuel cards available and helps the client choose the one that best fits its needs. They also have access to over 1,450 nationwide service stations offering competitive fuel pricing with fuel consumption analysis helping the client develop comprehensive fuel policies. As well as the DCI Cards, the online account management tool; Velocity, makes fuel management much easier. They also offer a e-route planner and the possibility to track vehicles with innovative telematics.

FastFuel offers competitive fixes pricing across all 400+ sites on both diesel and unleaded petrol. They offer Revenue approved invoices which make it easier to claim back VAT and also allows the client so plan their journey online via e-route downloading the App or straight to the SatNav

Once you’ve understood the benefits of a fuel card, you can choose the one that fits your needs. Choosing the right fuel card is essential; that is why iCompario is a brilliant tool to help you select which card is right for you.

iCompario is the largest card comparison site. Launched in 2017, it has rapidly grown to become one of the most respected fuel-card and fleet solution comparison websites.

The team is made up of fuel-card specialists with years of industry experience who clearly understand how important work-life balance is.

iCompario believes that money is earned through hard work and the effort spent finding the right product is essential, whether you’re a one-person show, SME or big business. For some businesses, this will mean getting access to a single fuel card that best suits their needs. On the other hand, for others, iCompario can source multi-card offerings to ensure that, wherever their drivers are, they always have competitively priced and tailored fuel cards.

iCompario helps the user find their best fuel card based on their needs.

iCompario is dedicated to helping businesses save time and money when it comes to your fuel-card and fleet management needs. It provides clear and solid information so the client can apply for a product that meets the specific business needs. iCompario presents you with the best deals and makes the task of searching across a massive network effortlessly.

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