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Your Business Needs

Your Business Needs

To help us find the best solution for you, please let us know what you would like to track or add onto your system.

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Types of Assets

LGV – Light Goods Vehicle
HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle
Plant – Refers to heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles often used in construction or warehouses
Trailer – Unpowered vehicle that is towed by another
Assets – Useful or valuable object that is not a vehicle, person or piece of heavy machinery
People – Connect employees for safety

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Required features

Telematics Features

To help us find a system that has all of the functionality that you require please select which features you are interested in.

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Telematics Features

Real Time Tracking - Get live updates of your vehicles current location every 30 seconds via a live map
Integrated Dash Cams - Record footage of your vehicles journeys that can be used as evidence should an incident occur
Fuel Efficiency - Monitor your vehicles performance to highlight any inefficiencies
Self Install - A device that can be plugged in to your vehicles cigarette lighter to monitor vehicle location and performance
Journey History - See where your vehicles have been and how many miles they have travelled.
Journey Playback - Review your drivers journeys to see where performance can be improved
Battery Asset - A GPS device that is connected to a battery
Machine Hours/Servicing - Monitor times of equipment use and get notified of service requirements
Battery Condition - Measure the level of charge in your batteries
Tacho - A device that measures speed and distance that vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have fitted by law
MPG - A measurement that combines fuel and distance travelled to improve vehicle performance
Temperature - Monitor the temperature of vehicle trailers or machinery

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Based on your results, we recommend the Kinesis telematics system. Kinesis is a constantly evolving solution which specialises in small to medium sized businesses.

Product updates are free with Kinesis and there are no hidden charges. A member of the Kinesis expert team will be in contact with you shortly.

UK Telematics

Based on your results, we recommend UK Telematics as your preferred supplier. UK Telematics are an experience provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions specialising in larger fleets.

UK Telematics is a full-service provider that offers customer support and onsite training. A member of the UK Telematics team will be in contact with you shortly.


Based on your results, we recommend Plant-i as your preferred supplier. Plant-i offer specialised vehicle tracking and camera systems to many different industries across the UK.

Plant-i has strict quality control procedures to ensure that the service its customers receive, and the quality of its product are always the best the industry has to offer. A member of the Plant-i team will be in contact with you shortly.

Your ideal Telematics system

* Per vehicle. Installation and device fees may apply.

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