Mercedes Citan Van Hire Review for Fleets

For any fleet, Mercedes van hire offers a high-quality way to scale up your business operation. The vehicles are top-quality and get the job done.

In this Mercedes Citan review, we take a look at the Citan’s core benefits and how the small van punches above its weight when it comes to deliveries.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan van

Mercedes Citan review: Latest generation delivers big on capacity, tech and payload

The latest generation of Citan launched in the UK during 2022. It’s an excellent choice as an all-round commercial van for any fleet.

For this Mercedes-Benz Citan review, we’ll take a look at its drivability, tech and the specs. All so you can see if it’s the right fit for your fleet. But first, a quick look at the car’s driveability and whether it’s fit for purpose across your fleet.

Short answer… yes! This is a famous marque we’re on about and the German manufacturer never holds back on the quality factor.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is constructed with a high-quality finish, has hard-wearing materials and is tested by the manufacturer for durability. There are even six airbags in it to ramp up safety measures.

Add into that a MBUX multimedia system and you’re looking at features such as:

  • Theme displays: These set lighting mood and driving modes in the cockpit, with drivers able to configure the features as they want to.
  • User action prediction: This smart system learns more as the drivers drives, remembering favourite songs, telephone numbers and the best route to work.
  • Display styles: Customise the widescreen cockpit to let drivers match their mood while they make their deliveries.
  • LINGUATRONIC voice controls: Want to let your voice do the talking? Setup this system and you can pick driving modes or radio station just by saying, “Hey Mercedes!”
  • MBUX interior assist: This smart system learns from drivers and interprets hand and arms movements, ensuring road safety is always at a premium.

All very fancy! As the Citan is a smooth and reliable car to drive. It’s safe, comfortable and it’ll look the part as your drivers complete their day-to-day tasks.

iCompario tip: Mercedes Citan hire keeps your fleet costs down

Buying a brand new van like the Citan is pretty pricey. Many businesses can’t afford it! But did you know you can get the van by hiring one, all with weekly fixed installments at a much cheaper price? You can hire:

  1. Short-term: A flexible option where you can get the van for a day, week or month. You use it for as long as you need, then return it to your provider.
  2. Long-term: Got guaranteed work for one-two years? This is a great choice for you! A top-quality van, at an affordable price.

Van hire saves your business money, while providing you with excellent quality machinery to get the job done. Compare the market for free to find a Mercedes Citan deal now.

Specs on the Mercedes Citan van

Vehicle hire is all the rage for fleets these days. Why? Because you can get a brand new van added to your fleet for the fraction of buying it.

The Mercedes Citan is an ideal fit for your future plans if you need a small van that’s nippy, but still boasts a major cargo space.

The Mercedes Citan dimensions

  • Model: Mercedes Citan 112 CDI L1 Pro
  • Engine: 1.5-litre four cylinder
  • Power and torque: 114bhp and 270Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual front-wheel drive
  • 0-60mph: 11 seconds
  • Top speed: 109 mph
  • Economy: 53.3 miles per gallon
  • Emissions: 138g per kilometre

How many miles will a Mercedes Citan do?

With the Mercedes-Benz Citan you’re looking at a lifespan of around 150,000 miles. You’ll need to do maintenance checks over 25,000 miles or so. Or over two-year intervals.

The van is fitted with a toothed cam belt, which is there to cut down on overall running costs and prolong its lifecycle.

All-in-all, it’s not too shabby for a small van and a great lifespan for a business needing a sturdy, reliable model.

Is the Mercedes Citan a Renault?

In part, yes, the Citan Mercedes is a panel van the famous marque brought about as a rebadged alternative to the Renault Kangoo (and that’s Kangoo, not kangaroo). That arrangement took place in 2012 and, since then, motorists have been enjoying the Mercedes/Renault hybrid.

The Kangoo has been around since 1997, so Mercedes’ decision to use this engine is based off sound reasoning. It’s a reliable van and delivers a lot to businesses.

Each new Citan is also based on the new generation of Renault Kangoo.

About the Mercedes Citan interior

The interior of the Citan Mercedes is compact but accessible, offering an array of handy tech features that assist with day-to-day driving.

Boasting a chromite grey metallic sheen, your drivers will find a steering wheel with switches to control the likes of incoming phone calls and the radio. Plus, there’s a handy tablet display for your standard GPS features. Then there’s that coveted MBUX multimedia system we mentioned further up this page!

Add into that it’s roomy, but not quite as spacious as the larger Mercedes vans. Worth keeping in mind, but most drivers should find the Mercedes Citan interior provides a comfy ride.

iCompario tip: Or… you can make the transition to the Mercedes Citan EV

Mercedes has several EV vans in its range and one of the latest is the Citan Mercedes.

The eCitan launched in late 2022 and is an impressive piece of kit, providing all the benefits of the regular Citan but in electric vehicle form.

That means you get benefits such as avoiding CAZ and ULEZ emission charging zones. Along with cheaper maintenance costs, plus a range capacity of around 177 miles.

For your cargo, there are rear exit doors which can also be locked into a 90-degree position when you’re managing your payload. You can swivel them to the side by 180 degrees, too, which makes hauling cargo out of the eCitan a fair bit easier.

Compare the market and hire your Mercedes Citan

Ready to get your fleet decked out with the Mercedes-Benz Citan? All you need to do is compare the market to secure your business the best deal. It’s as simple as one-two-three:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. We search for van hire deals.
  3. You pick from your recommendations.

Once you’ve picked your best match, you can go ahead and sort out your deal with the provider. And then you’ll be ready to get from A-B in style.

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