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JET Fuel Cards

Independently owned petrol stations and big brand fuel providers

Buying fuel with JET fuel cards helps to support local areas. JET has a strong community focus. Its network features over 330 garages that are independently run, with the profits going back into the local areas. These stations are located throughout the UK and can be found in many key towns and cities. This means your business has the choice to support its local community but always have access to the petrol and diesel it needs.

Your card is a secure payment method that helps you control fuel costs. JET cards are designed to keep your business safe from fraud and misuse. You can allocate cards to specific drivers, set spending limits on them and monitor every transaction made using the Velocity account software. This means your business can keep tight, secure and safe control over its fuel spending. 

Discounted breakdown services from the AA. No fleet manager wants their drivers’ vehicles to fail but the reality is that it does happen. JET is partnered with the AA and this means you can get up to 35% off of its membership with your fuel card. This allows you to get your drivers back on the road quickly and cost-efficiently.

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JET Fuel Cards through iCompario

Compare JET Fuel Card Options

JET offers one great branded fuel card — the JetCard Fuel Card. In addition to this, you can also use the FleetOne Fuel Card at JET stations (along with 4,400 non-JET garages across the UK).

JetCard Fuel Card

JET fuel card

  • Accepted at over 330 national petrol stations 
  • Discounted AA membership (optional)  
  • Pay for car washes and other vehicle-related items 
  • Detailed online transaction reports for travel expenses
  • One HMRC-compliant invoice for your fuel purchases

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FleetOne Fuel Card

Fleet One UK fuels fuel card

  • Accepted at over 4,700 branded petrol stations 
  • Option of selecting either commercial or pump pricing 
  • Secure payments with a PIN-protected fuel card
  • In-depth reports that can be transferred to Excel and CSV files
  • E-route site locator makes it simple to find the nearest station

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Where Can You Use JET Fuel Cards?

JET’s network of independently owned stations covers Great Britain’s major towns, cities and localities. This makes it an ideal choice for many companies but especially those who want to support smaller businesses. 

The FleetOne network comprises some of the UK’s premier fuel brands and largest supermarkets. This makes it an ideal fuel card for a diverse range of businesses, particularly those that value convenience. 

These are the stations you can use with the two cards offered by JET: 

  • JET fuel card: over 330 petrol stations throughout Great Britain 
  • FleetOne fuel card: over 4,700 nationwide petrol stations 

JET Fuel Card Benefits

  • Commercial or pump pricing: select the card with the price that’s best for your business  
  • Discounted AA membership: receive up to a 35% discount for breakdown services 
  • Makes it easier to manage your business: reporting lets you review travel spending
  • Helps you get the correct tax rebate: get HMRC-compliant invoices for fuel expenses
  • Pay for other travel-related items: can be used to pay for car washes and other items

JET Fuel Card FAQs

Which is the best fuel card in the UK?

There are a huge amount of fuel cards available to your business, from big fuel brands to major supermarkets. 

The best fuel card in the UK depends on your company’s requirements. If you do most of your work locally then the JET fuel card might be best for you. If you operate globally then the Esso Europe card could be the right choice. 

The best way to find out what fuel card your business should get is to use a comparison site. This is because you can enter the needs of your company and you’ll get a list of the options that meet your requirements. 

What is the benefit of getting a fuel card?

There are lots of benefits to getting a fuel card:

  • Reduces the time you spend on admin tasks 
  • Makes it simpler for you to manage your fleet
  • Helps you to reduce vehicle wear and tear 
  • Simplifies the process of paying road tolls 
  • Offers a secure payment method for travel costs 

These benefits can help your business to save time and money, making it more efficient and helping you to increase company profits. 

How does a fuel card work for businesses?

A fuel card works in a similar way to a business card, with the distinction being that it’s designed purely for travel expenses. 

This means that your drivers fill up their vehicles with the fuel they need and use their fuel card to pay for it. Your company is then sent an invoice for the expenses at a later date (weekly or monthly, depending on the card and payment option you select) by your fuel card provider and you settle the bill. 

Need help choosing a JET fuel card?

Choosing a JET fuel card is simple with iCompario. All you have to do is use our “Compare fuel cards” tool. Simply enter the amount and type of vehicles your business has and the fuel it uses. You’ll then receive a list of the cards that are best for your company.