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A Guide to Texaco Fuel Cards

A fuel card is something that every business operating a fleet needs. Whether you're a small business owner with a few fleet vehicles—even if just one—or a larger business owner with several hundred, you need to investigate fuel cards and how your business could benefit from their use.

There are thousands of small-to-medium-sized businesses up and down the UK who use fuel cards to track and save on fuel costs, take advantage of their many benefits, and make their day-to-day more streamlined. With the right fuel card, small businesses like you can save a whole lot of time, effort, and money when it comes to fleet management—they are far more than an alternative method of paying for fuel.

A Texaco Fuel Card is just one of several options available to UK businesses and their fleets. And, whilst it is great that there are plenty of options, picking the right fuel card can be a very difficult process… that is, until now.

Thanks to this guide coupled with iCompario, you can learn the ins and outs of the Texaco Fuel Cards and then compare it with others that are available. With this information, you will be able to make the most informed decision and pick the best fuel card for your business and your business only.

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About Texaco

Texaco—”The Texas Company”—is a subsidiary of the U.S. energy giant, Chevron Corporation. Texaco was founded in 1901 and operated as an independent company for 100 years until its merger with Chevron in 2001. Texaco is one of the world’s four major petrochemical companies and first came to the UK in 1916.

Texaco has a huge presence in Europe and is a well-known brand throughout the UK where it operates several hundred service stations nationwide. The company’s distributions service processes around 270,000 barrels of crude oil each day throughout the continent.

About Texaco Fuel Cards

Texaco offers two great Texaco Fuel Cards for UK businesses. These fuel cards can be used to help businesses grow their bottom lines by improving fleet fuel efficiency and offering competitive fuel rates, amongst other things such as account management technology, expense tracking, and invoicing.

It is for these reasons that the Texaco Fuel Cards are very popular amongst businesses both small and large in the UK with both national and European operations.

As you will see shortly, both variants of the Texaco Fuel Card are designed to offer many benefits for small and large fleets, including access to thousands of fuelling stations throughout the UK.

What is a Fuel Card?

There is little use talking about Texaco Fuel Cards if you don’t know what a fuel card is.

A fuel card is a credit card-like payment device that is designed for businesses operating a fleet. Whether a fleet consists of one or one thousand vehicles does not matter; a fuel card, including a Texaco Fuel Card, works in the same way.

Fuel cards let fleet vehicle drivers purchase fuel for the vehicles they use in the course of their employment or for other approved use cases, for example where an employee has their own company car that is authorised for personal use.

It is typical for fuel cards, including the Texaco Fuel Cards, to be restricted in where it can be used and what it can be used for. For example, a specific provider’s fuel card will only work at their own, or their partners’, fuelling stations and many are locked to fuel-related purchases only, with non-fuel purchases often attracting an additional percentage fee.

What Changes?

For your fleet drivers, nothing changes. They will be able to refuel their fleet vehicles as normal and then use their Texaco Fuel Card or other fuel card to pay for their fuel in lieu of cash or their personal payment method. This means that there are no expenses for them to claim and you to process, no receipts to be kept, and no transactions to be tracked.

For you, things get much easier. When your drivers use their fuel cards, you will be able to track their spend online. Each week or month, you will be sent an invoice with your fleet’s total fuel spend plus VAT. This simple system eliminates the administrative burdens associated with keeping your fleet moving and makes your life just that little bit easier

The Texaco Fuel Cards: Business and Fastfuel

Texaco offer two types of fuel card fuel card, the Business Texaco Fuel Card and the Fastfuel Texaco Fuel Card. Both fuel cards provide access to fuel stations across the UK.

Texaco’s “The Business” Fuel Card

The basic Texaco Fuel Card, “The Business”, is a simple pump priced fuel card that provides your fleet drivers with access to over 2,000 fuel stations located across the UK. This type of basic fuel card is perfect for smaller businesses that have a smaller number of cars or vans as part of their fleet.

“The Businesses” 2,000-strong network of stations includes Texaco’s 800+ fuel stations and an extended network of 1,200+ BP fuel stations.

Other card features include:

  • No fuel receipts—you receive a single VAT-approved invoice;
  • A comprehensive online account management dashboard;
  • The ability to collect Texaco loyalty points with Star Rewards; and
  • Multi-user cards that are tied to a vehicle rather than a person.

Texaco’s “Fastfuel” Card

The “Fastfuel” Texaco Fuel Card is ideal for larger businesses with a larger fleet that operates throughout the UK on a wider scale. Texaco’s Fastfuel Card provides fleet drivers with access to a network comprised of over 2,300 service stations and fixed weekly pricing network wide.

Other card features include:

  • Card purchases restricted to fuel, oil, and car wash;
  • E-billing;
  • No transaction charges; and
  • 24-hour customer support.

Other Texaco Fuel Card Features

Both Texaco Fuel Card types offer competitive fuel pricing across the UK when using the primary Texaco network of 800+ fuel stations.

Designed with security in mind, cards can either be allocated to specific drivers or specific vehicles and purchasing restrictions can be placed on each card to mitigate the risk of misuse or fraud. Additionally, thanks to the ‘Velocity’ account management tool, fleet managers can monitor and identify unusual purchases and take immediate action.

Velocity’s advanced reporting system also lets you look at information on a more granular level. See fuel purchases grouped by card, driver, or vehicle, and more.
All transactions are listed on a single invoice, too. This makes short work of fuel-related admin and helps your business keep on top of its fuel spend. All invoices are HMRC-approved which makes it easy to claim back fuel VAT.

Where Can the Texaco Fuel Cards Be Used?

Both Texaco Fuel Cards can be used in over 2,000 fuel stations across the UK. Both the Business and Fastfuel Texaco Fuel Card can be used at all of Texaco’s 800+ forecourts and depending on the card chosen, the user can also draw fuel at partner stations such as BP or Morrisons. The Fastfuel card provides access with a few hundred extra specialist HGV stations.

With over 2,000 fuelling stations available to Texaco Fuel Card holders, drivers are never far away from one. Your drivers can use iCompario to locate their closest fuel station and make use of other services such as the iCompario e-route planner.

The Benefits of Texaco Fuel Cards

There are lots of specific benefits associated with the Texaco Fuel Cards, however, there are also plenty of more general benefits that apply to fuel cards generally. A Texaco Fuel Card, and any other fuel card for that matter, can be used to help keep your fleet running smoothly in the following ways.

1. Fuel cards allow your business to save money, potentially a lot of money

Whilst savings vary from provider-to-provider, most fuel cards provide your business with an opportunity to save money. And, the bigger your fleet, the more money you save. This is because fuel cards often offer savings on fuel costs, for example through periodic fixed pricing. Not only that, fuel cards and fuel card monitoring technology let you monitor areas of fuel inefficacy, providing you with scope to rectify them.

The Fastfuel Texaco Fuel Card, for example, offers fixed weekly pricing across their entire network of fuel stations.

2. Fuel cards let you save a lot of time on unnecessary admin

By far one of the biggest benefits associated with fuel cards, including the Texaco Fuel Cards, is the sheer amount of time that businesses can save on admin tasks.

When your fleet drivers use their own money to purchase fuel, this creates a lot of work. Not only do your drivers need to keep track of expenses, collect receipts, and then claim everything back, you or your support staff must collect all this information from your drivers, check it, process it, cross-reference it with your drivers’ recent trips, pay it back, and then expense it. That’s a lot of work.

With a fuel card, none of this needs to happen. Your drivers fill up their vehicles as normal and go about their jobs whilst you are sent an invoice periodically that includes a single fuel spend figure. This massively reduces the admin burden that comes with the classic method of fleet fuel management.

3. Fleet managers can track and monitor everything in real-time

Some Texaco Fuel Cards come with ‘Velocity’, an online system created by UK Fuels that allows your fleet managers to monitor everything fleet related as it happens in real-time. Some of this includes:

  • Advanced reporting that gives you control over fleet costs, lets you monitor consumption, and set up regular email updates.
  • An insight into the routes your drivers are taking and how much fuel is being used on them. This allows for better planning.
  • Point-in-time account management that lets you order, cancel, and freeze cards, add drivers, view invoices, manage vehicles, and more.
  • Security features and fraud protection that notify you of unusual activity, triggered purchase limits, or unauthorised card use.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

Although most fuel cards work in a very similar way, there are finer differences between them. Pricing, fees, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, fuel station access, and more are all variables that differ between providers.

As such, there is no one fuel card that can be called ‘the best’; it simply does not exist. What is best for one business is not necessarily best for yours. Therefore, it is important to compare the different fuel card brands to find the best one for you.

Texaco Fuel Card Summary

The Texaco Fuel Card offering is a solid one—two distinct cards that are ideal for two different types of business smaller and larger. Both cards provide access to over 2,000 fuel stations across the UK, including all 800+ of Texaco’s own stations.

Compare the Texaco Fuel Card

Compare the Texaco Fuel Card alongside a large range of other ones and see which one will provide your business with the best value. The full range of Texaco Fuel Cards, and fuel cards from several other providers, is available for comparison through the iCompario website.

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare the Shell Fuel Card alongside a range of cards from other providers.

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