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Shell Fuel Cards: Compare for Your Business

  • Access the largest fuel station network in the UK
  • Fixed prices or pump discounts to save money
  • Get deals in 30 seconds and order online

Hand holding a shell fuel card

Get discounts with your Shell fuel card

Shell is one of the largest brands offering a fuel card. It has the biggest branded network of stations to fill up on fuel in the UK.

When you sign up for Shell multi-network cards, you join a network of over 4,000 stations for hassle-free admin and VAT reclaims, plus potential fuel cost savings.

These cards can offer pump price discounts at Shell stations and many more in the UK, plus more features to help businesses save money by tracking fuel costs and mileage.

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Shell CRT

Shell CRT fuel card

Where can you use it?

The Shell CRT card is accepted at over 1,000 Shell UK stations. That’s over 50% of the motorway stations in the UK. The brand has the single largest station network in the country.

If you already use their stations, getting this card means you won’t have to change your routes at all to make the best use of your new card.

Benefits of the Shell CRT

For Shell customers, the CRT (Commercial Road Transport) card is an easy way to pay for fuel on the motorway, plus other Shell stations.

This card is a useful option for businesses to avoid regional and local price hikes. Its other features can help to reduce costs and save time on admin. Here are the top benefits:

  • Online account management system
  • HMRC-approved invoices every week online
  • Can be used to buy V-power fuel and Fuelsave
  • Collect Shell Go+ reward points
  • Manage costs with regular fuel reports

Pricing options

The CRT is available with weekly fixed prices or discounts at the pump. Choose weekly fixed and your business receives an update every week with exclusive prices for Shell fuel.

These prices remain the same across all stations for the whole week, helping you avoid price hikes. This is ideal for many fleets and large companies.

Pump price discounts give you a guaranteed reduced amount off all Shell pump prices on the network. This can be a few pence off a litre or a bit more. This type is straightforward and ideal for small businesses and sole traders.

Shell Multi-Network

Shell multi network fuel card

Where can you use it?

The Shell Multi-Network card gives you access to all of the 1,000+ Shell stations like the CRT but also lets you use your fuel card at all of their partner stations. That’s over 4,000 stations in total that accepted this card.

Use your card at a massive network across the UK, including Esso and Texaco. You’ll always have somewhere nearby to refill. If you’re not sure where your card is accepted, check the provider’s website or free smartphone app to find a station near you.

Benefits of the Shell Multi-Network

The multi-network card is a great choice for businesses that need to use Shell stations on their routes, but may need some extra options to fill in the gaps. Here are the top advantages:

  • Accepted at over 50% of UK motorway stations
  • Pay for toll roads with your fuel card
  • Set transaction limits to prevent unauthorised use
  • Manage your account online and track spending
  • Fuel reports to help improve efficiency

Pricing options

Available with weekly fixed prices or as a pump price discount card, the Shell multi network can work for fleets of all shapes and sizes.

With this cards fixed prices, you get a smart solution. It checks if the pump prices are lower than the fixed price and if so, you pay whatever the lower price is.

Why choose a Shell fuel card?

All Shell fuel cards offer a lot of benefits for businesses thanks to their extensive network and loyalty rewards scheme. But these cards have even more benefits you need to know about. This is why a Shell card might be what your business needs.

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How can I get a Shell fuel card?

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Why use iCompario for your fuel card?

Finding the best Shell fuel card is a tough process. But we can make things easy. With iCompario you can compare the fuel cards that best fit your business needs.

How iCompario works

30 second form

Tell us about your business needs, your vehicle types and where you prefer to fill up with fuel.

We filter the offers

We’ll then compare fuel cards across the UK. Our database of cards covers 95% of UK fuel stations.

Start saving on fuel

After our free fuel card comparison, it’s time to get your card and start saving on fuel! Simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel cards are a way of buying high-quality fuel now and paying for it later, a payment method that is more convenient for your fleet business. It is also a way of covering a range of other travel expenses, such as toll charges and oil.

Shell fuel cards work by giving your business credit for your travel costs. Your drivers fill up at the pump with the petrol or diesel they need and then present their fuel card to the cashier for payment.

Your business then receives an invoice at an agreed time (weekly or monthly) and settles the bill. Read more about how fuel cards work.

Shell has thousands of locations across the UK. Many petrol stations in England, Wales and Scotland accept Shell fuel cards. Your closest Shell petrol station is never far away, but it does depend on the type of card you have.

Using the service station finder, you can find the closest locations to use your Shell fuel card. These cards are some of the most accepted fuel cards in the UK, so you will hardly ever be outside of their network coverage.

The fuel cards are accepted at Shell petrol stations and their partner locations such as Esso, Tesco and more.

In short, these are the locations where you can use your card:

  • Over 1,100 UK Shell locations
  • Total 3,800 Shell & partner stations in the UK

Shell GO+ is the card’s reward and discount scheme. Using their Shell GO account, your drivers will receive a 10% discount on hot drinks, food, car washes and oil at every station when using a Shell fuel card.

Drivers can get rewards online with a smartphone app or order a card to their address. Read more about fuel card reward schemes.

Need help choosing a Shell fuel card?

We’re here to help you find the right fuel card for your business. You can easily compare the top fuel card brands in the UK and find your best match.

Just give us a couple of details to get an idea of exactly what you need. We’ll quickly give you a list of the best fuel cards available for your specific business needs.

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