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Tesco Fuel Cards

Today, fuel cards are used by thousands of businesses nationwide to keep their fleets running. Having grown in popularity rapidly over the last two decades, fuel cards accepted by popular fuel stations like Tesco, provide several benefits to businesses in the form of cash savings, better fuel efficiency, and easier fleet management.

With the right fuel card, business owners can streamline their day-to-day operations and eliminate many of the stressful and time-consuming administrative headaches that are faced by their staff; whilst fuel cards may seem like just another payment method, they do a whole lot more.

A Tesco Fuel Card (yes, the supermarket) is one of the many options that are available to UK businesses operating a fleet of vehicles. Whilst it is great to have plenty of options, this can often be overwhelming and make choosing a final one more difficult than it needs to be. That is why we have created our own guide to Tesco Fuel Cards, to provide business owners with all the information they need to make their decision.

So, in addition to buying one of their many convenient meal deals, your fleet drivers can now fill up when they pull in for a quick pit stop at their local Tesco forecourt.

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About Tesco

Now, we are sure that you know what Tesco is, but for the uninitiated…

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The company is one of the UK’s ‘big four’ supermarkets and the third largest in the world measured by its gross revenues and was founded all the way back in 1919. Tesco is not just a British staple, though; it operates stores in several countries across Asia and Europe, including Hungary and Thailand. In the UK, Tesco enjoys a grocery market share of around 28.4%.

Tesco began selling petrol in 1974. At present, its forecourts sell 95, 97, and RON (Greenergy) petrol from its forecourts that can be found at most Tesco Superstore and Tesco Extra locations. In 1998, Tesco formed a partnership with Esso. As of 2013, there were 200 different joint Tesco/Esso sites throughout the UK.

About Tesco Fuel Cards

Tesco Fuel Cards have been developed for use by both small and large businesses, to help them save money and maximise their fuel efficiency when operating a fleet throughout the UK.

As you will see with many other fuel cards, Tesco Fuel Cards provides value not only through discounted fuel, but access to a range of other benefits. These include fleet management tools, expense tracking, simple invoicing, and fuel usage data.

It is for these reasons that Tesco Fuel Cards are one of the more popular choices amongst small and large UK businesses.

What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is a payment device, but it can do a whole lot more than your standard debit or credit card. They let your drivers purchase fuel for their fleet vehicles as normal during their employment whilst delivering many benefits to you, the business operator.

Fuel cards are designed for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles. Whether a fleet consists of cars or vans, is large or small, or operates throughout the UK or just in the North is immaterial, they work in the same way for all businesses.

A fuel card, including Tesco Fuel Cards, looks and works in the same way as a debit or credit card does. However, they can typically only be used at designated service stations to purchase fuel or for another fuel-related purchases; they are no good for any other transactions, business-related or otherwise, which will often attract an additional fee.

Does Anything Change?

For your drivers, no, nothing changes. They will be able to fill up their fleet vehicles as normal at any service station that accepts your fuel cards. If, for example, you go with a Tesco Fuel Card then you will be restricted to forecourts that accept it. If you go with a BP Fuel Card, you will be restricted to forecourts that accept that one instead.

For you, the business operator, quite a lot changes… but for the better. As we will see shortly, you will benefit hugely from a reduced admin workload and will be able to log on and manage your fleet on an as-and-when basis. Periodically, you will be sent a VAT-friendly invoice that includes a single figure that is the total cost for fuel drawn by your drivers.

Tesco Fuel Cards

If you didn’t know that Tesco does its own range of Tesco Fuel Cards, we will let you off! This is because Tesco doesn’t offer fuel cards under its own brand. Instead, they offer partner fuel cards with the likes of Fuel Genie, UK Fuels and Allstar that can be used at Tesco forecourts.

So, a ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ is not a Tesco Fuel Card at all… if that makes sense. Rather, they offer their ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ by partnering with the likes of Fuel Genie, UK Fuels, Texaco (Fastfuel) and Allstar.

Though, for simplicity’s sake, we are going to continue to refer to them as ‘Tesco Fuel Cards’ for the purposes of this guide. We have produced guides on each of the above fuel cards if you would like to learn more about them. As for coverage, each provider is different.
Here are the cards in more detail:

The Fuel Genie ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ – Fuel Genie is one of the UK’s largest providers and their supermarket fuel card provides access to over 1,300 UK supermarket sites including 3 of the ‘big four’. Plus, with Tesco you can earn Clubcard points with every single purchase.

The UK Fuels ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ – UK Fuels gives you access to over 1,600 Tesco, Co-op, and Morrisons forecourts as well as many independent fuel stations. For the best rates, we recommend using the UK Fuels card at supermarket forecourts.

The Texaco Fastfuel ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ – Texaco’s Fastfuel card is a general coverage fuel card that can be used throughout the UK and Northern Ireland in addition to supermarket forecourts. In total, its coverage is around 2,000 different service stations and users can benefit from fixed weekly pricing, too.

The Allstar ‘Tesco Fuel Card’—Allstar’s Supermarket+ fuel card is accepted at all the UK’s major supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s and Asda.

You might be wondering what Tesco has to gain by offering their ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ via third-parties, and the answer to that is simple—customers that find themselves in a Tesco forecourt are likely to end up popping into Tesco to buy anything from a few bits to an entire shop. Because of this, Tesco can afford to buy a huge amount of fuel in bulk at a wholesale price and then sell it on at a low rate. This is why you are also constantly seeing ads on the TV from Tesco and other supermarkets advertising the slashing of their fuel prices.

Tesco Fuel Card General Benefits

A Tesco Fuel Card has plenty of benefits associated with it. Whilst these will differ depending on which of the four above Tesco Fuel Card-friendly brands you go with, the core ones remain the same.

1. Your business will save lots of money

What’s great about filling up at supermarkets is that they often have the lowest price per litre than any other service stations. This is because supermarkets buy their fuel at wholesale prices and sell it off cheaper than non-supermarkets. They hope that by using their supermarket filling stations, you will visit their stores and vice-versa.

You’re likely no stranger to a supermarket advertising the slashing of their fuel prices; you can often get it at as much as five pence per litre less than at non-supermarket forecourts.

2. Your business will save time on admin tasks

Fuel cards simplify fleet management and eliminate virtually all the time-consuming admin tasks associated with fuel procurement.
When your drivers use their Tesco Fuel Cards, all the data related to their purchase, including the amount of fuel drawn and the total cost, is captured. As soon as their transaction is complete, you can view this data via your fuel card provider’s online dashboard. Periodically, you will be sent an invoice that includes a single price—the cost of fuel drawn plus VAT—that can be used for accounting purposes.

The use of a Tesco Fuel Card, coupled with this simple online monitoring, management, and invoicing tool, obliterates most fuel admin-related headaches and can save you and/or your admin staff a whole lot of time.

3. Your business will benefit from simple tracking

Fuel cards, including the ‘Tesco Fuel Cards’ mentioned above, tend to come with some form of online tracking software or platform, a popular one being Velocity.

These powerful platforms let you monitor and manage your fleet remotely at any time and from anywhere. See fuel spend and usage information, check in on drivers and their routes, and spot inefficiencies with just a few mouse clicks. This information provides you with a valuable insight into your company’s fleet, its efficiency, and its finances to allow for better planning and decision making.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

Although fuel cards all do largely the same things, they are different in their finer details. The likes of pricing, fees, and forecourt access differ between providers. Because of this, there is no single ‘best’ fuel card that is perfect for your business; what is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else.

It is therefore important to compare fuel cards to ensure you get the best one for your commercial needs.

Tesco Fuel Card Summary

A ‘Tesco Fuel Card’ is a versatile range of four fuel cards from several different providers. All Tesco fuel cards provide you with access to not only Tesco forecourts, but forecourts at other supermarkets including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and the Co-op.

Which stations you can use, of course, depends on the card. If you’re looking for a card that can be used at all the major supermarkets, go for the Fuelgenie card. If you are looking for a Tesco Fuel Card that can be used at Tesco, Morrisons, and Texaco forecourts, go for the Texaco Fastfuel.

It’s all about choosing the right one for your business.

Compare the Tesco Fuel Card

Why not compare Tesco Fuel Cards alongside a huge range of other ones and see which one will provide you with the best value? The full range of Tesco Fuel Cards, and fuel cards from several other providers, is available for comparison through the iCompario website.

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare
Tesco Fuel Cards alongside a range of cards from other providers.