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A card for every type of fleet business

With a Shell fuel card you are choosing a giant of a company with over 40,000 petrol stations in its global network. Shell has consistently been one of the ten biggest companies in the world (across all industries). This means it has the resources to develop fuel cards that have unique features to help your fleet business. Shell is a brand your company can rely on, one that’s a smart investment for any organisation that can benefit from using fuel cards.

Shell prides itself on scientifically developed high-performance fuel. Its V-Power diesel allows you to fill your engines with high-performance diesel that cleans the engine, even old deposits built up from using inferior brands. Once the engine is running clean, you get a higher mileage per gallon and fewer times off the road for servicing and repairs.

Shell fuel cards offer a great range of features and benefits on the admin side of things too. These include things such as giving you the control to set your payment frequency to weekly or monthly, an app that makes it simple for your drivers to find their nearest station (wherever they are) and online account management that reduces your companies admin time.

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Compare Shell Fuel Card Options

Shell has two great fuel cards — CRT and Multi-Network.

Shell CRT Fuel Card

Shell CRT fuel card

  • Simple to use station locator for your drivers
  • Can be used to pay road tolls & taxes
  • Comes with the Shell motorist app
  • High-quality fuels — V-Power is a 99% match for Shell’s Scuderia Ferrari race fuel
  • Secure, pin protected payments to guard against fraud

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Shell Multi-Network Fuel Card

Shell Multi Network fuel card

  • Shell network covers the whole of the UK
  • Straightforward online account management
  • Customisable reports 
  • Receive VAT within 14 days from date of invoice 
  • Pay pump price at all Shell petrol stations

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Where can you use Shell fuel cards?

If you’re asking “where can I use a Shell fuel card?” then you’ll be pleased to learn the brand offers excellent network coverage in the UK and the rest of the world. 

This comes from Shell’s own petrol stations and partner brands that accept its cards, meaning you can fill up at Shell, Esso and Texaco service stations. 

This makes it perfect for fleets that do business all over the world. 

Stations in the network: 

  • Over 1,100 UK Shell sites 
  • Over 3,800 UK partner stations
  • Over 40,000 forecourt locations across the globe

The Shell station locator means your drivers always know where the closest diesel and petrol stations are. They can enter their location and use the following filters to make sure they get the right fuel and station:

  • Truck Services
  • Partner Sites
  • Fuel Types
  • Services & Amenities

Shell benefits 

  1. Your business gets the correct tax rebates: HMRC-approved invoices are generated  
  2. Your fleet saves time on admin tasks: you don’t need to redeem your paper fuel receipts 
  3. Your vehicles uses high-quality fuel: V-Power is good enough for race cars 
  4. Your account management is easier: you get simple reports of your travel expenses
  5. Your drivers can pay motorway charges: Shell cards can be used to pay toll fees

Shell Fuel Card FAQs

Where can I use shell fuel cards?

All Shell fuel cards can be used throughout the UK, with many petrol stations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland accepting them. Certain Shell cards can also be used in Europe, giving you international coverage. 

What is a Shell fuel card?

A Shell fuel card is a way of buying high-quality fuel now and paying for it at a later date, a payment method that’s more convenient for your fleet business. It’s also a way of covering a range of other travel expenses, such as toll charges and oil.

How does the Shell fuel card work?

Shell cards work by giving you business credit for your travel costs. Your drivers fill up at the pump with the petrol or diesel they need and then present their fuel card to the cashier for payment. Your business then receives an invoice at an agreed time (weekly or monthly) and settles the bill. 

Need help choosing a Shell fuel card?

Ready to choose a Shell fuel card? Or are you still weighing up your options against other brands? To see how Shell fuel cards compare to the others available from iCompario you can use our “Quick fuel card compare tool” below. You just need to enter the number and type of vehicles and type of stations your company uses and it will give you a list of the best fuel cards available for your specific needs.