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Asda Fuel Cards

Buy low-cost fuel at one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets  

Purchase diesel and petrol from one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. Asda is one of the largest supermarket chains and its fuel prices are among the lowest in the UK. Asda has forecourts in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so your drivers are never far from low priced fuel wherever they are in the UK. 

Make your fleet management easier with fuel card reporting software. Fuel cards come with detailed account management tools that allow your managers to review every petrol and diesel transaction in real time. Your managers can use this information to ensure your business stays on top of its fuel expenses and manages its finances sensibly. 

Protect your company by using a safe and secure payment method. Investing in fuel cards means your drivers will never need to use cash to pay for the diesel and petrol they need. You can also set payment limits on your fuel cards that stop your drivers from overspending. This reduces the risk of your company’s money being misplaced or misspent.

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Asda fuel card options available to use at Asda 

Asda doesn’t have its own branded supermarket fuel card and there’s no indication that this will change in the near future. Right now, the main incentive to use Asda petrol stations is using an Asda credit card to pay for your purchases.  

Alternative fuel card options available to your business

Supermarket fuel cards are ideal for any UK business that wants to reduce and control its fuel spend expenses. You can use alternative fuel cards at other (non Asda) supermarket petrol stations, so you’re able to get the benefits of buying low cost diesel and petrol.

Your business can cut its spending on diesel and petrol today by applying for one of the following fuel cards accepted at supermarket forecourts.

fuelGenie Fuel Card

An image of a fuelGenie supermarket fuel card

  • Save money for your business by paying supermarket prices for petrol and diesel
  • Make your VAT claims process easier with HMRC-compliant invoices
  • No surcharges on the diesel and petrol that your drivers buy for their vehicles

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Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card

An image of a Texaco supermarket fuel card

  • Receive competitive prices on the fuel your company purchases  
  • Can be used in over 3,000 petrol stations across the UK 
  • Streamline your bookkeeping process with online fuel transactions

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FuelPlus Fuel Card

An image of a UK Fuels FuelPlus Fuel Card supermarket fuel card

  • Pay a weekly fixed price for the diesel and petrol you buy 
  • Monitor your fuel spending with account account management software 
  • Streamline your VAT claims refunds with HMRC-compliant invoices

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FleetOne Fuel Card

An image of a FleetOne Fuel Card supermarket fuel card

  • Access the biggest combined network of fuel brands in the UK 
  • Use the Velocity portal to track and improve your fuel efficiency 
  • Plan your fuel spending by getting fixed weekly prices

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Smartdiesel Fuel Card

An image of a Smartdiesel supermarket fuel card

  • Can be used at more than 130 discounted sites on the Smart Saver network
  • Get additional fuel discounts when you expand your company’s fuel spending 
  • Use email notifications to control how much your drivers spend on fuel

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Where can you use alternative supermarket fuel cards? 

Asda doesn’t offer its own fuel card but there are some great cards you can use at the UK’s other major supermarket petrol stations.. 

This is the total number of stations covered by each fuel card we’ve highlighted: 


  • Stations in fuelGenie Fuel Card network: over 3,300
  • Stations in Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card network: over 3,000
  • Stations in FuelPlus Fuel Card network: over 3,300
  • Stations in FleetOne Fuel Card network: over 4,700
  • Stations in Smartdiesel Fuel Card network: over 2,000


These five fuel cards cover the entirety of the UK, allowing your drivers to fill up their vehicles in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Supermarket Fuel Card Benefits 

  1. Buy low-cost fuel: keep your diesel and petrol expenses down by using your card to purchase fuel at supermarket price. 
  2. Fuel management: the Velocity portal makes it easy for your fleet managers to track every penny spent on fuel.
  3. Simplified VAT reclaims: your fuel cards provide all the information you need to submit HMRC compliant invoices and reclaim your fuel VAT. 
  4. Secure payments: chip and PIN technology makes fuel cards a safer way to buy petrol and diesel than using cash. 
  5. Plan your journeys: e-route planners come with your fuel cards and this means your drivers can plan their journeys in advance and stay on track while on the road.

Asda Fuel Card FAQs

Does Asda take fuel cards?

Asda doesn’t accept the UK’s major fuel cards but you can use your cards at other supermarket forecourts. You can use the fuelGenie card, Texaco Fastfuel  card and some other great fuel cards at supermarket petrol stations. 

How much is fuel at Asda?

Asda is known for having low-cost fuel, with its petrol and diesel prices among the lowest you’ll find in the UK. Asda regularly updates its fuel prices and publishes them clearly on its forecourts. Check the price advertised at the pump before you make your fuel purchases to be sure it’s the right option for your business. 

Is it worth getting a fuel card?

Fuel cards offer a range of great benefits to your business. The chip technology makes them a secure payment method, while the account management software makes them a great fuel management tool because you can fuel all of your transactions in real time. These benefits mean that fuel cards can help your business to save money. 

Need help choosing a supermarket fuel card?

Are you ready to apply for a fuel card that can be used at supermarket forecourts or would you like to compare the full range of cards on offer before starting your application?

iCompario is the free online marketplace for business products and services, where managers and owners can research and rapidly compare fuel cards, vehicle tracking systems, insurance, telecoms and other essentials. The team follows up online queries by telephone so every site visitor finds their ideal, future-proof product at the best price possible.

Discover how Asda fuel cards and the alternative options we’ve recommended compare to the other fuel cards available to your business by checking out iCompario’s fuel card comparison form now.