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Best fuel card prices: pump price vs fixed price vs pump saver

Ever wondered what the difference is between a pump and fixed price card? See the best price fuel cards in our easy chart and find out what all the fuel card jargon really means.

Which fuel card price type should you choose? Keep reading our guide to compare the top fuel card prices.

Paying for fuel at the pump station using a fuel card and entering a PIN code

The three main types of fuel card prices are weekly fixed, pump price, and pump saver. All of these have their unique benefits! So, what the best fuel card prices are depends on your business type.

How can you find the right fuel card price type for you? Keep reading to find the best price plans and cards for every business type!

Fuel Card Stations network size Price type Where to use it
Texaco Fastfuel card
Texaco Fastfuel
4,000+ Fixed  Texaco, UK Fuels, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s
Shell CRT Diesel card
Shell CRT fuel card
1,100+ Fixed Shell


3,400+ Fixed UK Fuels, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s
Texaco the Business card

Texaco the Business card

2,000+ Pump  Texaco, BP
Fuelgenie fuel card


1,350+ Pump Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco
Esso National fuel card

Esso National

3,400+ Pump or Fixed   Esso, Shell
Fleetone fuel card


4,100+ Pump Saver  UK Fuels, JET, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Texaco, Co-op
BP Bunker fuel card

BP Bunker

1,200+ Pump, Pump Saver, or Fixed BP


Best fuel card prices: your options explained

  • Pump price: pay the pump prices you see at the station quickly with your fuel card.
  • Pump saver: get discounts on prices shown at the pump.
  • Weekly fixed: set your fuel prices in stone for 7 days. Get consistent fuel prices and plan out spending.

Some fuel cards are only available in one price form, but others like the BP Plus are more flexible and let you choose what price type you’d prefer. Keep reading to see what price type suits you more.

iCompario tip:

Choose a fuel card provider that gives you detailed online account management tools! A service station locator map, digital invoices and fuel tracking are tools you’ll use every day.

The best options are those that can be downloaded as an application to smartphones or any internet-enabled device.

Use your mobile phone to manage your workforce wherever you are, even on holiday! Plus, drivers can easily find the nearest station that accepts their fuel card on their route.

Fuel card price: pump price explained

No hassle, no fuss. That’s the best part of pump price cards. Pay the prices that you see at the pump on the fuel card.

Best pump price fuel cards

  • Texaco the Business: accepted at BP and Texaco stations. Pay pump prices and get monthly invoices for easy VAT reclaims.
  • Fuelgenie: the supermarket star of fuel cards! Quickly pay for your supermarket fuel and rack up your loyalty points.
  • Esso National: use at 1 in 4 stations in the UK. Get pump price fuel almost anywhere in the country on your card.

How do fuel cards work? Pump prices explained

Get an invoice at the end of the month or week and pay for all your fuel spending then. It beats using cash! Control your spending and see how much fuel all your drivers are using. See our guide on how do fuel cards work for all the details on how to use your card.

Woman filling up her car up with fuel at a pump station and using a fuel card to pay

Benefits of pump price fuel cards

So, why should get a pump price fuel card if they don’t directly save you money on fuel? The main reasons why these cards are so popular is that they let you get digital fuel invoices and they help you track your spending.

1. Get HMRC approved invoices online

It’s easier to reclaim VAT when a computer handles all the tough math for you. No more collecting receipts for your account! It’s all handled online.

2. Track what you’re spending on fuel

Fuel can be a big expense for many businesses. How much are you spending? Keep a close eye on your budget on your online account.

For businesses with multiple drivers, you can give each of them their own fuel card. The online account lets you know how much each card is spending, so managers can easily track the budget.

Fuel card price: pump saver explained

Pump savers give you a small discount on pump prices every time you refill. The best card for fuel at national prices lets you save every time. Whatever the prices are that day, you know you’ve saved at least a bit on your bill.

Best pump saver fuel cards

Discounts sound good! But which card gives you discounts at the stations you use? What about loyalty points? Pump price cards are full of variety, but many of them are great for small businesses and sole traders.

  • Fleetone: say goodbye to annual service charges and welcome guaranteed discounts at the pump. Bonus: one of the biggest station networks in the UK.
  • BP Plus Bunker: drive an HGV? Then you know how pricey fuel can be, especially on motorways. Unlock discounts and competitive prices with a flexible BP card.

How do fuel cards work? Pump saver explained

Pump savers work like regular fuel cards. The one difference is that you get a discount on the fuel prices you see at the pump. How much that discount is varies depending on the fuel card.

Benefits of pump fuel card prices

Discounts on fuel? Sign me up! But before you sign the dotted line, there are more details you should know. These fuel cards have more benefits than just lower prices!

1. Cut down on your fuel paperwork

Keeping an eye on your mileage and your fuel receipts is one of the most annoying things about driving! Whether you’re a sole trader or fleet manager, fuel cards are a great solution to make your accounts easier.

Go digital and get your invoices on your online account, so you never go digging in your file for receipts again!

2. Give your spending a security boost

What if a driver loses a fuel card? Is someone spending more than they should? No need to hire a private detective and go full Poirot. All you have to do is log on to your online fuel card account. Remove any fuel cards there or just check who’s spending what.

Each fuel card is PIN protected, so not just anyone can use it! Plus, each card can be assigned a vehicle registration number. If someone tries to use your card to fill a different vehicle, the card will be rejected.

3. Get guaranteed discounts on pump prices

Last but not least. Everyone loves a discount! Fuel prices go up (and occasionally down) all the time.

Having a small, guaranteed discount is a nice safety net for your fuel budget and helps you keep those costs under control. See our ‘Do fuel cards save you money?’ expert guide to find out how can you save even more.

Fuel card price: weekly fixed explained

With a fixed price card your fuel rate is determined by the diesel wholesale price and fixed for the week.

No matter how much the retail rates shift throughout the next seven days, your rate won’t change! In a world of crazy high fuel prices, fixed weekly can be more consistent than looking for the cheapest pump prices.

Best fixed price fuel cards

But what are the best fixed priced cards? Not every card is born equal! Some fixed priced cards have more benefits than others. Here are a few of our favourites.

  • Texaco Fastfuel: petrol, diesel or a bit of both? Pay for it all on your Fastfuel card. Great for mixed fleets and many business types, the Fastfuel card is a quick and easy card to add to your wallet.
  • Shell CRT: use your fixed price fuel card in over 50% of the UK’s motorway network! Get good, fixed prices at all Shell stations.
  • Fuelplus: buy fuel at a fixed price in one of the biggest national networks.


How do fuel cards work? Fixed price explained

Get your fuel at a fixed price for 7 days. Every week, the price changes and you’ll get a clear report letting you know how much the price is that week.

Use your fuel card to pay at the station. After that, you’ll get your fuel invoice and pay for the lot. When you pay depends on the plan you choose, but most do it monthly.

Benefits of fixed weekly fuel card prices

Fixed weekly types are some of best cards for fuel at national prices. They’re also widely accepted so you can use them practically anywhere and really help you to keep your budget.

1. Helps you plan your fuel budget

The fuel market shouldn’t feel like the Wild West, but prices do go up and down every day. Having a consistent price for the whole week helps you plan out your budget, especially when you have multiple drivers.

2. Can get lower prices than the pump

Motorway service stations are notoriously more expensive with some charging up to 12p more than non-motorway sites.

With a fixed rate discount fuel card, your drivers can access a wide network of motorway service stations without inflated prices. You get the same fixed, competitive pricing no matter where they refuel, giving you greater control over your fuel spend.

3. Cards accepted where you need them most

Fixed weekly fuel cards are some of the most widely accepted types across the country. Many of these cards have networks with more than 2,000 stations.

If you’re a large fleet or high-volume fuel user, then a fixed price fuel card will work well for you. Some of the best HGV fuel cards are fixed priced!

The fixed-price fuel cards are particularly suited to HGVS, large fleets and high-volume users. They do have smaller networks than some pump price cards because they’re more specialised.

But fixed price sites are often accepted at the best truck stops in the UK and are strategically located along all major transport routes.

Compare fuel cards

There are many options for all types of cards and whichever you decide, you will enjoy a safe and simple way to manage your business fleet and fuel costs.

Whether you prefer pump related price or fixed rate, you can compare fuel cards with iCompario to find the best fuel card for your business.

Fuel cards save your business money, speed up your VAT reclaims, and make your driver fuel expenses easy. But which one should you get?

We’re a free comparison site, here to help you filter through all the offers! Find deals with no minimum monthly fuel purchase or tie-in contracts in just a few clicks.

Read more about fuel cards on iCompario

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