Shell Fuel Cards

With a Shell Fuel Card, fleets and businesses can get a range of benefits that help reduce costs and keep track of individual and overall fuel consumption.

A secure and cost effective way for fleets to buy fuel.

Businesses can access discounts, monitor and control individual and across-the-board fuel usage.

A Shell fuel card gives access to one of the largest fuel networks in Europe.

Accounts can be managed online at any time via a computer or mobile phone.

Shell cards can also be used to pay for road tolls, ferry crossings and more.

Why Choose a Shell Fuel Card?

Take the stress out of refuelling.  A Shell fuel card offers both your business and your drivers numerous benefits.  You are able to plan your routes, download maps and find nearby Shell Fuel Stations so you or your drivers never have to detour or take diversions again.  Shell fuel stations can offer on-site facilities such as restrooms, Wi-Fi, seating areas and access to food and drink. HGV drivers have specific requirements which include allocated truck parking and rest areas, with HGV lanes and high-speed pumps.  This helps to ensure that drivers are well rested and will be on their way quickly. 

Shell Fuel Cards are designed to help business both large and small.  Whether your business has one vehicle or a series of vehicles, Shell Fuelcards can help maximise fuel savings across the UK and Europe. Fuel is a significant cost that many businesses which operate vehicles have to tackle, whether it’s for a car fleet for your sales teams, delivery vans or trucks and HGVs. As with other fuelcards, a Shell fuel card can be managed 24/7 with access to an online account management platform.

Quality Fuels 

Shell V-Power fuels tested by Ferrari and with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology are designed to help clean intake valves, fuel injector nozzles and key fuel system components. Alongside this, Shell FuelSave fuels have been developed by Shell scientists to offer your vehicles a higher level of fuel efficiency.  

A Nationwide Network 

The single-network Shell fuel card enables access to all Shell stations across the UK, with coverage across motorways, the main transit routes and urban areas. The Multi-network Shell fuel card is accepted at even more stations nationwide, which include the Shell network and branded partner locations such as Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Gleaner, Topaz and Total.  

International acceptance 

With Shell’s national and pan european cards, you can customise driver use with their euroShell Fuel Card. On application you decide whether you want to refuel exclusively at Shell fuel stations (Single Network), or at both Shell and partner network stations (Multi Network). 

Shell Sustainability 

Shell take pride in their corporate social responsibility policies to advance the way all of us operate, helping to reduce our impact on the environment and create better working conditions for employees. Their work to develop cleaner energy includes promoting the use of biofuels, and making their production operations more energy efficient. Shell support carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a dynamic element in transition to a lower carbon economy.

iCompario showcases the largest range of fuel cards in Europe, so you can ensure a Shell fuel card is tailored to your exact business needs.  How much could you be saving with a Shell fuelcard?  Fill in your details below, and one of our fuel card providers will be in touch to deliver the best fuel card for your needs.

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