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Telematics in use on mobile phone

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What is telematics?

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

How does telematics work?

Telematics solutions

Vehicle tracking

It’s more than just vehicle location. It’s lower costs and increased safety and security. Set up customised alerts and get real-time data for all the vehicles in your fleet.

Fleet telematics systems

Designed with a focus on business needs, no matter how big or small. Telematics systems give you full control over your fleet and business operations to enhance productivity.

Asset tracking

Stationary or moving, your assets should be tracked for better security. Add a stolen recovery service to increase the chances of recovering your assets by up to 95% and save money.

Dash cams

Dash cams for business are 4G-connected allowing you to access footage remotely and get indisputable proof in case of accidents. Protect your drivers and your business.

The powerful benefits of telematics

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, definitely. Every business is different, but companies that try telematics almost never want to go back to working without it.
The benefits of using telematics do not relate to the size of a company or fleet. They don’t always fully correlate to the amount of time vehicles spend driving on the road each day, either. The amount of cash a business can save through using telematics to cut costs will vary depending how much of the functionality it uses.
Based on numerous benefits, telematics is definitely worth it:
You get valuable insights to help with fleet management.
It can help you improve customer satisfaction, as you can provide delivery updates and accurate ETAs.
Improves driver safety and can reduce the likelihood of accidents.
Helps you optimise routes, as well as reduce fuel consumption.
You save time and money on fuel, on vehicle maintenance, on admin work and on insurance costs.
It can help with tracking and recovering stolen vehicles.

A telematics device is a piece of technology designed to collect and transmit data about a vehicle's performance and location. It's a powerful tool that can help businesses better understand how their vehicles are being used and make informed decisions about how to improve efficiency, safety and overall performance.
With a device installed in your vehicle, you can track things like fuel consumption, maintenance needs and driver behaviour, all in real-time.
This can help you identify areas for improvement, reduce costs and even increase the lifespan of your vehicles.

How your telematics device will be fitted depends on the type you choose.
Some telematics devices can be self-installed. These are usually fitted to the windscreen and connected to the vehicle’s power source. Self-install telematics devices may be perfect for sole traders or small businesses. For example, a self-employed courier could choose a self-install device for his van tracking.
The more professional and, therefore, safer devices need to be installed by an engineer. They are more appropriate for fleet tracking or HGV tracking. These are usually installed internally, like behind the dashboard. A professional has to make all the necessary connections for these devices and it usually takes about one hour.

There are multiple telematics solutions for multiple business needs. Of course, this translates into multiple price ranges.
Self-install vehicle telematics devices can be cheaper. But do they fit your business needs or do you need a more professional, engineer-installed device?
We help businesses identify their most pressing needs and find the right vehicle telematics solution to answer those needs. All within their budget.

A bit, but not significantly. You have to keep in mind that a telematics device remains active at all times, even when the vehicle is not used. However, when the vehicle is not in use, the device enters a low-power mode to preserve battery power.

So, there’s no need to drive your car around needlessly in an effort to optimise battery life. That is just a myth.

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