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A Guide to UK Fuels Fuel Cards

In recent years, the use of fuel cards by businesses has skyrocketed and overtaken other payment methods, such as cash or company credit cards, dramatically. Today, fuel cards in the UK are used by thousands of small, medium, and large businesses that want to take advantage of their many benefits such as lower fuel costs, easier tracking, and simpler accounting.

With the right fuel card by its side, any small business can dramatically streamline its day-to-day and remove many of the time-consuming and expensive administrative burdens faced by their staff when it comes to fleet management.

UK Fuels offers a range of fuel card services to UK businesses and is one of the many options that are available to a company that operates a fleet of vehicles. Whilst having lots of options is great, however, choosing the right fuel card services for your business can be difficult.

In this guide, we are going to run you through the ins and outs of UK Fuels and its fuel card services. Hopefully, this will provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed and, more importantly, right decision.

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About the UK Fuels Fuel Card Services

UK Fuels has created a range of fuel card services to help both small and large businesses maximise their fuel efficiency and savings when operating a fleet in the UK.

As with many other fuel cards and fuel card services, UK Fuels provides not only discounts on fuel but access to a range of other benefits. These include:

  • Fleet management software
  • Simple invoicing
  • Fuel usage and efficiency data
  • Expense tracking.

It is for these reasons that UK Fuels and its fuel card services is a very popular choice amongst both small and large businesses nationwide.

What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is a sort-of ‘payment method’ device that is designed specifically for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles. Whether your fleet is large or small does not matter; a fuel card works in the same way whether you have one or one thousands vehicles.

Fuel cards let you and your fleet drivers purchase fuel for the vehicles that they use as a part of their employment. You are free to set your own internal policies and terms (e.g. when a fuel card can be used) so long as the card is used solely for fuel and fuel-related purchases.

Your typical fuel card looks and works in the same way as a standard credit or debit card. However, it differs from these in that it can only be used at designated service stations for fuel and fuel-related purchases. Any purchases that fall outside the remit of fuel will usually attract an additional percentage fee depending on the card issuer.

The card itself is the same size as a credit card and has its own magnetic and signature strip on the reverse. A PIN number is used for authentication purposes and the registration of the fleet vehicle (or the name of an assigned employee) is printed on the front.

What Changes?

Not much.

With a fuel card, your fleet drivers can fill up their vehicles as normal and then use their UK Fuels fuel card to pay for what they have drawn. This is used instead of cash, their own personal payment method, or the company’s credit card. By using the fuel card, there is no need for your employees to hang on to any receipts or track anything.

For fleet managers, day-to-day tasks become easier to manage. Using powerful fleet management software, you can track everything from fuel usage to driver mileage in real-time. Periodically, you will be sent an invoice that includes a single calculated figure for the total fuel drawn in each period, plus VAT. This eliminates a whole lot of fleet admin.

The UK Fuels Fuel Cards and Fuel Card Services

UK Fuels is one of the UK’s premier providers of fuel card services. It has one of the largest selections of fuel cards available that provide access to some of the country’s most competitively priced fuel stations

At the time of writing, UK Fuels’ network consists of over 2,900 service stations nationwide. These stations include leading brands and supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op.

All UK Fuels’ customers have full access to their proprietary fleet management system, Velocity. Velocity enables simple and real-time management and monitoring of all your fuel cards in one place via a computer or smartphone device. Transactions, invoices, fuel usage, and efficiency reports, amongst other things, can be seen via Velocity and used for route planning and strategic decision making.

UK Fuels’ Fuelplus Fuel Card

Fuelplus is UK Fuels’ very own fuel card. Designed for business fleets operating within a specific local area, customers benefit from competitive pricing and tools to maximise fleet efficiency and reduce bills. At a glance, the Fuelplus card:

  • Provides access to over 2,900 strategically-located UK sites;
  • Fixed pricing on wholesale fuel;
  • Easy accounting thanks to clear HMRC-approved invoices;
  • An online e-route planner with smartphone and SatNav integration; and
  • The Velocity fleet management system.

The 2,900+ UK Fuels’ Fuelplus sites include strategically located local sites. This makes it the ideal fuel card for businesses with as many as 50 different cars or light commercial vehicles operating within a specific local area. At these service stations, fixed weekly diesel and pump pricing helps you keep on top of your fuel spend and within your own budget.

A minimum spend of £300 per account per month applies.

Texaco Fastfuel

UK Fuels also partners with several other fuel card services providers, one of whom being Texaco and its ‘Fastfuel‘ fuel card. The Texaco Fastfuel card provides flexibility to operators of car and van fleets that operate nationwide. At a glance, the Fastfuel card:

  • Provides access to a network of over 3,300 stations, including 300 at Morrisons;
  • Features competitive fixed weekly wholesale diesel and petrol prices;
  • Clear, concise HMRC-approved invoices; and
  • The Velocity fleet management system.

The huge 3,000-strong network combines over 800 Texaco filling stations in both town and rural areas with the additional convenience of 2,500 more UK Fuels sites that can be found on motorways and A roads nationwide. This makes the Fastfuel card perfect for businesses both small and large that operate a fleet nationwide, not just in a specific local area.

Again, a minimum spend of £300 per account per month applies.

*You can read our full guide on the Texaco Fuel Card here.

Where Can the UK Fuels Fuel Cards Be Used?

UK Fuels provides one of the largest networks of fuel stations of any UK-based fuel services provider.

As we mentioned earlier, the UK Fuels fuel card network is comprised of over 2,900 service stations that cover towns, cities, rural areas, motorways, and A roads up and down the UK.

UK Fuels makes it their core objective to hook you up with the best fuel card for your business, whether this being their own UK Fuels Fuel Card. This means that no matter which UK Fuels fuel card you use, you will always have easy and convenient access to service stations that are most suited to your business and its fleet operations.

The Benefits of a UK Fuels Fuel Card

There are lots of valuable benefits that you can take advantage of with a fuel card either from UK Fuels or another fuel card services provider. After all, fuel cards are a whole lot more than just a convenient payment method.

1. Your business will save lots of money

The amount of money you stand to save with a fuel card will depend highly on the fuel card you choose and how big your fleet is. However, whilst savings vary massively, you are guaranteed to be better off financially in the long run. This is because providers of fuel card services, especially supermarket providers, set competitive pricing terms for their customers.

With fixed weekly and wholesale pricing on petrol and diesel, for example, UK Fuels Fuel Card customers can anticipate their costs ahead of time and factor it into route planning or purchase fuel in bulk when it is at a lower than average cost.

2. Your business will save time on admin tasks

When you are financing your fleet’s fuel using cash or a company credit card, there is a whole lot of accounts-related admin to keep on top of.

Not only do your fleet drivers need to keep receipts (and also claim expenses if fuel is purchased out of pocket) but you or staff must comb through all these receipts and transactions and cross-reference them with fuel usage, mileage, and your drivers’ journeys. This is all done before we have even got to the accounting side of things, a whole different ball game.

With a fuel card, all purchases are automatically collated, and you are periodically sent a HMRC-friendly invoice with a single figure for your fuel spend. That’s it. This eliminates all the above and more.

3. Your business will be protected from fraudulent activity

Without a fuel card you are not protected against the possibility of fraudulent activity because your drivers’ purchases are not fully traceable or locked to fuel-related transactions. With fraudulent activity ranging from the small, such as adding on a Mars Bar to their fuel purchases, to the large, such as purchasing fuel for their own use, it is something that every business needs to take measures to avoid.

With a fuel card, all transactions are fully tracked and auditable. And because purchases are restricted to fuel-related purchases at specific service stations, there is no chance of your company being out of pocket for an unscrupulous employee’s spending.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

While all fuel cards are largely the same, their finer details—fuel station access, benefits, pricing, etc.—vary. This means that there is no single ‘perfect’ fuel card; to find what is ‘perfect’ for your business you must compare the many different available options.

UK Fuels Fuel Card Summary

UK Fuels is one of the UK’s most widely used and reputable names.

The company offers a large choice of cards with each one tailored to a specific business or type of fleet. This guarantees that you will be able to find a fuel card that provides your company with the most cost-efficient solution whilst maintaining convenient access to a large network of service stations.

All UK Fuels’ Fuel Cards come with powerful fleet management software and clear, concise HMRC-approved invoicing.

Compare the UK Fuels Fuel Card Services

Why not compare the UK Fuels fuel card services alongside a huge range of services from other providers and see which one will provide you with the best value? The full range of UK Fuels fuel cards, and fuel cards from other providers, is available for comparison through the iCompario website.

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare UK Fuels’ fuel cards and services alongside a range of cards from other providers.