Texaco the Business fuel card held by a hand
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Texaco's The Business Fuel Card

Get competitive prices and loyalty points at Texaco

Texaco the Business fuel card held by a hand

Accepted fuel stations


Start saving with Texaco the Business Fuel Card

Texaco the Business fuel card held outside a Texaco fuel station

Key features:

Large partner network

Refill at over 1,200 BP stations and over 800 Texaco stations

Rewards when you refill

Earn Texaco loyalty points when you refill at their stations

Easy fleet management

Get access to an industry-leading online management system

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are the experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

How iCompario works

30-second form

Tell us about your business needs, your vehicle types and where you prefer to fill up with fuel.

We filter the offers

We’ll then compare fuel cards across the UK, our database of cards cover 95% of UK fuel stations.

Get the perfect fuel card

After our free fuel card comparison, it’s time to get your card and start spending on fuel! Simple as that.

Frequently asked questions

The Texaco Business fuel card is an easy-to-use fuel card with good coverage in the UK. Here’s what you get when you use the fuel card:

1. Get loyalty points

Already refill at Texaco, but don’t use a fuel card? You’re missing out on loyalty Star Rewards. At Texaco stations, you’ll pay for fuel with the price at the pump. You get points every time you refill.

2. Accepted at BP

Texaco have a good network in the UK with hundreds of stations across the country. But with the Texaco the Business fuel card you get the added benefit of refilling at BP stations too*. If you refill at Texaco but want that added coverage just in case, then the Business card gets you that extra reassurance and convenience.

*Subject to a 1p per litre surcharge

3. Get your fuel invoices

We all hate keeping fuel receipts. Forget the paperwork and get automated, HMRC-approved invoices with your Texaco the Business fuel card to cut down on your admin time.

  • Van drivers
  • Car drivers
  • Sole traders
  • Texaco customers

The Texaco the Business card is a good card to use for drivers and fleets of all sizes, especially vans and cars. If you already use Texaco stations, then the Business card is a great option for you.

The Texaco Business fuel card can be used to pay for fuel, get HMRC-approved invoices, and earn Texaco Star Rewards at branded stations.

The Business fuel card can be used across the full network of Texaco fuel stations. That’s over 800 stations in the UK. But that’s not all. The Texaco Fastfuel card can also be used at all BP fuel stations. That means you can use your Texaco the Business fuel card at a total of over 2,000 stations in the UK.