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Throughout the last decade, fuel cards (also known as petrol cards) have grown in popularity all over the world. Nowadays, thousands of small businesses in Malaysia use the card to take advantage of its numerous benefits. Small businesses can easily streamline their day-to-day activities and reduce the numerous time-consuming administrative tasks by using the right fuel card. One of the numerous fuel card options suitable for small businesses with a fleet of vehicles is shell cards. This article will talk about most of the things that you will need to know about shell cards before you decide what to use.

Shell in Malaysia

Shell has played a significant role in the progress of Malaysia for more than 125 years. The company enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the country as it helped to grow the energy sector of the country. At the same time, Malaysia also played a significant role in the progress of the company. The company helped to pioneer the oil and gas industry of the country and increased its growth. Shell has a majestic retail network in the company, and it helps to fuel the journey of millions of Malaysian motorists every day.

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What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is a payment option that is built for businesses with a fleet of vehicles. The fuel card works in the same way, and it does not matter whether you have a car or thousands of vehicles. With the card, drivers can buy fuel for the vehicles that they use for business-related activities or when approved by the company. Fuel card has the same working principle with debit or credit card, but it is quite different because you can use it at designated service stations for fuel-related purchases. By making non-fuel purchases, you will need to pay an additional fee based on the card issuer.

It is usually printed with the company’s name and the registration of the fleet vehicle that is assigned to it. It also features a signature strip on the reverse, PIN for authentication purposes, and a magnetic strip for data capture.

About Shell Fuel Cards

Shell fuel cards are built mainly to help both the small and large businesses to maximize their savings and fuel efficiency when operating a fleet of cars all over the world. Just like other fuel cards, it provides a wide range of other benefits apart from only discounted fuel. It also offers other benefits like expense tracking, account management technology, and fuel usage information. This makes it a popular choice among both small and large businesses.

What Changes?

It does not offer any change for the drivers. This is because they can fill up their fleet vehicle while they can use shell fuel cards or other fuel cards to pay for the drawn fuel instead of their personal payment card. This means drivers will not need to track anything or start to keep receipts of their purchases.

It also makes things a whole lot easier for business operators. At the end of each week or month, small business owners will be sent an invoice with a single figure plus tax for all the fuel drawn by their drivers. The best thing is that you may also get access to an online facility so that you can easily track fuel-related data by yourself.

Benefits of Shell cards

Using Shell fuel card or other fuel cards to help keep your fleet running smoothly and it has a lot of benefits for business owners. It is a fact that the fuel cards are the best and the most comfortable alternative to conventional methods of paying for fuel. Some of the benefits of using fuel cards and shell fuel company cards are listed below.

It helps to save a lot of money for your business

Although this benefit depends mainly on the card that you choose and how big is your fleet, fuel cards offer business owners decent savings on fuel costs. You may feel like the savings is marginal, but once they add up everything, you will see that you saved thousands for your company.

It saves time and energy on admin tasks for businesses

Administrative tasks are among the biggest time consumers for small companies, and this means your business is losing money. With Shell Fuel Card, your business and staff can save a lot of time on administrative and accounting tasks. This means you and your team will not have to manage and monitor fleets, look through thousands of receipts manually just to calculate the final figure.

By using this card, a periodic invoice will be sent to your either weekly or monthly, and it will give you a single figure for the fuel drawn by the company with VAT. This will also be beneficial to your driver as they will not be keeping hold of the receipts or track the fuel that they are using. The fuel card provider will handle all the tasks.

You will enjoy its simple tracking feature

A shell fuel card features the shell fleet hub, which is a powerful online solution that can be used for real-time management and data tracking 24 hours. You will be able to access information like fuel spend, driver routes, fuel efficiency, and driver mileage from your system. By having access to this information, you will have an insight into the finances and fuel efficiency of the company. You can then make better planning and decision making to make your company grow.

How shell cards work

Both small and large businesses in Malaysia and all over the world can use shell fuel cards. The company using shell cards will be charged with their fuel transactions weekly at a fixed rate, which the fuel card provider will pay in advance. Shell cards do not have a transaction fee, and the credit is interest-free while you can also collect the Shell Drivers’ club points on the fuel purchased.

It also protects against fraud as you can lock it and use it only for fuel and lube purchases. There is also a dedicated account manager that you can contact when needed. All the fuel costs will be calculated on a pay as you go basis, and you will get an invoice periodically. Users of the cards can also use the enroute app, which is available on Android and iOS, to find the nearest Shell site to you. It also provides added benefit to use other services like the e-route planner.

Where Can Shell Fuel Cards Be Used?

The Shell card has extensive coverage in Malaysia. It is among the largest single-brand networks in the country, and you will have access to 950 shell fuel stations across Malaysia. This means that your driver will surely be close to somewhere to fill up their tank and get back on the road without any delay. The amount of this network that a driver can use will depend on the type of Shell fuel card that you have.

The Shell’s card for commercial vehicles gives business owners in Malaysia the chance to buy anything your business needs. If you are a small business owner and you have trucks, cars. Vans, and coaches. You can then use this card to enjoy the benefit of Shell’s network listed above.

The shell and partner network also feature specialist on-site facilities at different locations. Some of the specialist facilities that you will enjoy are HGV-specific fueling sites and high-speed pumps.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

Although fuel cards are mainly for the same purpose, you can still differentiate them from each other in the finer details. Some of the variables to differentiate the cards are pricing, fuel stations, fees, benefits, and disadvantages. There is no perfect fuel card suitable for all businesses, and the best thing is to choose the right fuel card based on the circumstances of your company. It is best if you can simply compare numerous fuel card options to get the best deal.

Shell Fuel Card Summary

Fuel card gives drivers get the chance to access a decent network of Shell-operated and partner fueling stations for your business. It also has a great feature where account managers can access information on shell fleet hub, which helps to do comprehensive monitoring and control. There are two variants of shell fuel card called the national and international options that you can choose.


Why choose a shell card?

Shell fuel card is a perfect partner for the international business that offers tools and services that can help out in the reduction of the operating costs and the ease of fleet management. Some of the reasons to choose shell card are:

  • It has the largest retail network in the world. Shell provides access to more sites for business owners than most fuel cards on the market.
  • Helps in saving operating cost for business. The shell card gives business owners the chance to save money on fuel.
  • It makes management tasks simpler.
  • It is very secure. Shell takes the security of the fuel card payments seriously for customers. The company has a wide range of anti-fraud measures put in place for you.

Who accepts shell cards?

Shell cards are accepted at all stations nationwide. The company has one of the largest single-brand networks in Malaysia, and your driver will have access to 950 shell fuel stations. This means your driver will always find somewhere to fill up their tank and get back on the road quickly. You can also use the online shell station locator to find the nearest location.

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