Esso Fuel Cards

Esso fuel cards provide access to a large network of service stations nationally and across Europe. Your business can manage what the cards can buy via an online system.

Access more than 3,382 fuel stations across the UK with an Esso Card™, including busy motorway routes.

Access to 2,011 24-hour fuel stations.

For businesses with HGV or Trucks there is also 1,129 truck sites, which provide fast fuelling pumps and high canopies.

Collect Tesco Clubcard points

Competitive pricing tailored to your business needs

Whether you operate just one vehicle, or you are in charge of a fleet which has a range of different vehicles, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about fuel.  We know it is not easy these days with ever fluctuating fuel prices. Esso Fuel Cards are on hand to alleviate your concerns, allowing you to focus on more important things for your business.  Esso fuel cards have been designed with businesses in mind.  Esso is one of the largest fuel station networks in the country and across Europe.  This helps to ensure that with the Esso Fuel Card you or your drivers don’t need to make long and costly route deviations.

We know that at the end of the month, trying to do accounting and pulling together your fuel receipts is an arduous task.  With an Esso Fuel Card the stress and time spent on this task is reduced by up to the minute reporting that you can check anytime. You also have the ability to drill down into your vehicle or fleets data and make real time business intelligence decisions.  Day or night, from the home, office, or even on the road, you can see the level of fuel used by individual drivers, vehicles or cards.

Esso Synergy Fuel

Esso Syngery fuels are specifically designed to help clean vital parts of your engine, and ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best. Using an Esso Fuel Card provides your business with access to all the high quality Esso Synergy fuels and a number of other approved vehicle engine oils and car care products by Mobil™.

Esso Card™ Network Has You Covered 

The Esso Card™ fuel station network has convenient opening times and fast refuelling services to help keep your business on the move. In the UK, Esso Card™ has been bolstered with BP and Esso cross-acceptance, meaning that you can now use your Esso fuel card at BP, Shell and Esso service stations across the country. This gives you access to a large network across the UK. 

Drivers also benefit from Esso Fuel Cards with the ability to collect Tesco clubcard points on purchases as well as gain access to food and drink facilities, when taking a much needed rest from driving.

International Acceptance 

With their extended third-party Esso card network of service stations across Europe, your Esso fuel cards give you access to sites in many European countries including Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.  

Fuel Card Services 

By using an Esso fuel card, you’ll find specialist facilities for trucks in key locations on the Esso fuel card network. Facilities include dedicated lanes, raised canopies, high-speed diesel pumps and separate parking.  

iCompario features the widest number of fuel cards in Europe, so you can ensure the Esso fuelcard provides the benefits your business needs.  How much could you be saving with a Esso fuel card?  Fill in your details below, and one of our fuel card providers will be in touch to deliver the best fuel card for your needs.

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