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Sainsbury's fuel card

Sainsbury’s fuel cards are accepted at hundreds of stations

Using a fuel card at Sainsbury’s is a great way to rein in fuel costs and save time. Sainsbury’s has over 300 petrol stations across the UK. The supermarket stations accept many of the biggest fuel cards in the UK, including fuelGenie and cards from UK Fuels.

Use only the best fuel cards at Sainsbury’s to unlock price discounts, rewards points and more benefits for your business.

Fuel card Sainsbury's card the fuelGenie refuelling at supermarket station

fuelGenie Fuel Card

Sainsbury's fuel card the fuelGenie accepted at supermarkets

Where can you use it?

FuelGenie is a supermarket-only card. All of Sainsbury’s stations accept this card, plus Morrisons and Tesco. In total, the card is accepted at 1,350 supermarket stations.

Supermarket fuel cost is typically lower than other stations, but we still recommend shopping around to get the best price.

Benefits of using fuelGenie

This supermarket-only card has plenty of features to help you save money on your fuel expenses from loyalty rewards to digital invoices. Here are the top benefits for commercial use:

  • Accepted at major supermarket brands
  • Get supermarket loyalty rewards for buying fuel
  • Pay some of the lowest pump prices available
  • Free app to find affordable petrol and diesel near you
  • Access invoices online to save time on paperwork

Pricing options

FuelGenie is one of the best cheap fuel cards in the UK for its low prices and convenience. Drivers pay the pump price displayed at the station. The only option is standard pump prices – there are no further discounts with this card.

This card is a great option for any business looking to benefit from low supermarket fuel prices and access loyalty points.

Texaco Fastfuel Card

Fuel card at Sainsbury's from Texaco Fastfuel

Where can you use it?

Texaco’s Fastfuel card is accepted at over 3,500 stations in the UK. The vast network includes over 260 Sainsbury’s and over 700 Texaco locations. It’s one of the most widely accepted cards in the UK, making it suitable for local journeys or longer distances.

This varied network makes the card suitable for most business types, whether you need to refill at your local supermarket or wherever is best on your daily routes.

Benefits of using Fastfuel for businesses

The card is widely accepted, easy to use and includes exclusive discounts for card users at multiple brands across the country.

Fastfuel has many features to help every business type, including the self-employed and fleets. The versatility makes this one of the top fuel cards in the UK. Here are some of its best benefits:

  • In-depth online fuel usage reports
  • Choose the pricing option that best suits you
  • The only card to offer commercial prices for petrol & diesel
  • Track spending from your phone, laptop, desktop and tablet
  • Suitable for fleets, sole traders and HGVs

Pricing options

The discounts on pump prices mean you get a small, but consistent, saving on the price per litre. You get a small, but consistent, discount on the price per litre. It’s straightforward and suitable for many business types.

Weekly fixed prices give you a price update every week for each station brand available on the Fastfuel network. The update tells you how much you can pay at those stations instead of the usual pump prices. Fixed prices can help you plan a budget, avoid price hikes and are suitable for many fleet types.

Out of all the options in the UK, Texaco Fastfuel is one of the most flexible fuel cards at Sainsbury’s. Choose exclusive discounts on pump prices or weekly fixed fuel prices - whichever works best for you.

Fleetone Fuel Card

Fleetone card accepted at Sainsbury's stations

Where can you use it?

Of all fuel cards in the UK, Fleetone has one of the biggest networks. You can use this card at over 4,100 stations, including all Sainsbury’s locations.

Whether you’re a small business that needs to refill at the local supermarket or you need stations across the UK, this fuel card can work for you.

An option for hybrid vehicles, EVs and mixed fleets is available – the Fleetone REV, which is also accepted at Sainsbury’s as well as many EV charging points.

Benefits of using Fleetone

Fleetone is one of the most widely accepted cards in the country, offering some of the best prices available and has many features to make managing your fuel costs much easier.

  • Accepted at 98% of UK postcodes
  • PIN-protected cards for extra security
  • Up to 10p discounts on pump prices across the UK
  • Free account management tools to track spending

Pricing options

Discounts on pump prices are always a welcome benefit of fuel cards and Fleetone offers them at so many Sainsbury's petrol stations. Use the fuel discount card for up to 10p a litre at more than 4,100 stations in the UK.

From sole traders to car fleets, Fleetone has plenty of features to help you save money on your fuel expenses from loyalty rewards to digital invoices.

FuelPlus Fuel Card

Fuelplus fuel card for Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op

Where can you use it?

FuelPlus is accepted at over 3,500 stations in the UK, including all of Sainsbury’s fuel locations. It has one of the most varied networks available, including some of the biggest supermarket stations such as Tesco, Morrisons, the Co-op and of course Sainsbury’s.

In addition, FuelPlus is accepted at all UK Fuels stations across the country, which has one of the widest reaching and varied number of brands on its roster.

Benefits of using FuelPlus

FuelPlus is best for diesel users, thanks to its network and pricing options. The card has many features to make route planning, fleet management and finding cost savings easier. The benefits are:

  • Free driver’s app to find nearby stations on the go
  • Competitive prices for diesel
  • Weekly fixed prices to aid budget planning
  • HMRC-approved invoices to reclaim VAT easily
  • Monitor fuel spending on your account from your phone, laptop, etc

Pricing options

This card is only available with weekly fixed prices. These fixed prices stay the same for the whole week, giving you a consistent price for your business to plan out your budget and control your spending.

The weekly fixed prices are the same across the network, so you can avoid price differences and price hikes between different areas of the UK. This can be a very useful feature for certain businesses and fleets.

Choosing a fuel card to use at Sainsbury's

While Sainsbury’s doesn’t have its own fuel card, many major providers offer cards that are accepted at your local supermarket of choice.

Any of these cards gives your business a wide range of station brands and flexible pricing options to choose from. Here’s why a Sainsbury’s fuel card could be right for your business.

Using fuel card at Sainsbury's to refill a vehicle and pay for fuel costs

How can you get a Sainsbury’s fuel card?

Doing a Sainsbury's fuel card comparison online on a laptop

Why use iCompario for your fuel card?

Choosing the best card for your company is a tough choice. Using our quick fuel card compare tool, you can easily find out which cards fit your business needs. We compare UK card providers to find the best ones for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sainsbury’s fuel card is a card you can use to pay for your fuel (petrol or diesel) at your supermarket station. It’s a payment method that offers more convenience and controls over your expenses than using your debit or credit card. Some fuel cards can also be used to pay for toll charges, AdBlue and oil.

All you have to do is use the card like a regular debit card. Fill up at the station and at the end of the month, you’ll get your fuel invoice and pay the total bill.

If you choose a pump discount card, you’ll get a small, guaranteed discount on fuel prices every time you fill up. If you pick fixed weekly prices, you get a price report every week on the price of fuel based on the oil market.

Sainsbury’s has over 260 stations across the UK, making it one of the biggest networks of supermarket locations. Where else you can use your card depends on which card you pick.

Most cards that are accepted at Sainsbury’s are also accepted at Morrisons and Tesco. You have a lot of options when it comes to which stations on top of Sainsbury’s you want to fill up at.

  • Over 260 UK Sainsbury’s locations
  • Up to 4,100 stations in total accept Sainsbury’s fuel cards

Yes. Some fuel cards, like fuelGenie, can be used to collect Nectar points on your Nectar card every time you refill. You can use Nectar points at major brands in the UK, including Argos, Sainsbury’s, Ebay, Eurostar and more. Read more about available UK fuel card reward point schemes.

Need help choosing a Sainsbury’s fuel card?

Which card is right for you? We’re here to help you get the best card for your business. With our fuel card comparison, you can easily compare the top fuel card brands in the UK and find the best option for your business.

Just give us a couple of details to get an idea of exactly what you need. We’ll quickly give you a list of the best fuel cards available for your specific business needs.

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