Best Fuel Cards For Small Businesses

Fuel cards for small businesses are one of the best ways to run your company vehicles – they make it quicker and cheaper to buy fuel, saving your business money.

Some small businesses need their vehicles to survive – whether that’s delivering goods, helping the company operate or facilitating sales calls, they can be essential.

The efficiency of your vehicles affects your profits and is one of the key differences between your business thriving and barely surviving.

Fuel cards for small businesses are one of the best ways to run your company vehicles – they make it quicker and cheaper to buy fuel, saving your business money.

Picking the right fuel card is vital – here’s how you can choose yours.

What’s the best fuel card for my small business?

Each small business is unique, with different needs and requirements for every company. This means that finding the right fuel card is about deciding which one is best for you and your company’s individual needs.

The best fuel card for your company depends on: 

  • Your usual business routes, and the network coverage within that area
  • What fuel your vehicles use – petrol or diesel
  • Whether your priority is cutting costs or administrative simplicity  

iCompario allows you to compare the best fuel cards in your area, and provides key details to help you choose the right card for your small business. 

We’ve picked five of the best fuel cards to help you decide which one is right for your small UK business: 

Name of fuel card Best fuel card for these small UK businesses iCompario star rating
BP Plus Fuel Card Businesses who want excellent motorway coverage ★★★★★
fuelGenie Fuel Card Businesses who want supermarket cost fuel ★★★★★
Esso National Fuel Card Businesses who want access to a large premium network ★★★★★
Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card Businesses who use both petrol and diesel ★★★★★
FuelPlus Fuel Card Businesses who prioritise low-cost fuel ★★★★★


These are just five great fuel cards that are available from iCompario – check out our full list and apply for your small business fuel card today!

What are the benefits of using fuel cards for my small business?

Fuel cards help make your small business more efficient and more profitable. The key benefit to using them is that they save you money, but there are many other ways that they help it.

Fuel cards make it easier for your small business to reclaim VAT.

How do fuel cards make reclaiming VAT easier? By consolidating your invoices – these are government-approved, giving you peace of mind when submitting your VAT claims.

Fuel cards are a simple & convenient payment solution for your drivers

Why are fuel cards great for your drivers? Because it gives them a simple and convenient payment solution – they don’t need to carry any cash and they don’t need to worry about submitting an expenses claim.

Fuel cards make reporting more efficient for your small UK business

What’s so great about the reporting that comes with fuel cards? It features powerful online management tools. This means you can keep track of the fuel your business is spending – wherever you are and whenever you want to.

Fuel cards can be used wherever your small business needs them

Fuel cards can be used nationally and locally – there are filling stations all over the UK. It couldn’t be simpler to find the best fuel card stations for your business. Why? Because fuel cards come with the tools and networks to let you find your closest station.

Fuel cards are one of the safest ways to operate your vehicles

Safety is key to every UK business, big and small. Fuel cards make it safer to run your business because they’re fitted with PIN protection – reducing the risk of your small business being a victim of fraudulent activities.

Fuel cards can make your life a lot less stressful

Many small businesses are family-run and don’t have the luxury of a dedicated fleet manager – this stressful task often falls on the shoulders of one or two people, and you may be one of them. Fuel cards can ease the burden, by replacing the need for collecting or keeping separate receipts for all business fuel purchases.

Fuel cards give you a more efficient administration team

Because fuel cards come with online technology, all their administrative tasks can be conducted via innovative online account management software. This saves your small UK business time and money.

Fuel cards help keep your vehicles on the road

Fuel cards aren’t only beneficial for large fleets – fuel cards are for any company with a mobile workforce, and a regular spend on fuel, oil, and lubricants. This means it’s not just fuel you can buy with them, but other materials that are vital to keeping your business on the road.

Check out our fuel card comparison tool to find the ideal card that suits your small business.