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The Biggest and Best Fuel Discount Cards in the UK

Some of the best fuel discount cards come from major and smaller brands across the UK. Choose from discounts on pump prices to get a little bit off every time you refill or fixed weekly prices for the chance of getting big savings.

Fuel cards can be used by all business types, from sole traders and small businesses to large fleets to get fuel discounts. We’ve rounded up some of the best and biggest cards so you can find the card that suits your business the most.

Driver paying for fuel using a fuel card at the petrol station.

How do fuel discount cards work?

Fuel cards are mostly pump or fixed weekly priced. This is a major difference and will change the way you use your card to get the best discounts possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Discount pump price: small discounts on pump prices every time you refill. Discounts can be up to 10p, especially at motorway stations. If you’re looking for guaranteed discounts, pump price is the option to choose.
  • Weekly fixed price: these fuel cards give you a weekly fixed price for fuel based on the oil market. It can be cheaper than regular pump prices, offering big discounts and letting you refill to the max at the best time. But it can also be the same as pump prices, offering no savings. If you’re feeling lucky or regularly refill in bulk, the fixed price cards can work for you.

Want to find your fuel card? Use our free quote tool to quickly find what cards work best for your business.

What are the best fuel discount cards?

The best fuel discount cards give your business savings wherever you are in the UK, so you can get discounts at your local supermarket or truck stop. Sole traders and HGV fleets alike can get discounts using a fuel card. How much and where depends on which card you use.

1. FleetOne

Fleetone discount fuel card

  • Discounts of up to 10p a litre
  • Guaranteed savings with each refill
  • Vast UK network

Fill up at your local petrol station or in every nook and cranny of the UK. Either way, the FleetOne is guaranteed to give you savings on pump prices. Every little bit helps, after all. Some of the best fuel discount cards struggle with small or specific networks.  

The FleetOne is one of the few where we can say with confidence that you’ll hardly struggle to find somewhere to get your fuel discounts. The card can be used in 98% of UK post codes, so you’ll find fuel discounts at home and away including 70% of motorway stations. If you want discounts wherever you are, we recommend the FleetOne 

Who can get the fuel discounts?

Any registered business, including sole traders, can apply for the FleetOne card. The good news is that the FleetOne can be used for both petrol and diesel. This card can be used by pretty much everyone, whether you have a fleet of diesel vans or petrol cars.  

2. Esso National

Esso national fuel discount card

  • Choose your pricing options
  • Use at major brands
  • Track your costs

The Esso National can be either pump or weekly fixed price. Whatever option you prefer, you can customise the Esso card to fit you. You decide what works best for you. There aren’t many cards that offer that choice with the size and features that the Esso card offers. This card also comes with a fuel management system, so you can track your fuel costs and find places to cut down.

This discount fuel card can be used at all Esso stations across the UK, plus BP and Shell. If you’re looking for discounts at multiple brands across the country, the Esso card is a pretty good pick.  

Who can get the fuel discounts?

All registered businesses can apply for this card. Because you can choose which pricing option you prefer, most business and fleet types will find Esso to be a good fit for them. But drivers throughout Europe will want to consider the Esso Europe card instead. This card is also not the best choice for HGV fleets and truckers.  

3. Truckone Fuel Card

Truckone fuel discount card

  • Bulk buy diesel
  • Over 3,000 stations
  • Fixed weekly prices

The Truckone is one of the best discount fuel cards for truckers and HGV fleets. The card gives you weekly reports to let you know the price of fuel for the week. When prices are low, you should bulk buy at one of the 750 HGV-friendly sites using your fuel card to get big savings. For bulk buyers and fleets, the Truckone is a natural fit.

You can only use your card at the UK Fuels network. That might sound restrictive, but there are so many stations with UK Fuels you won’t really struggle to refill. Especially as the stations are spread out at key points along major routes in the UK. This card can be used at around 3,300 stations in the UK. About 750 of those are really HGV-friendly with large lanes and are open 24/7. 

Who can get the fuel discounts?

The Truckone is one of our top recommended cards for all truckers, HGVs and LGVs who use diesel and drive in the UK. If you use petrol, try the Fuelplus card instead. You can get fuel discounts using this card as long as you keep an eye on prices and let your drivers know when to refill. It’s a little more work than a pump price card, but can be worth it in the long run.  

4. Texaco Fastfuel

Texaco fastfuel discount card

  • Buy petrol and diesel
  • Over 4,000 stations
  • Fixed weekly or pump prices

There aren’t many cards that offer fixed prices for both petrol and diesel. Like the TruckOne card, your business will get a weekly fuel price report with the Texaco Fastfuel. When prices are low, go and refill! We’ve seen prices even lower than supermarket prices for both petrol and diesel on this card, so keep your eyes peeled. You can choose from pump or fixed weekly prices for this card just like the Esso, giving a lot of flexibility when it comes to the type of discounts you want.  

The card is accepted at all 800+ Texaco stations in the UK, plus the UK Fuels network and a bunch of supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco. That’s 4,000+ stations. Wherever you are in the UK, fuel discounts are at your fingertips with the Fastfuel card.

Who can get the fuel discounts?

All registered businesses can apply for this card, but we’ve found it’s the ideal choice for mixed fleets who want petrol and diesel spending on one invoice. But sole traders, plus van and car fleets will all get a boost out of this one too.  

Get your fuel card

Ready to get the best fuel discount card? We’ll get you in touch. Use our free quote tool to find your best match and get in contact with your provider. From there, you’ll fill out your application and get your fuel cards in the post as soon as possible so your business can start racking up those discounts.

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