Mercedes Electric Vans: Scale Your Fleet With Cost-Effective EV Hire

Making the transition to a fleet of electric vehicles is a big moment for any business. It’s a timely move that helps to future-proof your business.

And what better choice than to hire a Mercedes electric van? A world-famous marque, all the latest tech and gadgets to make your life much easier. Read on for the best models or compare the market to find the best deals.

A Mercedes-Benz electric van

The Mercedes electric van range

Mercedes has the eSprinter, eVito, eVito Tourer and eCitan across its EV range.

These all provide fleets with different benefits, so check the roundups below to find out which one best suits your business needs.

eSprinter: Mercedes Sprinter electric vans

  • 731kg payload
  • 81 -103-mile range
  • 55kWh battery
  • Exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges
  • Best for urban businesses and sole traders

The eSprinter is an excellent choice for a business in, or around, city environments. If you’re a sole trader with a light payload, this is the one for you.

Or if you’re a business in well-connected areas, again it’s a great fit.

This is because it’s a light and steady three-seater Mercedes Sprinter electric van. It doesn’t have the best range, but if you’re staying local, you’ll find the eSprinter to be fast-charging, rapid and capable of an impressive 731kg payload.

You can charge it to 100% in two hours with the standard model.

Extra features include attention assist, which is for drivers on a long journey. It helps spot signs of fatigue and warns the driver to take a break. To complement that, there’s crosswind assist, which autocorrects the driver’s course in windy conditions.

All-in-all, it’s a nifty little number that’ll get you from A-B fast while hauling a pretty big payload. Want to check deals? Compare the market for free!

eVito: Mercedes Vito electric vans

  • 749-807kg payload
  • 160-162-mile range
  • 66kWh battery
  • Exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges
  • Best for urban businesses and sole traders

The eVito offers a large cargo space and payload for busy fleets, with up to 807kg available for your business. If you’re regularly hauling big deliveries, it makes for a solid solution.

However, the standard model has a 7.2kWh charger. And that means you’re looking at a 100% charging time of around six hours. That may not be ideal, but if your employees have home charging points (more on that just below) you can take away some of the battery concerns.

With Mercedes Vito electric vans you also get a reverse camera and dynamic select. The latter lets drivers choose between driver comfort and efficiency modes across battery and fuel. All-in-all? An excellent van. Sound like your dream EV? Compare the market for deals.

iCompario tip: Use charging points to cover off range anxiety

If you’re getting electric vehicles for your fleet, EV range anxiety may be a concern of yours. Well, the good news is battery life is getting better and better.

To help you even more, you can get decked out with EV charging points for your business. You can choose from home or work-based charge points, letting you charge your EVs up during downtime. Compare the market to find the best charge point deals for your fleet.

eVito Tourer: Mercedes Tourer electric vans

  • 741 kg payload
  • 173–373-mile range
  • 100kWh battery
  • Exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges
  • Best for passenger businesses

The eVito Tourer is an eight-seater large van and is ideal for taxis, mini-shuttle fleets or if you’re regularly on airport runs.

With its 100kWh battery, you’re looking at a 10- hour charge time. But that pays off with a range of up to 373 miles, which is very impressive. Potentially lasting multiple days!

Throw in some fancy features, too, including tinted windows, twin sliding doors, cruise control, rain sensors and a double co-driver seat.

Obviously, this means the eVitor Tourer isn’t one for cargo fleets. But if you need a top-of-the-range EV for taxi services, this is a winner.

eCitan: Mercedes Citan electric vans

  • 320-752kg payload (depending on model)
  • 176-mile range
  • 35 mins for 80% charge
  • 44kWH battery
  • Packed with MBUX multimedia features
  • Exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges

The eCitan is a Mercedes EV, launched on the UK market in late 2022. It offers one of the best charging ranges, with an 80% battery in just 35 minutes.

If you need a speedy charging electric van, then you really can’t go wrong with this model.

There’s lots of space in the van for a decent size cargo and a top speed of 81mph based off front-wheel drive.

It’s ideal for inner-city fleets, with a maximum payload of 752kg. Although that depends on the model eCitan you choose for your fleet. However, it’s a fantastic van and packs in MBUX multimedia features across the dash to make driver comfort a premium.

How much is a Mercedes electric van?

Prices for Electric Mercedes vans in the UK vary depending on the purchase model. eSprinters, eVitos, eTourers and eCitans all have different purchasing and running costs.

To find Mercedes electric van prices, it’s good business practices to compare the market and seek out your best deal. This way you’ll also see the cost-savings you can make by hiring your van of choice.

That way you can secure the best deal. And it’ll also be the best choice specifically for your fleet, matching your needs as closely as possible.

This is because you can hire a van across flexible, short-term and long-term contracts. Choose carefully! And the best way to do that is with a free UK market search.

Why you should switch to electric vehicles

Hiring a Mercedes van has many benefits, there’s no denying that. But the fact is traditional diesel and petrol vehicles are being phased out.

The UK government is moving forward with its plans to ban petrol and diesel car sales in 2030. This may not be a popular move for businesses, but it’s happening all the same and you need to start preparing for the transition.

The sooner you do, the better for your business.

Now is the time to start making the transition so you can future-proof your fleet, all while getting the jump on your competitors. And electric Mercedes vans are a top-quality solution to your needs.

Remember, you don’t have to buy EVs outright. Hiring them is an excellent and cost-effective solution.

Plus, don’t forget EVs aren’t hit with CAZ or London’s ULEZ emissions charges. That means, in the long-term, you’re going to be making big savings there. Your eco-friendly approach is a big PR boost for your business, too, and something you can proudly boast about to your customers.

iCompario tip: Get charge cards to reduce range anxiety fears

If you get charge cards for your fleet, you’re all set to reduce your range anxiety. You can dish these out to all of your EV drivers, so they can use them at charging stations within your provider’s network.

The cards are suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles and cover 18 charge point brands. It’s one of the best ways to cover off any fears of getting a flat battery with Mercedes electric vans.

So, want to get sorted? Compare the market for free to find the right provider in seconds.

It’s time to hire a Mercedes electric van

Looking to hire your Mercedes-Benz electric van right now? Then it’s time to compare the market! All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your fleet details.
  2. Wait for your recommendations.
  3. Pick the best EV hire deal.

It’s free to do and ensures you get the right deal in seconds. Hit the button to get started.

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