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Access to more than 3.600 sites in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg

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  • Novofleet

Key Features

  • More than 3.600 sites in Germany, Austria and Luxemburg; many of them close to the motorway
  • Spend up to 3 cents less per liter within the Novofleet network
  • Limit the card user to one fuel type

About Tankkarten Service GmbH (TKS)

TKS fuel cards provide Germany with national and international fuel cards for the car fleets and the transport industry. TKS’s network provides customers with access to more than 20,000 service stations in Europe, and 7000 throughout Germany, the majority of which are 24h. With strategic sites along transport routes, and border crossings, TKS sells fuels at competitive prices. TKS also offers VAT reimbursement service and the added convenience of cashless use of toll roads, tunnels and bridges.

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1 Always have a site nearby in Germany, Austria and Luxemburg, without giving up on the convenience of brands like JET, Star, Sprint, HEM, GO! And many others
2 Have lower fuel spend, compared to other networks

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