Fuel Cards

Tesco Fuel Cards

Cheaper fuel from a national supermarket network

Picking a Tesco fuel card lets your company buy its fuel at supermarket prices. Petrol or diesel is one of the biggest costs for fleet businesses and every little counts when it comes to making savings on your fuel. Supermarkets are often the cheapest source of fuel and using a Tesco fuel card means your business could make some significant cost reductions. 

Tesco has over 600 petrol stations across the UK. One of the biggest appeals of Tesco is that you’re never far from one of its stores. Choosing a fuel card that can be used at one of the supermarket’s petrol stations means that your business and its drivers always have ready access to low-cost fuel. 

Tesco fuel cards save administration time for your business. Tesco is all about making people’s lives more convenient and that’s true of the fuel cards you can use at its stations. The software creates an expenses sheet for each driver in real time. This means you don’t need to log fuel receipts manually to reclaim VAT paid on your business fuel.

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Compare Tesco Fuel Card Options

There are various fuel cards that your drivers can use at Tesco petrol stations including — fuelGenie Fuel Card, FuelPlus Fuel Card, Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card and FleetOne Fuel Card.

fuelGenie Fuel Card

fuelGenie fuel card

  • No surcharges for the fuel your business buys 
  • Earn Tesco Clubcard points when you pay for travel expenses
  • Online account management that lets you track your fuel spending
  • Produces invoices that are HMRC-compliant  
  • Offers the option to set card usage limits

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FuelPlus Fuel Card

FuelPlus fuel card

  • Fixed prices on the diesel your drivers fill-up their vehicles with
  • Account management software lets you track your spending
  • Find the closest garage with the online e-route station finder 
  • Pin protected card makes for secure transactions 
  • Simplified accounts submissions with HMRC-compliant invoices

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Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card

Texaco fastfuel fuel card

  • Fixed weekly prices for the fuel you buy 
  • Detailed online reporting software 
  • Creates invoices that are HMRC-compliant 
  • You receive a weekly ebill 
  • Can be used to pay for oil for your vehicles

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FleetOne Fuel Card

FleetOne fuel card

  • Retail and commercial prices for the petrol and diesel you buy
  • Up-to-date account management with Velocity
  • Digital, HMRC-compliant invoices are produced automatically 
  • Your card can be used to cover a variety of travel expenses 
  • No surcharges for the fuel your drivers purchase

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Where can you use Tesco fuel cards?

Tesco doesn’t offer its own branded fuel card but there are various cards that allow you to purchase supermarket price petrol and diesel at the 600 stations it has throughout the UK including —  Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card, FleetOne Fuel Card, fuelGenie Fuel Card and FuelPlus Fuel Card. 

These cards each allow you to use a range of stations in addition to the ones offered by Tesco. This is the total covered offered by the individual cards: 

  • Stations in Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card network: over 3,200
  • Stations in fuelGenie Fuel Card network: over 1,300
  • Stations in FuelPlus Fuel Card network: over 3,300
  • Stations in FleetOne Fuel Card network: over 4,700

In addition to Tesco, your drivers can also refuel their vehicles at some of the leading fuel brands and other key supermarkets in the UK. 

Tesco Fuel Card Benefits

  1. Pay supermarket price for your fuel: your Tesco card allows your drivers to buy cheap fuel for their vehicles. 
  2. Reduces the time spent on admin tasks: every travel expense made with your card is recorded on digital invoices, meaning your business doesn’t need to redeem paper receipts. 
  3. Simple monitoring of your fuel spending: online account management makes it easy to see where your travel costs are going, so your business can find ways of spending its money more efficiently. 
  4. Get VAT refunds easily: download HMRC-compliant invoices for your fuel purchases, helping you to submit accounts to reclaim business VAT easily.
  5. Fraud prevention: your travel expenses are made via a secure transaction method that’s externally monitored to ensure any suspicious payments are spotted. 

Tesco Fuel Card FAQs

Does Tesco take fuel cards?

Tesco does accept fuel cards. There are various options your business and its drivers can use — Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card, FleetOne Fuel Card, fuelGenie Fuel Card and FuelPlus Fuel Card. An important thing to note is that Tesco doesn’t have its own fuel card. 

How can I get a fuel card?

You can get a fuel card in two ways. Your first option is to use a fuel card comparison site, such as iCompario. This is a good option for businesses that want to review all the available options and pick a card that meets their requirements. Your second option is to apply directly via a fuel card brand, such as Shell. This is a sensible choice for companies that already know exactly which brand they want to use. 

How exactly do fuel cards work?

Fuel cards work as a form of cash flow management. They allow your business to buy the fuel it requires when it needs it, then pay for it at a later and more convenient date. This later date comes when your company receives a single invoice (either on a weekly or monthly basis) for the diesel and petrol it’s bought. 

How do I use my Tesco Clubcard at petrol stations?

You use your Tesco Clubcard at petrol stations in the same way you would do in store. You present your Clubcard to the cashier, they’ll swipe it and this will record the points you’ve earned. 

The amount of Clubcard points you earn for the petrol you purchase depends on the station you buy it from. If you refuel at a Tesco station then you get 1 point for every £2 you spend. If you refuel at an Esso station then you get 1 point for every £3 you spend.  

Need help choosing a Tesco fuel card?

Have you decided which Tesco fuel card you want? Or do you need to see what other options are available? You can find out how the various Tesco cards compare to the other brands available from iCompario by using our “Compare fuel cards” tool underneath. Just enter the number and type of vehicles your company has and the stations it uses and you’ll be given a list of the fuel cards that meet your requirements.