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What fuel cards do ASDA accept?

At ASDA, you can pay for fuel using a fuel card, or your debit or credit card. We don’t have any fuel cards for ASDA for you to compare.

But we do have a wide range of industry-leading fuel cards you can use at many other supermarkets, and service stations, across the UK.

So, if you’re on the lookout for ASDA fuel cards it’s not just a case of fuel card, ASDA, and you’re done with the choices. In fact, there’s a huge range of business fuel cards that open up a massive network of stations across the UK.

The best fuel cards in the UK

It’s good business practice to use a fuel card as you can easily cover this expense and simplify business life—not just for you, but also for any of your drivers.

There are many excellent fuel cards for your business to use. And here they are! Take your pick and if you like the look of one you can do a free market comparison for the best deal.

Fuel card The business benefits Available supermarkets


Great for saving money if you’re buying diesel and petrol. No extra charges. Plus, easily reclaim VAT on invoices Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco
Fuelplus Diesel card


Perfect for big fleets, you pay a weekly fixed price on diesel and petrol. And you can easily reclaim VAT on your invoices UK Fuels, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco


An all-rounder, with this you get the biggest combined network of stations. Plus, you get weekly fixed prices for budgeting Tesco, Morrisons, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, Texaco, JET
Fastfuel Diesel card

Texaco Fastfuel

Ideal for mixed fleets, you get competitive prices at the pump and you can use this across 3,000 stations in total across the UK Morrisons, UK Fuels, Sainsbury’s, Texaco, Tesco


Use our free comparison tool to find the right provider! It only takes a few moments to fill out your details before you get some top-quality recommendations.

How to make an ASDA fuel card payment

There aren’t many ASDA fuel cards you can use, but you can go to other supermarkets and service stations to take advantage of a huge UK network ranging in the 1,000s. Plus, you can use your credit of debit card to pay for fuel.

But, really, you want to be using a fuel card that gets you as wide access as possible to a big network of stations.

It’s worth it because fuel cards are really easy to use. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill up at the pump
  2. Present your fuel card to the cashier
  3. You’re done! All paid for

It’s really that simple. But when you use a fuel card with an expansive network, there are a lot more advantages thrown into the bargain.

The benefits of getting a fuel card

Any fuel card you get gives you many advantages, although it can differ from one provider to the next.

Always check what a provider offers before signing-up. But you can expect these kinds of perks when you fill up at a service station.

Low-cost fuel prices at the pump

Simply put, with a fuel card you’re going to get some really fantastic prices at the pump. Whether it’s diesel or petrol, you can keep the expenses low.

Your card will provide automatic benefits at great prices, often with the benefit of claiming loyalty points when you spend. Bonus!

Easier fuel management

You’ll get an online account with most fuel cards you come across. That makes it super easy to manage your fuel expenses.

You can track spending driver by driver, manage invoices, payments and generally run a tight ship with no added hassles.

If you’re looking to track every penny, then your fuel card will make it a cinch.

If you want to save more business budget on fuel, then click on our guide there. As you can always add more money-saving ideas into your strategy with a little knowhow.

Better security

With your fuel card, you can set spending limits and also set PIN security features. That way, you can guarantee you won’t lose budget if the card falls into the wrong hands.

There’s no denying it, using these cards is just a much safer way of paying then with loose change.

Easily reclaim VAT

We’ve managed this one a few times, but it’s a biggie. With your fuel card, you can submit HMRC compliant invoices to reclaim fuel VAT.

It’s this way… or managing hundreds of receipts your drivers hand you at the end of each keep. And we know which one we’d rather go for.

Easily locate stations

Many fuel cards these days come with software that makes it easy to find your nearest station. That way, your drivers won’t be going around lost before running out of fuel.

Simply follow the directions and then can top up at a station in your network.

A convenient life for employees

If you have a fleet, your drivers will love fuel cards. That way, they don’t have to faff with:

  • Lots of spare change
  • Worrying about managing budget
  • Looking after loads of receipts

Instead, with one card they just need to fill up, pay and then they’re done. Everything they do is stored in your account, helping them to concentrate on the job at hand.

Time to get your fuel card

Well, you’ve heard all you need to know about ASDA fuel cards. We’ll wrap things up here by saying it’s a great investment for your business to get fuel cards.

You can just want to get one that provides you with the widest possible choice, covering as many service stations as you need.

Ready to get your best match? Compare the market! Enter your details into our free form and we’ll send you a recommendation. You’ll be up and running in not time!

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