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Best Fuel Cards for Small Businesses in the UK

  • Cut down on your fuel costs
  • Go paperless and get faster admin
  • Control your cash flow by paying for fuel weekly

Fuel cards can save your small business time and money

Want to save time and money for your UK small business? Fuel cards are one of the best ways! Any pricey fuel bill can tip the scales and drag your profits down. Small business fuel cards help to control your budget, can help to cut your costs and speed up your admin.

Scroll on down to see the best fuel cards for small businesses in the UK. Check out our expert reviews and tips to find out how getting fuel cards can help your business.

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The best fuel cards for small businesses in the UK

A fuel card is more than another card to add to your wallet. The best small business fuel cards in the UK have lots of features and benefits to support your business.

But how do you know which one to pick? These are the top five fuel cards for small businesses! Need more detail? Let’s drive into it.

Fuel Card Name Key Benefit iCompario Star Rating
fuelGenie fuel card for small business
fuelGenie Fuel Card
Supermarket price fuel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Esso National fuel card for small business
Esso National
Choose your price plan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BP Plus fuel card for small business
BP Plus Fuel Card
Large premium network ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fastfuel fuel card for small business
Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card
Petrol and diesel on one card ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Shell mult-network fuel card for small business
Shell Multi-Network Fuel Card
Set card limits to stop misuse ⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. FuelGenie

fuelGenie small business fuel cards

  • Fill up on supermarket fuel
  • Collect loyalty points and reap the benefits
  • Speed up admin with digital invoices

Ever wished for lower fuel costs? The fuelGenie fuel card might just be your answer. This UK small business fuel card is accepted at 1,350 supermarket stations, making it one of the more widely accepted cards from a smaller brand.

One of the best parts about having a fuelGenie card is the supermarket loyalty points. If your small business already uses supermarket fuel, you’re missing out on loads of points by not having this fuel card. Get points every time you refill!

2. Esso National

Esso National small business fuel cards

  • Great online management system
  • Choose pump or fixed prices
  • Easy to submit fuel invoices for VAT reclaims

The Esso National is accepted at over 3,500 stations in the UK. It’s station network includes BP, Esso, and Shell.

Do you hate paperwork? We do too! Luckily, the Esso National gives you automated fuel invoices to save you time. No more asking your drivers for receipts or checking their invoices. Get a fuel invoice for all your fuel spending every week.

One of our favourite parts of the Esso card is its flexibility. Choose from pump or fixed weekly fuel prices to get the best fit for your business. This customisable option means the Esso National is a great choice for many small businesses!

3. BP Plus

BP Plus small business fuel cards

  • BPme reward points
  • Fixed weekly prices to control your budget
  • Large network in the UK

BP is known as one of the biggest brands in the UK and has some of the highest quality fuel around. If your small business uses BP stations, you’re in luck. This is the fuel card for you!

This fuel card for small businesses has a unique benefit. Get BPme reward points every time you refill. Already use BP stations?

Stop missing out on points! Give you and your drivers a nice little reward for refilling at one of the biggest brands in the UK. Use those points to shop online or spend in the station.

What about the weekly fixed prices? Staying on top of your budget is super important for a small business. This card gives you set weekly prices that you’ll pay for the fuel at BP stations.

This can be lower than what you see on the pump! When prices are low, get your drivers to refill and reap the benefits of getting points and saving money in one swoop.

4. Texaco Fastfuel

Fastfuel small business fuel cards

  • Buy petrol and diesel on one card
  • Choose your price plan
  • Large station network

The Fastfuel card is accepted at over 3,500 stations in the UK. As far as fuel cards for small businesses go, not many can match that network size. Refill at supermarkets, Texaco and many independent stations.

This card is also one of the most flexible on our list. Want to pay fuel prices you see at the pump or get a weekly fixed prices sent to you? The Fastfuel can be whatever you want it to be! Our advisors can help you work out which type works best for you.

5. Shell Multi-Network

Shell Multi-network small business fuel cards

  • Pay for the M6 toll on your card
  • Choose spending limits
  • Great online management system

Who can forget about Shell? If you’re driving on the motorway, Shell is a super familiar sight. Their small business fuel card is pretty good, too!

The Shell card has one unique feature every small business on the motorway will love. You get to include your M6 toll charges on your fuel invoices. It’s small thing, but it’s a big time saver!

Worried about fuel card misuse? What if a card gets stolen? No worries. Set up fuel spend limits for added security.

Plus, track all your fuel spending for all your drivers in one easy to use online platform. Print off your invoices, check your spending, and see where you can cut down. Sound good? Apply for your Shell card right now!

How do fuel cards benefit small businesses?

  1. Cut down on your paperwork
  2. Monitor and manage cash flow
  3. Improve your bookkeeping
  4. Reclaim VAT easily

1. Cut down on your paperwork to save time (H3)

Fuel cards are a great way for small businesses to manage their costs and ensure they receive the fuel VAT refunds they’re entitled to from HMRC with minimal paperwork.

Instead of digging through receipts and filling in forms, you get digital invoices. Go paperless for sustainability and save yourself a paperwork headache!

How to get the best fuel cards for small businesses

Applying for fuel cards doesn’t have to mean tons of paperwork and waiting around. Let us do the comparison for you!

We’ll find out which cards are best for your small business and get you in touch with your provider. You’ll have your fuel cards before you know it.

We compare fuel cards from all the big companies and lots of little ones too! We’ll help you find deals with no minimum purchase or tie-in contracts.

All you have to do is click the button below and start comparing to get your quotes.

Read more about fuel cards on iCompario

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