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Fuel Cards for Fleet Vehicles

Fuel cards for fleets can help to save your business a significant amount of time and money. If your company operates fleet vehicles for commercial use, our guide to fleet fuel cards has everything you need to make the best choice for your business.

Using our price comparison tool, investing in a fuel card for your fleet is a simple process as you can easily find the best fleet fuel card available to ensure your business runs efficiently.

Mon, 28 March 2022

This guide will help you understand what fleet fuel cards are, how they work and what to look for when comparing the different fleet card providers. This will ensure that you find the perfect fleet fuel card for your company.

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What To Look For In a Fleet Card

Before choosing a card, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for. To help you find the right option for your business, here are some things to look out for when comparing different fuel cards:

Large network

When comparing fuel cards, you need to make sure that the card you invest in offers access to a large network of fuel stations. This will ensure that your drivers can fill up wherever they are, which will help to prevent any delivery or operations delays.

Low prices on both diesel and petrol

One of the main benefits of investing in a fleet fuel card is that some providers offer diesel and petrol discounts. This will help you save a significant amount on fuel, and the savings can be used elsewhere to grow your business.

Simple invoicing

Many fleet fuel card providers now offer weekly or monthly fuel invoicing services which are simple and easy to deal with. Typically, you will be given an invoice with all vehicles on one invoice. This means you can spend less time on administration, as there will be no need to deal with all of your employees fuel reimbursements at the end of the month.

Online account management

Some fleet fuel card companies also offer client’s access to sophisticated online account management systems. This will allow you to monitor your fuel outgoings and uncover any issues or come up with solutions to make more fuel savings.

Fraud protection

Most fuel cards are pin-protected which means only someone with the pin number can use the card. This will protect your company from fraud, even if the card is lost or stolen, which will prevent any stress or headaches.

Fleet Fuel Card Comparison

Some of the biggest energy providers offer fuel cards, but smaller brands are worth considering as well for price savings and specific business needs. Before you sign up, make sure to compare the cards so your business gets the best deal. Below you’ll find just a few that you might want to consider. To find all of the details, use our comparison tool.

Card Name Description Total Number of Fuel Stations
Fleetone fleet card
The FleetOne card offers access to a multi-branded network of fuel stations, including supermarkets. 3381
BP Plus fleet card
BP Plus
The BP Plus card can be used at BP and Texaco filling stations with the benefit of fixed weekly prices. 3266
Esso National fleet card
Esso National
The Esso National card covers 25% of fuel stations in the UK with access to simple account management tools. 3466
Shell Multi-Network fleet card
Shell Multi-Network
The Shell Multi-Network card offers complete access to Shell, Esso and Texaco fuel stations with weekly fixed price discounts. 2997
Texaco fastfuel fleet card
Texaco Fastfuel
The Texaco Fastfuel card is perfect for businesses looking for weekly wholesale fuel discounts and customised transaction reports. 3499

Electric Fleet Cards

What about electric vehicle fuel cards? If your company utilises electric vehicles for business operations or you plan to switch to an eco-friendlier fleet, then you should consider an electric fleet card. These are specifically designed to help fuel electric vehicles by offering access to a network of charging stations with discounted prices.

Here, you will find information on one of the best electric fleet cards available:

Card Name Description Total Number of Charging Locations
Fleetone fleet card
Fleetone REV
The FleetOne Rev electric fuel card provides access to an extensive network of charging and fuel stations across the UK with transparent prices. 4000

What Is a Fleet Card?

A fleet card is a type of fuel card which is used by companies with two or more commercial vehicles. A fleet card can be used to pay for fuel or electricity at various fuel or charging stations, and businesses can also benefit from fixed prices, fuel or charging discounts and simple invoicing and account management tools.

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How Do Fleet Fuel Cards Work?

Fleet fuel cards work in the same way as credit cards. All drivers need to do is pay for fuel or electricity with the card and then the invoice is sent to the business on a weekly or monthly basis, so no upfront payment is needed.

Using a fleet fuel card is much safer for businesses and their employees, as there is no need for drivers to carry any cash around, which means there is less risk of theft. The administration process is also much easier, as invoicing is completed automatically, and your employees do not need to submit any fuel expense requests.

Find a Fleet Card Through iCompario

Now you’ve got a better understanding of fleet fuel cards, it’s time to consider which one is right for your business. To help you with this, all you need to do is fill in iCompario’s free fuel card quotation form with your preferences. iCompario will then compare some of the top fleet card fuel providers in the UK to ensure you find the best offer available, which will help you save precious time and money, while also enabling your business to thrive and succeed.

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