BP Fuel Cards


Whether businesses have a single vehicle or a mixed fleet, BP have a fuel card solution for you

Access one of Europe’s largest branded fuel station networks,

Achieve complete control of your business fuel costs

Decide on a fuel card pricing option which suits your business needs best

Enjoy peace of mind by using a number of security features to stop card fraud.

BP Fuel Cards are one of the most recognised fuel card brands in the UK and across Europe.  BP has multiple fuel cards which deliver a series of benefits for different vehicles. With BP fuel cards you can plan your routes and find nearby BP fuel stations to ensure you or your drivers do not have to deviate from your route, saving time and helping you increase productivity within your business.  For businesses BP fuel cards provide the following benefits;

  • The highest motorway and extensive A road coverage for outlets across the UK.
  • Reduced costs of managing your vehicles or fleet with competitive pricing options for fuel card holders
  • Access to credit options to help your business cashflow
  • Reduce the stress in managing vehicles and drives by reducing the need to carry cash, or chase for fuel receipts.
  • Access to an online fuel card management system which can provide approved tax invoices so businesses can claim back the VAT on fuel.
  • Restrict access to fuel cards to certain drivers or vehicles or both.
  • Access High speed pumps and High canopies for specific HGV fuelling
  • BP Fuel Cards can be assigned to a driver a vehicle, or both
  • For businesses using a large volume of fuel, a BP Fuel Card can reduce the need to bunker fuel, due to the vast network of fuel stations.

Drivers also get a number of benefits from using BP fuelcards whilst at the same time benefitting your business.

  • Access to driver amenities where drivers can refresh and take a much needed break, facilities include the Wild Bean Café and an expanding M&S partnership.
  • Drivers don’t need to wait for expenses to be filed to reclaim their money, it is all done on the Fuel Card
  • Safer for drivers as no need to carry cash
  • No need to collect and store receipts, the BP fuel card collects all the receipts online.
  • Drivers can use an online system to find the nearest fuel station, wherever they are on their route, through their mobile phone.  Even if there are delays, roadwords or diversions, drivers won’t get stressed looking for fuel stations or worrying about their time spent behind the wheel.
Quality Fuels 

BP’s Ultimate fuels are engineered to reduce the risk of breakdown and unforeseen maintenance by actively removing dirt, which even in small amounts can have a material impact on engine parts and affect performance and fuel consumption.  

A Nationwide Network 

BP Fuel Cards lets you access the largest motorway branded network in the UK, and thousands of BP partner filling stations  – you can say goodbye to wasted time, fuel and money. 

With over 3,500 fuelling stations in the UK for car and van fleets with the standard BP Plus and fleet cards,  and with the addition of a BP Plus Bunker fuel cards, you don’t need to drive out of your way for a suitable place to refuel. BP Plus cardholders can also collect Nectar points and keep their vehicles looking pristine with car washing facilities, air jet pumps and Adblue® for diesel. With over 600 custom-designed HGV sites, HGV truck stop access, high-speed diesel pumps, wide lanes and extra-high canopies, and the benefit of 24-hour access.

iCompario showcases the largest range of fuel cards in Europe, so you can ensure the BP fuelcard is in tune with the needs of your business.  How much could you be saving with a BP fuel card?  Fill in your details below, and one of our fuel card providers will be in touch to deliver the best fuel card for your needs.

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