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Morrisons Fuel Cards

A Guide to Morrisons Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are a nifty solution to the age-old problems of keeping your commercial fleet running—lots of admin and paperwork, low-to-no accountability, and little trackability. Fuel cards let you monitor driver activity, save money on fuel costs, avoid fraudulent activity, keep an eye on fuel efficiency, and track your fuel spend over time, amongst other things.

Given the many benefits that they have to offer to businesses that use them, it should come as no surprise—at least it won't after you have finished reading this guide—that thousands of businesses across the UK use fuel cards, like those on offer from Morrisons

When you are using the right fuel card for your business, whether that be a Morrisons Fuel Card or otherwise, you can streamline your company's admin workload and virtually eliminate the hassle of fleet management, no matter how big or small your fleet is. A Morrisons Fuel Card is one of several available on the market today and it is far more than just a convenient payment device—let's take a look at it in more detail!

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About Morrisons

Morrison Supermarkets plc (known as Morrisons, as you are likely aware!) is the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket chain with its headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The company was founded in 1899 by William Morrison and began trading as an egg and butter stall in Rawson Market of Bradford.

Until around 2004, Morrisons predominantly had its presence in the North of England. However, its operations expanded to the South of England with its takeover of Safeway. Today, there are around 498 Morrisons superstores across Great Britain and the company employs well over 100,000 people.

About the Morrisons Fuel Card

For businesses operating a fleet of vehicles, no matter how big or small, a Morrisons Fuel Card is well worth considering. Whilst there are plenty of fuel card options open to you, we are going to focus on Morrisons Fuel Cards throughout this guide. A Morrisons Fuel Card is a very popular supermarket fuel card choice for both small and large businesses alike on account of the many features and benefits that come with it.

Like other supermarkets, Morrisons does not provide its very own branded fuel card. Instead, Morrisons partners up with other providers—Texaco, fuelGenie, and All Star—to provide one.

But First, what is a Fuel Card?

Before looking at a Morrisons Fuel Card in greater detail, it is important that you know what a fuel card is and just how one works.

A fuel card, sometimes referred to as a ‘fleet card’, is a payment product that, for businesses, allows its drivers to purchase fuel for any vehicles that they use during the course of their employment or other business purposes. The classic example of a fuel card’s use is a tradesman and his or her van, however, there are several use cases applicable to businesses and organisations of all types, including the emergency services.

Just like any other fuel card, a Morrisons Fuel Card is a payment product that looks identical to a credit card and is used in the same way. The primary difference between a Morrisons Fuel Card and, say, a company credit card is that the former can only be used for fuel-related purchases at Morrisons and other designated stations.

With their fuel cards, your drivers will be able to fill up one of your fleet vehicles and then use it to ‘pay’ for the drawn fuel. Periodically, you will be sent an invoice for the total cost of fuel drawn during a specified timeframe plus VAT. This single figure payment makes the fuelling process easier for both sides—it reduces your admin burden and eliminates the need for your drivers to ask for and keep (and not ruin!) receipts.

How Do Fuel Cards Work?

All fuel cards work the same—they are very similar to a regular payment card.

Typically, a fuel card will be printed with your company’s name on them and the registration number of the vehicle to which it is assigned. The card also features a magnetic strip that is used for data capture alongside a signature strip. A PIN number is also used for authentication.

Many fuel cards, including a Morrisons Fuel Card, come with some form of real-time online dashboard where you can monitor and manage your fleet, view invoices, check mileage, and cancel cards or order new ones.

Where Can My Drivers Use a Morrisons Fuel Card?

Where your drivers can use their Morrisons Fuel Cards will depend on which Morrisons Fuel Card your business uses. Whilst you can use the Morrisons supermarket fuel card at all Morrisons properties and other ‘big four’ supermarkets that feature a service station (Allstar only), you can also use it at a select range of other brands’ service stations, too.

Texaco’s Fastfuel Morrisons Fuel Card

Texaco is another large provider of fuel cards. The procures its fuel in bulk at wholesale prices. This means that Texaco can sell their fuel to Morrisons and other retailers at a lower price and these savings get passed on to you—this is why supermarkets consistently have the lowest fuel prices available.

A Texaco Fastfuel Morrisons Fuel Card will provide drivers with access to all Morrisons service stations and the full Texaco network. At the time of writing, this network is comprised of over 2,300 service stations. Other card features include:

  • Card purchases restricted to fuel, oil, and car wash;
  • E-billing;
  • No transaction fees
  • 24-hour customer support.

Not only does the Texaco Fastfuel Morrisons Fuel Card let your drivers purchase from Morrisons forecourts at a reduced rate, they can also use Texaco’s primary network of 800+ own-brand fuel stations in addition to 1,200 BP forecourts. At Texaco’s own stations, pricing is fixed each week.

fuelGenie Morrisons Fuel Card

fuelGenie is one of the UK’s largest providers of fuel cards and their supermarket fuel card gives drivers convenient access to over 1,300 UK supermarket forecourts that include Morrisons, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s forecourts.

The fuelGenie Morrisons Fuel Card is designed specifically for use at supermarkets and thus it is ideal for fleets that spend a lot of time driving around more urbanised areas as opposed to the motorway network. Other card features include:

  • No card charges or account fees;
  • The ability to collect loyalty points on eligible purchases; and
  • Includes oil and car washes in addition to fuel purchases.

Allstar’s Morrisons Fuel Card

Allstar is a leading provider of fuel cards and fleet management solutions in the UK. Boasting the UK’s largest fuel network with 7,700 fuel stations at the time of writing, including many major supermarket forecourts, Allstar’s Morrisons Fuel Card is ideal for fleets that require the broadest possible coverage in terms of forecourt availability.

Other features of the Allstar Morrisons Fuel Card include:

  • A smartphone app for route planning;
  • Access to other ‘big four’ supermarket forecourts; and
  • Access to hydrogen fuel-based vehicles at ITM Power stations.

According to Allstar, over 90% of the UK’s fuel sites accept their card, and this includes all major oil brands as well as supermarkets. With new forecourts and brands added to the Allstar card regularly, drivers will never be too far from a service station. This prevents drivers going out of their way to fill up, saving you money and preventing delays.

Benefits of Using a Morrisons Fuel Card

There are several standard benefits associated with the use of a Morrisons Fuel Card (and any other fuel card) with your company’s fleet.

1. Your business will save time on fleet admin

Fleet admin can be a huge time sink. By far, one of the greatest benefits of using a Morrisons Fuel Card is that your business and its staff can save endless amounts of time on fleet admin.

When your drivers use a fuel card, gone are the days of manually managing and monitoring fleets, guesstimating data, tinkering with spreadsheets, and the need to trawl through, process, and cross-reference a huge pile of receipts and invoices.

When you use a Morrisons Fuel Card or any other fuel card for that matter, your fleet’s accounting will primarily consist of a periodic invoice that includes a single figure for the total cost of fuel drawn during a given timeframe. This figure can be put directly onto your books and used for claiming back VAT without you having to think twice.

Furthermore, because your Morrisons Fuel Card comes with access to an online fleet management dashboard, you can access your account around the clock to view and download fuel usage information, view recent invoices, and check transactions.

2. Your business will save money on fuel

Fuel card providers typically offer more competitive pricing to their users, however, supermarket fuel cards such as a Morrisons Fuel Card go the extra mile with it.

Because supermarkets buy their fuel in bulk at wholesale prices, they pass these savings on to you—the customer—through super competitive pricing that is often the lowest available anywhere.

Fuel card savings vary between providers. Whilst some providers will offer fixed weekly pricing, others will offer a discounted price per litre or something completely different. This is why it is worthwhile to properly research fuel cards before settling on one—it ensures you get the best possible deal.

3. Your business will benefit from tracking and fraud protection

Most fuel cards, including the Morrisons supermarket fuel card, come with an online facility where you can track and monitor your fleet in real-time. With it, you can track driver mileage, fuel usage and spend, card transactions, and other important information from anywhere at any time.

Additionally, fuel cards provide a strong layer of protection against the possibility of fraud. This is because fuel cards can only be used by specified people and/or on a specified vehicle (as indicated by the registration number printed on the card) for a fuel-related purchase.

This eliminates the possibility for your drivers to ‘fiddle’ with cash or a company credit card and make false expenses claims.

Choosing the Right Fuel Card for Your Business

Whilst all fuel cards work the same, they differ in their finer details. Forecourt access, pricing, fees, and benefits all vary from provider-to-provider. This is why it is important to compare business fuel cards so that you get the best deal possible and maximise the potential benefits.

Compare the Morrisons Fuel Card Today

Why not compare a Morrisons Fuel Card alongside a huge range of other ones? This way, you will see for yourself which one will provide your business with the best value for money, amongst other things.

Morrisons Fuel Cards can be found and compared against others through the iCompario website.

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare the Morrisons fuel card alongside a range of cards from other providers. iCompario’s fuel card experts are also on-hand to help should you need it.