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The Best Fuel Discount Cards in the UK

  • Discounts of up to 10p a litre
  • Collect loyalty points with each refill
  • Get deals in 30 seconds and order online
Fuel discount card used to pay for fuel at a petrol station in the UK

How to get fuel discounts in the UK?

Fuel cards can give drivers discounts of up to 10p a litre at network stations. A discount at all participating stations is guaranteed for fuel card users. Each account usually has a dedicated account manager to help you find competitive rates and budget accordingly.

Only businesses, the self-employed and sole traders can apply for these cards, but they are the best way of getting fuel savings in the UK.

Fuel Card Name Price discounts available Where to get discounts
Fleetone discount fuel card for UK stations


Discounts of up to 10p a litre Over 4,100 stations: UK Fuels network, Texaco, Morrisons, JET, Sainsbury’s and Tesco
Best discount fuel card for Esso stations the Esso National card

Esso National

Fixed prices every week or pump price discounts Over 3,400 stations: Esso, Shell and BP
Truckone discount fuel card for HGVs


Competitive weekly fixed prices for diesel Over 3,000 stations: UK Fuels network
Texaco Fastfuel fuel card

Texaco Fastfuel

Fixed prices every week or pump price discounts Over 3,500 stations: Texaco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and UK Fuels


1. Fleetone: best fuel discount card in the UK

Fleetone discount fuel card

  • Discounts of up to 10p a litre
  • Guaranteed savings with each refill
  • Use in 98% of UK postcodes

Some of the best fuel discount cards struggle with small or specific networks. That’s not the case for Fleetone. The card is accepted in 98% of UK postcodes, so drivers can find fuel discounts at home and away including 70% of motorway stations.

This card can be used by pretty much everyone, whether you have a fleet of diesel vans or petrol cars to access low fuel card prices at supermarkets and bigger brands. HGVs may be better off with the Truckone.

Any registered business, including sole traders, can apply for the FleetOne card. The good news is Fleetone can be used for both petrol and diesel to get fuel card discounts in the UK of up to 10p a litre.

2. Esso National: best weekly price lock 

Esso national fuel discount card

  • Select the discount type that works for you
  • Accepted at major brands in the UK
  • Check your transaction history anytime online

The Esso National can either give you discounts on pump prices or fix your prices for a whole week. Few cards offer this choice, especially with the sheer size of the Esso station network. This discount fuel card can be used at all Esso stations across the UK, plus BP and Shell.

This card also comes with a fuel management system, so you can track your fuel costs and find places to cut down.

iCompario tip: Choose weekly fixed prices for a competitive price lock

Lock your prices every Friday to manage your budget effectively and pay the same price at all stations within the network.

These weekly fixed prices can be cheaper than those shown at the pump.

Many of the cards also include a ‘pump checker’ feature, which charges you the pump price if it’s lower than the fixed, so you always get the best available deal.

3. Truckone: best fuel discount card for truckers

Truckone fuel discount card

  • Bulk buy diesel at fixed prices
  • Accepted at over 3,000 stations
  • Suitable for HGVs

Truckers can get discount fuel prices by using Truckone. Finding a fuel card suitable for HGVs is tricky as you need a specific kind of station to match your vehicle. Truckone card is accepted at over 750 HGV-friendly sites, suitable for bulk buyers and fleets.

You can only use your card on the UK Fuels network. That might sound restrictive, but there are so many stations with UK Fuels you won’t really struggle to refill. Especially as the stations are spread out at key points along major routes in the UK.

This card can be used at around 3,300 stations in the UK. About 750 of those are HGV-friendly with large lanes and are open 24/7.

4. Texaco Fastfuel: best card for mixed fleets 

Texaco fastfuel discount card

  • Buy petrol and diesel at discount prices
  • Over 3,500 stations on its network
  • Collect Texaco Star reward points

The Texaco Fastfuel card is one of the few cards on the market that offer fixed prices every week for petrol and diesel. While many businesses will find the fuel card from Texaco to be useful for its Texaco reward points alone, few benefit more than mixed fleets.

The card is accepted at all 800+ Texaco stations in the UK, plus the UK Fuels network and a bunch of supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco. That’s over 3,500 stations. Wherever you are in the UK, fuel discounts are at your fingertips with the Fastfuel card.

Which fuel card has the best discounts?

The Fleetone from UK Fuels offers discounts of up to 10p a litre at over 4,100 stations across the country. In terms of availability and guaranteed discount prices, the Fleetone is the best fuel discount card in the UK.

iCompario tip: DCI ranks as the best discount card in Northern Ireland

While we recommend the Fleetone for UK-wide use, the DCI Pump saver fuel card is the best for Northern Ireland with Circle K, Top, Texaco, Emo, Maxol, Campus and Amber Oil stations.

How do fuel discount cards work?

A fuel discount card is a payment method for fuel at participating petrol stations. When the driver has refilled the vehicle, they can pay with their fuel card in the station.

The company pays for the fuel when the invoice has been received, typically on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

How the cards work does vary depending on whether the card has pump prices or weekly fixed prices. This is a major difference and will change the way you use your card to get the best discounts possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Discount pump price: small discounts on pump prices every time you refill. Discounts can be up to 10p, especially at motorway stations. If you’re looking for guaranteed discounts, pump price is the option to choose.
  • Weekly fixed price: these fuel cards give you a weekly fixed price for fuel based on the oil market. It can be cheaper than regular pump prices, offering big discounts and letting you refill to the max at the best time. But it can also be the same as pump prices, offering no savings. If you’re feeling lucky or regularly refill in bulk, the fixed price cards can work for you.

Use a charge card for EV and hybrid vehicles

Discounts are tough to find on most EV public charge points. A charge card is a fuel card for all plug-in vehicles. It can show you the prices of nearby charge points in its network, enabling drivers to use and find competitive rates.

Are discount fuel cards worth it?

The best discount fuel cards in the UK are worth it for most businesses, including sole traders. Fuel cards can help you save a significant amount of money on fuel costs.

Most of the best fuel card discounts available offer price cuts of up to 10p.

However, it’s important to choose the discounts, station network and other features that work best for your business. Beyond the many discounts available, fuel cards also give businesses many benefits. such as:

1. HMRC-approved invoices

Paper receipts have been essential evidence for businesses looking to reclaim VAT. However, in the age of downloadable online invoices that are completely automated, paper receipts are now no longer necessary. This can save businesses a significant amount of time on paperwork and collecting receipts from drivers.

2. Free smartphone app to find nearby stations

A smartphone app is a free and easy solution to many fuel card worries. For drivers and businesses unsure about what stations are included on their network or whether there are stations near them, use an app or your fuel card provider’s map online to discover nearby discount fuel card stations.

3. Buy fuel on credit and pay later

Buying now and paying later is an increasingly common payment method. Not only does it delay the transaction until a more convenient date, but it also puts all your business fuel transactions into one invoice for easy filing.

Unlike credit cards, there’s no shocking interest rate. You simply buy the fuel you need and pay the total when the invoice comes in. You pay for what you use.

Are fuel cards cheaper than pump prices?

Yes. Fuel cards have discounted pump prices within their station network. These discounts can be anywhere from 2p to 10p a litre off the displayed pump price. Fuel discount cards can be a highly effective cost-saving solution for businesses to save on fuel expenses and monitor transactions.

Which petrol station has the best rewards?

When comparing fuel cards, it’s important to check which ones can give loyalty points when used alongside supermarket loyalty cards or station brand apps. The best reward schemes compatible with many discount fuel cards are:

  • Morrisons More
  • Tesco Clubcard
  • Nectar Card
  • Texaco Star Rewards
  • BPme
  • Shell Go+

When using a discount fuel card, you don’t have use just one of these reward schemes. Sign up for as many as you use and use your fuel card alongside it to collect as many reward points as possible.

How can you pay less for fuel?

The best ways to pay less for fuel are to get a discount card, join a point rewards scheme and cut down on the amount of fuel used. Follow these easy five steps to get discounts on fuel:

  1. Our database of cards covers 95% of UK fuel stations. Compare to see which card is right for you and apply online through iCompario.
  2. We’ll send your application to your provider for them to complete a credit check.
  3. When the check is complete, the cards are sent to you in the post.
  4. Set up your online account, then go to your nearest participating station.
  5. Refill your vehicle at discount prices.

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