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The best fleet fuel cards for businesses

If you’re a fleet manager, then getting yourself set up with fleet fuel cards can be a massive bonus. They save you money, make admin much easier and are a great perk for your drivers.

To help you make the right choice for your business, here’s a guide all about the fleet card provider you need in your working life! Plus, there’s every chance to compare the market for top-quality deals.

A fleet of vans in need of fuel cards

What are fleet fuel cards?

They let your fleet of drivers refuel easily at service stations in your network. All you have to do is fill up at a station, then pay with the card. That’s it!

All transactions are logged in your online account. You can easily keep track of your fuel spending and can also set spending limits for drivers, too.

The best fleet fuel cards for businesses

Here are the best fuel cards for fleets. The five cards we highly recommend! They all offer something a little different, so take a look at them to see if they match your needs

Card Name Benefits Stations in network
Fleetone fleet card
The FleetOne card gives your fleet access to a multi-branded network of fuel stations, including supermarkets, and that means you get excellent coverage across the UK 3,300+
BP Plus fleet card
BP Plus
The BP Plus card can be used at BP and Texaco filling stations with the benefit of fixed weekly prices, so you can keep costs low for your fleet 3,200+
Esso National fleet card
Esso National
The Esso National card covers 25% of fuel stations in the UK! And it includes access to simple account management tools, helping you keep track of your fleet’s fuel spending 3,400+
Shell Multi-Network fleet card
Shell Multi-Network
The Shell Multi-Network card offers your fleet complete access to Shell, Esso and Texaco fuel stations. Into the deal is weekly fixed price discounts, to help keep costs down 3,150+
Texaco fastfuel fleet card
Texaco Fastfuel
The Texaco Fastfuel card is perfect for fleets looking for weekly wholesale fuel discounts and customised transaction reports, which is complemented by a huge network of stations




There’s a bigger range than that on the UK market, of course, and the best way to see everything on offer is to compare the market.

It’s free to do. All you have to do is enter a few business details and you’ll get some fantastic deals to check out in 30 seconds.

Best fuel card for small fleet

What’s the best fleet fuel cards for small businesses with a smaller fleet? Well, that really depends on your business needs.

We’ve got a full guide to the best fuel cards for small businesses. That’s worth checking out if you want extra details.

Your best options are all listed in the table above. That means the fuelGenie, Esso National, BP Plus, Texaco Fastfuel and the Shell Multi-Network.

As always, we recommend comparing the market to find the best deal. Every business has different needs! Get tailored search results to match them.

Electric vehicle fleet fuel cards

If you’re looking for an EV fleet fuel card, then there’s one on the market. Here it is, with its top benefits covered.

Card Name Benefits Number of Stations
Fleetone fleet card
Fleetone REV
The FleetOne Rev EV charge card gets you access to a huge network of charging and fuel stations across the UK. All with transparent pricing, making it a great choice for mixed fleets 4,000+


Electric vehicles are great for any business. They’re well worth considering, if you want to future-proof your fleet with an EV model or adding more to your current vehicles.

And with the Fleetone REV, you can charge at the stations NewMotion, IONITY, HastoBe, Fastned, EV-Box, ESB Group and Osprey. Compare now for great deals.

How do fleet fuel cards work?

It’s simple! Your driver fills up at a station in your network. The driver then pays using the card. And that’s it!

Every transaction is stored in your online account, making it easy to manage your fuel budget. Billing is on a fixed basis, usually weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The business benefits of fleet fuel cards

Want to know why your fleet should get one of these? Well, here’s a quick breakdown of the main business benefits.

A huge network of stations

With one card, you have total access to an enormous network of stations across the UK. That varies from one provider to the next, but they all offer excellent coverage.

Your fleet will be able to fill up at a mixture of service, motorway and supermarket stations.

Low prices on diesel and petrol

Some providers offer diesel and petrol discounts at the put. That’ll help you save money on fuel, and the savings can be used elsewhere to grow your business.

We’ve got a full guide to business fuel saving tips if you’re looking for more ways to keep your budget tight and effective.

Invoicing made easy

Most fleet fuel card providers offer weekly or monthly fuel invoicing services. That means it’s much easier to handle admin.

There’ll be no need to deal with all of your employees’ fuel reimbursements at the end of the month. It’s all handled from one online account! Speaking of which…

Online account management

Most providers offer one of these now. It lets you easily keep track of all fuel transactions across your whole fleet, all from one account. Convenient, right?

If you need some other fleet management tips, then yes we’ve got a guide for that, too.

Fraud protection for peace of mind

You’ll get PIN protection with your cards. That works in the same way as credit and debit cards, so your account has that extra layer of protection against fraud and theft.

Card lost or stolen? You’ve got peace of mind on that one.

Compare fleet fuel cards now

Now you’ve seen everything on offer, all you have to do is take the next step. And that’s comparing the market! It’s easy to do. Just follow three steps:

  1. Enter a few business details into our online form
  2. We provide you with the best matches
  3. You choose from the recommendations

You’ll then be forwarded through to the provider, where you can apply online (or over the phone). That’s it! Now, it’s time to save some time and money.

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