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Largest network of motorway service stations of any major fuel card

The most obvious benefit of a BP fuel card is the quality of BP fuel. BP Ultimate Diesel cleans your engine as you drive and prolongs the vehicle’s life expectancy. It removes harmful dirt from inside your engine and helps stop it coming back. This helps reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and breakdowns and can even give you more miles per full tank of fuel

There are more BP service stations on Britain’s motorways than any other brand. Currently, 69 out of 122 motorway service stations in the UK are BP branded and accept BP fuel cards.

BP fuel cards give you the convenience of using a secure payment system and paying for the whole company’s diesel on a single weekly invoice Scroll down to read more on the benefits of iCompario’s favourite BP fuel cards.

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BP fuel cards through iCompario

Compare BP Fuel Card Options

These are the top two BP fuel cards picked by the iCompario panel. We have chosen one card for general use (the Plus) and another designed for HGV fleets that buy diesel in bulk (the Bunker).

BP Plus fuel card

BP plus card

  • This is BP’s all-rounder fuel card for fleets that travel anywhere in the UK
  • Biggest motorway service station network of any major fuel card 
  • Accepted at a number of Texaco, Esso and Gulf stations (as well BP)
  • Secure transaction method that has a fraud team to monitor card payments 
  • Dedicated customer service team on hand to help you and your drivers

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BP Plus Bunker fuel card

BP Plus Bunker card

  • Perfect for fleets of HGVs and coaches that refuel in bulk at so-called “bunker” sites
  • Pay a competitive fixed weekly price at BP bunker HGV sites throughout the UK 
  • Creates HMRC-approved invoices that you can use to submit your VAT claims
  • Online reports that help you to review and manage your company’s travel expenses
  • A dedicated account manager who has truck and bus fleet business expertise

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Where can you use BP fuel cards?

BP has over 1,200 service stations around the UK where their fuel cards are accepted.

This includes Britain’s largest number of motorway service stations. According to the BP website, 69 out of 122 UK motorway service stations are BP branded.

BP fuel cards are also accepted by its partner network. The company has a partner arrangement with other fuel companies including Texaco, Gulf and Esso. Certain BP fuel cards are accepted at this larger network. This partner network has over 2,200 petrol stations currently, which makes a total of well over 3,400 sites in the UK.

You can’t get BP diesel at the partner stations when using your BP fuel card, and you may pay a different price from the price you pay when using BP stations.

BP Fuel Card Benefits

  1. Discount BP fuel: buy petrol and diesel at wholesale prices from BP stations
  2. Simplifies VAT reclaim: get HMRC-approved invoices for your tax submissions 
  3. Manage your spending: online portal shows you every purchase and filter by driver
  4. Accounts management: set weekly/monthly spend limits so cards can’t be abused
  5. Reduces your admin time: digital invoices means no more hand logging of receipts

BP Fuel Card FAQs

What is a BP fuel card?

A BP fuel card is a form of business credit, specifically for your travel expenses. It’s a way of using cash flow management by shifting the payment date for your diesel and petrol to a time that’s more convenient for your business — once a week or month, rather than every day.

How does a BP fuel card work?

A BP fuel card works in the same way as other forms of business credit. You buy the items you need (such as diesel for your HVG) by presenting your card to the cashier at a station or garage. Your company then pays for the items when it receives the invoice from BP at the end of the week or month — pending on the payment schedule you’ve set.

What can I buy with my BP fuel card?

You can buy a range of travel-related items with your BP fuel card. You can purchase high-quality diesel or petrol from a huge number of stations. You can also buy other essential items for your company vehicles, such as AdBlue and oil.

Need help choosing a BP fuel card?

Ready to choose a BP fuel card? Or are you still weighing up your options against other brands? To see how BP fuel cards compare to the others available from iCompario you can use our “Quick fuel card compare tool” below. You just need to enter the number and type of vehicles and type of stations your company uses and it will give you a list of the best fuel cards available for your specific needs.