About iCompario

Britain’s most trusted business comparison site


iCompario was founded in 2017 by a small group of professionals with industry backgrounds in vehicle tracking, fuel cards, telecoms, financial research, writing and IT. We’re a mix of ages and some of us have experience going back 25 years.

We felt that it was difficult to get independent information or simple guidance on certain business products and services. Almost everything we had seen online was written by one individual supplier bragging about their own product – in fact some of us had actually worked on creating those marketing materials!

Independent product information

Independent product information

We created iCompario to give you independent overviews before you commit to something your business will depend on. iCompario is for UK businesses of any size, from a sole trader or micro-company up to leading international businesses. We provide evidence-based information on business products and services for the decision-makers within these organisations. These include fleet managers, accountants and finance professionals as well as company owners.


UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia.


Businesses of any size, from sole traders to international companies, with an emphasis on companies with motor fleets.

Products and services

Price and quote comparison information on fuel cards, telematics, telecoms for businesses.

Still unique

Still unique

iCompario is Britain’s only comparison website for the business products and services that we cover. We started as a fuel card comparison site, and we have since added telematics systems and hardware, and business telecoms services. We have plans afoot to add more products and services.

Rapid growth

Rapid growth

We work with a network of partners and suppliers and we’re constantly growing. The whole of the original team is still here, but we have more than doubled in size and we’re still growing fast.

iCompario is owned by Radius Payment Solutions Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 08260702. Our registered office can be found at Eurocard Centre, Herald Drive, Crewe CW1 6EG.