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Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards

A Guide To Sainsbury's Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are an ideal solution to the classic administrative problems and headaches that businesses like yours face every single day when running a fleet - lots of paperwork, no trackability, and almost no accountability. By using fuel cards for your fleet, you can monitor driver activity, save a lot of money on fuel costs, avoid fraud, and ensure that your fleet is operating at maximum efficiency, amongst other things.

Thanks to all these benefits (and many more), fuel cards have grown massively in popularity in recent years. Today, thousands of businesses (from small one-person operations to large multinational conglomerates) use fuel cards to keep their fleets running.

When you are using the right business fuel card, whether it be a Sainsbury's Fuel Card or otherwise, you can easily streamline your company's fleet and its related administrative workload. This eliminates all the nasty hassles associated with fleet management, no matter how large or small your fleet is.

The Sainsbury's Fuel Card is one of several supermarket fuel card options available to you, and it is far more than just a different method of payment - let's explore it in more detail!

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About Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s was founded in London in 1869 by John James Sainsbury. Since its founding, it has become the UK’s second-largest food retailer. To date, the company has over 600 supermarkets and 800 smaller convenience stores under the ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ brand.

To provide their Sainsbury’s Fuel Card service, Sainsbury’s partners with third-party providers – Allstar, fuelGenie, and Fuelmate. Thanks to this line-up of three fuel card industry heavyweights, the Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is one of the best supermarket fuel cards available in the UK.

About the Sainsbury’s Fuel Card

For business owners that have a fleet of vehicles, no matter how small or large, a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is worth looking into. Whilst there are a huge number of options open to you on the fuel cards front, we are going to focus on Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards during this guide. A Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is a very popular supermarket fuel card choice for businesses small and large.

Like other supermarkets, Sainsbury’s does not provide its own branded fuel card. They instead partner up with other providers such as fuelGenie to provide a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card.

But first, what is a Fuel Card?

Before we dive into the specifics of a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card, it is important that you know what a fuel card is and how one works.

A fuel card, commonly referred to as a ‘fleet card’, is a payment product that allows a company’s drivers to purchase fuel for the vehicles they use during their day-to-day duties or for other business purposes. Business owners are free to decide when their fuel cards can be used, however, purchases are often restricted to fuel or fuel-related purchases.

Just like with any other fuel card, a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is a payment product that looks almost identical to a credit or debit card and is used in the same way. The main difference between a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card and a regular payment card (e.g. a company credit card) is that a fuel card can almost always only be used for fuel or fuel-related purchases at designated service stations.

With a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card, your drivers will be able to fill up their fleet vehicles as normal and then use the card to ‘pay’ for the drawn fuel. Periodically, you will be sent an invoice with a single figure plus VAT for the cumulative amount of fuel drawn by your fleet drivers. This single figure makes the admin-side of things a complete breeze and your drivers will be happy because they don’t have to handle receipts or claim expenses, it’s a win-win!

How Do Fuel Cards Work?

All fuel cards work in the same way – it’s like a store card or voucher, but exclusively for fuel-related purchases.

Your typical fuel card will be printed with your company’s name on it and the registration of the vehicle to which the card is assigned. Cards may also be assigned to specific fleet drivers. The card will also have its own magnetic strip, signature strip, and chip for PIN code authentication.

Most, if not all, fuel cards, including a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card, will also come with its own online fleet management dashboard where you can manage your fleet cards, view invoices, and see fuel usage in real-time.

Where Can My Drivers Use a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card?

That depends on which Sainsbury’s Fuel Card you go for – there are three.

Whilst you can use your Sainsbury’s Fuel Card at all Sainsbury’s forecourts, it is first and foremost a supermarket fuel card which means you can use it at other select supermarkets and partner service stations.

That being said, all Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards, regardless of provider, provides:

  • 24-hour account management via a fleet management dashboard;
  • PIN code protection;
  • Interest-free fuel credit;
  • HMRC-approved invoices;
  • Access to Tesco and Morrisons forecourts; and
  • Full administrative card control.

fuelGenie Sainsbury’s Fuel Card

fuelGenie is one of the UK’s largest providers of fuel cards and their supermarket fuel card gives drivers convenient access to over 1,300 UK supermarket forecourts that include Morrisons and Tesco on top of Sainsbury’s.

The fuelGenie Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is designed specifically for use at supermarkets and thus it is ideal for fleets that spend a lot of time driving around more urbanised areas as opposed to the motorway network. Other card features include:

  • No card charges or account fees;
  • The ability to collect loyalty points on eligible purchases; and
  • Includes oil and car washes in addition to fuel purchases.

Allstar’s Sainsbury’s Fuel Card

Allstar is a leading provider of fuel cards and fleet management solutions in the UK. Boasting the UK’s largest fuel network (over 7,700 fuel stations at the time of writing) including many major supermarket forecourts, Allstar’s Sainsbury’s Fuel Card is ideal for fleets that require the broadest possible coverage in terms of forecourt availability.

Other features of the Allstar Sainsbury’s Fuel Card include:

  • A smartphone app for route planning;
  • Access to other ‘big four’ supermarket forecourts; and
  • Access to hydrogen fuel-based vehicles at ITM Power stations.

According to Allstar, over 90% of the UK’s fuel sites accept their card, and this includes all major oil brands as well as supermarkets. With new forecourts and brands added to the Allstar card regularly, drivers will never be too far from a service station. This prevents drivers from going out of their way to fill up, saving you money and preventing delays.

Fuelmate Sainsbury’s Fuel Card

Fuelmate’s supermarket fuel card gives your drivers access to Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Tesco forecourts nationwide, over 1,200 in total. This makes the Fuelmate fuel card ideal for fleets that operate more locally in rural areas and spend less time on the motorway.

Other features of the Fuelmate Sainsbury’s Fuel Card include:

  • The ability to collect points on fuel purchases;
  • The ability to use the card in the car wash; and
  • Weekly HMRC-approved invoicing.

Benefits of Using a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card

There are a whole lot of benefits when your drivers use a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card from one of the three above providers. These benefits are also applicable to other fuel cards.

1. Your business will save time on fleet admin

Fleet admin can be a major time sink, particularly for larger fleets and, at the end of the day, time is money. Therefore, you want to do all you can to streamline the administrative burden your fleet of vehicles creates, and one way to do this is through the use of a fuel card.

When your drivers use fuel cards instead of cash, their own personal payment cards, or your company’s own payment cards, this eliminates the need for yourself and your admin staff to spend hours upon hours sorting through receipts, calculating expenditure, working out expenses, and cross-referencing figures to ensure accuracy. This is because all this data and more is captured by your fuel cards when they are used and then stored online for you to view via an intuitive fleet management tool. Periodically (often weekly but sometimes monthly) you will be sent an invoice with an exact and undisputable figure for fuel spend during a specified time period.

2. Your business will save money on fuel

Using a fuel card usually means that you pay a much more favourable rate for your fuel; fuel card providers are known for rewarding their customers with more competitive pricing through fixed weekly pricing, discounts per litre, and other bonuses.

Supermarket fuel cards go the extra mile, though.

Because supermarkets buy their fuel in bulk at wholesale prices, they pass these savings on to you—the customer—through super competitive pricing that is often the lowest available anywhere on the market.

3. Your business will benefit from tracking and fraud protection

A Sainsbury’s supermarket fuel card comes with an online fleet management facility where you can track and monitor your fleet in real-time. Using the system, you can see information such as fuel usage and efficiency, driver mileage, fuel spend, card transactions, and other important pieces of information no matter where you are.

Fuel cards also provide an extra layer of protection against the possibility of fleet fraud. This is because a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card can only be used for fuel-related purchases against a prescribed vehicle. This eliminates the ability for unscrupulous staff members to ‘fiddle’ with cash or a company credit card, for example by making a personal purchase alongside their fuel purchase and putting it through your company’s accounts.

Choosing the Right Fuel Card for Your Business

Although all fuel cards work in the same way, their finer details differ somewhat. Different fuel card providers have different fuel pricing, fuel card fees, forecourt access, and benefits, amongst other things.

This is why comparing supermarket fuel cards against one another is key – it helps ensure that you get the very best deal.

Compare the Sainsbury’s Fuel Card Today

Why not compare a Sainsbury’s Fuel Card alongside a huge range of other ones? This way, you will see for yourself which one will provide your business with the best value for money, amongst other things.

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare a Sainsburys fuel card alongside a range of cards from other providers. iCompario’s fuel card experts are also on-hand to help should you need it.