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Our Guide To The Best Long Range Electric Vans: 2022

Electric vans sure have come a long way. These days electric vans can go even further. Many companies are looking for an electric vehicle solution to get ahead of the trend.

Buying long range electric vans can be expensive. That’s why we recommend electric vehicle hire to get all the benefits of EV without the upfront cost. But which electric van is right for your business? Let’s find out.

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What are the best long range electric vans?

Thanks to rapid charging and longer battery life, EVs are becoming even more efficient. We’ve dug into the details to find you the best electric vans to buy and hire in 2022.

What features should a long range electric van have?

Before we jump into reviewing the best electric vans out there, you need to know what features will give your business the best value for money.

Bigger battery

It wouldn’t be a long range electric van without the battery power to back it up. You’ll want at least a 40 kWh battery, but the bigger the better! Most electric vans come with a standard 7 kWh charger, so they’ll take a few hours to charge up to full from your usual socket. That might be fine if you’re charging overnight. But if you need rapid charging you’ll want to look for vans that can upgrade.

Bigger range

Can your long range electric van go the distance? Electric vans have improved these past few years and can now reach over 140+ miles on full charge and even longer for some vans with bigger batteries. If you’re in a city or are well equipped with EV charging stations, having a bigger range isn’t necessary but can help you save on electricity costs in the long run.

Economy driving mode

Going the distance is made much easier for your drivers when you can put the vans into a battery saving mode. Sometimes this means turning down the comfort level (no more heated drivers seat!), but a good economy driving mode is a life saver when you’re low on battery.


Typically, the bigger the van the bigger its range. The payload you need will definitely depend on your business type and what your drivers are carrying. Some vans come with a lighter payload of 700-800kg, while other electric vans can carry over 1,000kg.

Mercedes-Benz eVito long range electric van

1. Mercedes-Benz eVito

  • Range: 160 – 162 miles
  • Price: from £43,600
  • Payload: 749 – 807kg

Equipped with a 66-kwh battery, the eVito van is a top of the range 3-seater van from Mercedes-Benz. The standard model can handle longer journeys, even more so than the eSprinter model. The latest model has expanded its range even further. When you’re driving along routes with few EV charging points or just want the convenience of better battery life, the eVito is a good choice.

We can’t lie. The eVito Comfort driving mode is much more luxurious than its economy mode. Who doesn’t love a heated driver’s seat? But, if you want to save on fuel and battery life, the eVito goes deeper than other vans in its battery-saving E Plus mode to get you the best battery possible. Read more about Mercedes electric vans.

iCompario tip:

Upgrade to the L3 model.

You can’t be waiting around for hours on long journeys for your electric van to charge. The Mercedes-Benz eVito L3 can rapid charge to full battery in 30 minutes on 80 kWh.

2. Fiat E-Ducato

  • Range: 147-175 miles
  • Price: from £47,675
  • Payload: 1,885kg

This electric van is one of the most versatile heavy payload vans on the market. With 28 versions available, your Fiat van is highly customisable, so you get exactly what you need.

Need a longer range van? Get the 79kWH battery. The standard version has a 47-kWh battery which is pretty good, but if you want the full bang for your buck on long range journeys – the 79kWH battery is what you want.

The E-Ducato has a longer range than other electric vans on the market thanks to its braking system. Basically, the van saves up energy while it’s going downhill so it can use energy when it needs it most. The Fiat E-Ducato’s main rival on the market is the Mercedes-Benz e-Sprinter, which does have a shorter range but works very well for urban travel.

Ford E-Transit long range electric van

3. Ford E-Transit

  • Range: 147-175 miles
  • Price: from £42,695
  • Payload: 1,758kg

When you imagine a van, you might just picture an iconic Ford Transit. Ford is breaking their usual mould by releasing the Ford E-Transit van in 2022. But does this long range electric van live up to the hype?

Like the Fiat E-Ducato, you’re looking at 20+ different versions in this van range so you can really pick and choose what you want when buying. Overall, this electric van is built for longer routes and heavy payloads. One issue you may find is that the E-Transit is very quick. Yes, we know, that’s usually great! But if you’re carrying some precious cargo, your drivers will need to be more careful on the accelerator.

Like the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter, this long range electric van comes with a couple of different driving modes. Pick from Normal, Eco, and Slippery to best suit what you need in the moment. Eco, of course, keeps the battery running for longer. The Ford E-Transit has a 67 kWh battery that can charge up from 15% to 80% in about 35 minutes if you can get a rapid charger. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 8 hours for your standard 7-8 kwh charger to get it up to full.

4. Nissan eNV200

  • Range: 124-187 miles
  • Price: from £32,755
  • Payload: 705kg

Nissan first released their electric van in 2014 and their range has only improved. The Nissan eNV200 might only have a 40kWh battery, but it manages one of the biggest ranges in city conditions. But it does have one of the lightest payloads. If you’re looking for a smaller and lighter long range electric van, the Nissan eNV200 is a pretty good choice. The Nissan eNV200 is probably one of our top picks in 2022 if you’re always in traffic. This van performs well in busy city streets and is quiet too.

The Nissan does have lower running costs than some electric vans, making it a nice pick for smaller businesses who are doing local journeys. If you’d like some rapid charging, you’ll have to upgrade to the Rapid or Rapid Plus van options.

Toyota Proace long range electric van

5. Toyota Proace Electric Icon

  • Range: 142-205 miles
  • Price: from £38,005
  • Payload: 1000 – 1,226kg

When we talk long range vans, we have to include the Toyota Proace. At its maximum range, this electric van can make it to over 200 miles in the right conditions with the right model. There are a couple of different models in the range. If you really want to go long range, you’ll want to invest in the 75 kWh battery which has the highest payload of 1,226kg. But most businesses will be satisfied with the standard 50 kWh.

Like most electric vans, the Toyota Proace comes with a 7 kWh charger as standard. You’ll have to get an upgrade for rapid charging. On a rapid charge, the van can get up to 100% in about 30 minutes.

Ready to get your electric van?

Switching from diesel to electric doesn’t have to be a huge expense for your business. While most long range electric vans have a big price tag, they’re easier to get with a vehicle hire service.

Need help finding the best van for your business? Use our quote service to find the right van for you. We’ll find your best match and get you in touch with the right vehicle hire service.

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